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Bryan, Mary Shepherd to Edwin G. Speight of Alabama, October 8, Raleigh. R.R. October 11, 1851
Graham. Margaret M. of Huntsville, Ala. to John W. O'Neal formerly of Raleigh. R.R.. November 22, 1851
Meredith, Claudia to J. D. Tolson of Alabama, August 19, Raleigh. R.R. August 23, 1851
Parker, John of Mobile to Eliza J. Phillips of Edgecomb county, October 15. Edgecombe county. R.R. October 29, 1851
Phillips, Eliza J. of Edgecombe county to John Parker of Mobile, October 15, Edgecombe county. R.R. October 29, 1851
Speight, Edwin G. of Alabama to Mary Shepherd Bryan, October 8, Raleigh, R.R. October 11, 1851
Tolsom, J. D. of Alabama to Claudia Meredith. August 19, Raleigh. R.R. August 23. 1851

(Source:Marriages and Death Notices in Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette 1846-1855 - Submitted by Linda Rodgriquez)


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