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All items transcribed and submitted by Veneta McKinney unless otherwise noted.

Marion Herald, Nov. 3, 1887

The new town of Winfield on the line of Kansas City Road is building up very fast and the demand for carpenters is increasing daily.

Marion Herald, Feb. 2, 1888

WINFIELD NEWS -Will you please give us a short space in the columns of the Herald in order that we may merely remind the people of Marion and surrounding counties where Winfield is, what she now is, and what she promises in the near future to be? Winfield is an enterprising little town of about 100 inhabitants, situated on the K. C. M. & B. R. R. about eighty miles northwest of Birmingham, surrounded by a thickly people country, and right in the midst of the most fertile and best farming lands to be found anywhere in the state. Consequently Winfield not only now is but promises to be one of the best towns on the above named road between the Magic City and Amory Miss. Well may our little neighboring stations be envious of their big sister, for about four months ago where Winfield now stands was then a forrest, not a stick of timber amiss, and in so short a time she has almost magically you might say, sprang into existence, with four large business houses, a commodious hotel, and elegant depot just completed, a new post office, et ceatera. We also learned from good authority that another good old reliable firm would soon engage in the mercantile business here. We willingly welcome the many acquisitions to our already prosperous and pleasant little town. Winfield is fast donning the city appearance and we believe the day is not far distant when she will be the garden spot of this whole country. We have up to this time shipped about five hundred bales of cotton from here this season, owing to the fact that most of the farmers had mortgaged their cotton to the merchants at Fayette C., H. but from this time on farmers in and around here will find Winfield to be a better and nearer market, not only for cotton, but also for country produce of all kinds, and we count on shipping not less than two thousand bales of cotton from this point next season.

HARKINS, SHELTON & Co., WEBSTER and JONES, BOLAND & MCGAHA and MCCOLLUM & WHITLEY are the names of the four firms doing business here at present. All seem to have a good lively trade. The first named firm are doing quite and extensive business, both here and at Fayette C. H. They are an old and reliable firm and consequently they are buying cotton from and selling goods to people living 20 and 30 miles around. And last, but not least, the health of Winfield is unsurpassingly good, in fact your correspondent is almost constrained to say that it is distressingly healthy. The writer would therefore recommend persons suffering from almost any disease to come to Winfield, breathe its fresh air, drink its pure water and live. B. P. I.

Marion Herald, Feb 9, 1888

Mr. W. T. GAST made a business trip to Winfield and returned on last week. He reports that little town as being in a prosperous condition.

Guin Dispatch, February 9, 1889
WINFIELD ITEMS- Business good.  Our town improving. Twelve hundred bales of cotton have been shipped from this place and still it comes. Messrs. HARKINS & SHELTON carry a large stock of general merchandise. Our highly esteemed deposit agent Mr. JOHN YOUNG is always at his post and ready for duty. Mr. JAMES NORTHCUTT is the champion laughter of our town, and WILL SHELTON and FEE WHITE are generally the sufferers. Mr. NATHAN MUSGROVE and his estimable lady keep the best hotel on the K. C. Road.  Mr. DOLLY BAKER has moved to the country for the purpose of teaching school.  The pay train killed a fine mule for JULIUS SPANN and an ox for THAD BERRYHILL on its return to Memphis.  Rex

Hamilton News Press, February 28, 1895
FROM WINFIELD - As I have not seen any letters from our Sunday School in our county paper, I thought I would write one to let you know that it is still living and progressing finely. Our superintendent is Mrs. NELLIE CARNES. We like her so much because she is a good woman and carries on everything interestingly. I study the Intermediate Quarterly. We have twelve in our class, eight girls and four boys. I couldn't attend last Sunday owing to my mother's illness. She has been sick for some time but hope she may recover soon.    I belong to the M. E. Church at Winfield and attend as regularly as I can. Bro. WARD is our pastor for this year. He is well liked by all that know him. I am 14 years of age. I have two sisters single at home and two single brothers in Texas. With love to the editor and his many readers I will close. LOULA WHITLEY, Winfield Feb. 22
Hamilton News Press, March 14, 1895
FROM WINFIELD As I have not seen anything in your paper concerning our literary school I will write you. Prof. SANDLIN is our teacher. I like him very much. I am 11 years of age. I belong to the M. E. Church South, and also to the Sunday School. Miss PATTIE ODEN is our teacher and Mrs. CARNES is superintendent. With love to the editor, I will close. MAY MUSGROVE, Winfield, March 6
Hamilton News Press, March 21, 1895
WINFIELD LOCALS Everything quiet in our little city. Mr. I. H. ROBERTSON, one of our merchants, has just returned from a visit to his mother at Fayette. Mr. R. F. CARNES, our railroad agent, and his family have just returned from middle Mississippi, where they spent two weeks visiting relatives and friends. Miss PATTIE ODEN held down the telegraphing and agency work during Mr. CARNES absence. Mr. W. R. H. LODEN caught a fine lot of fish this morning but I am sorry to say did not act at all neighborly. He did not divide worth a cent. Mr. R. R. POSEY has another girl at his house. He will soon have to order some new names. JONATHAN JONES shaves himself every morning and is wearing his blue pants every day. What's up, old fellow?
I am glad to state that the health of Messrs. LINWOOD EARNEST, I. A. ROBERTS, J. A. GAMBLE, and ART BLAKNEY is improving. They are not near as thin as they were. SAMBO, Winfield, March 14

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