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 1920 - April 21 - Montgomery Advertiser

Hamilton, Ala., Apr. 20 - Sixteen are known to be dead, scores injured, many so seriously that others will die and property loss estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars as the results of a tornado which swept over the northwestern part of Marion County this morning about nine o'clock.
         The dead thus far known, all of whom were killed within ten miles of Hamilton, are as follows: SAM TAYLOR and wife, JIM TAYLOR and wife, Mrs. TAYLOR, mother of the TAYLOR boys, Mrs. TOM BYRD, COLBURN child 8 years old, MAX CANTRELL, RUBY CANTRELL, Children of E. L. CANTRELL, Mrs. MINOR, mother-in-law of E. L. CANTRELL, Mrs. VIVIAN CANTRELL, Mrs. IDA CANTRELL, Mrs BESS CANTRELL, Son of J. T. SANDERSON, CLOVIS SULLENS, DECIE BLANCHARD, negro.
         The dead and injured were brought into Hamilton during the afternoon and the courthouse here has been converted into a temporary hospital.  Men and women of Hamilton and of this entire section not affected by the storm have worked heroically all day and far into the night to give such relief as they could.
        All of the telephone wires into the stricken section were down so that the only communication with the scene was such as was brought back by those making the trip.  Fences, trees, and debris were blown across the roads in every direction, making it difficult as well as hazardous to negotiate the seven miles which separate Hamilton from the devastated area.
        Most of the dead brought here were terribly mangled. Arms and legs and many cases had been blown completely off. It was quickly seen that Hamilton alone was not able to cope with the situation and help was called for.  As a result this afternoon and tonight physicians and surgeons are here from Guin, Winfield, Haleyville, Jasper, and Carbon Hill and there is plenty of work for them all to do.
         The stricken community will undoubtedly have to call upon the outside world for aid.  Hundreds of homes have been completely leveled to the ground. Scores of people, though uninjured, are without shelter. Their barns have all been destroyed. Dead cattle, horses and mules are found everywhere. It would be impossible to exaggerate the condition along a stretch of several miles.
         Hamilton is the county seat of Marion county, but it is off the railroad.  ---- the worst storm area is between --- and ten miles west of this place.
        It is impossible tonight to prepare a list of the injured as their neighbors and friends are caring for them in the best way they can.  It is known, however, that the number of injured is many times that of the number of the dead.
       The storm came suddenly about nine o'clock and moved northeast.


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