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This may not a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Marshall County.

Source: GNIS - Submitted by C Anthony


Abel Cemetery 342541N 0861932W Mount Carmel
Alder Springs Cemetery 342034N 0861255W Albertville
Arab City Cemetery 341838N 0862950W Arab
Asbury Cemetery 342229N 0860750W Albertville
Ashburn Cemetery 343151N 0861634W Grant
Ashmore Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Beard Cemetery 343108N 0863236W Farley
Beech Spring Cemetery 342708N 0862754W Guntersville Dam
Bennett Cemetery 342103N 0862126W Guntersville
Berry-Brookshire Cemetery 341521N 0862610W Arab
Bethany Cemetery 341208N 0861713W Douglas
Bethlehem Cemetery 342012N 0861532W Guntersville
Bethsaida Cemetery 341151N 0860741W Boaz
Beulah Cemetery 341501N 0860919W Albertville
Black Cemetery 343010N 0863222W Farley
Blessing Cemetery 341527N 0860637W Painter
Bodine Cemetery 341750N 0862202W Guntersville
Boyles Cemetery 341750N 0862457W Arab
Brashier Chapel Cemetery 341901N 0862709W Arab
Brookwood Cemetery 342009N 0862719W Arab
Center Point Cemetery 342749N 0860653W Grove Oak
Chandler Cemetery 342738N 0861304W Columbus City
Clear Creek Cemetery 340848N 0861715W Douglas
Clear Springs Cemetery 341640N 0862211W Guntersville
Click Cemetery 343022N 0861918W Grant
Cochrane Cemetery 342925N 0861813W Mount Carmel
Concord Cemetery 341025N 0862120W Douglas
Concord Cemetery 341826N 0860646W Painter
Cooley Cemetery 342451N 0862043W Mount Carmel
Cooper Cemetery 342600N 0861122W Columbus City
Couch Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Cox Cemetery 341813N 0862042W Guntersville
Crestview Cemetery 341939N 0861759W Guntersville
Douglas Cemetery 341020N 0861935W Douglas
Dunlap Cemetery 343120N 0863310W Farley
Dunn Cemetery 343141N 0861014W Swearengin
Easley Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Eason Johnson Cemetery 341903N 0861044W Albertville
Fairview Cemetery 342926N 0860749W Columbus City
Fairview Cemetery 341824N 0860914W Albertville
Fannell Cemetery >Unknown Unknown Unknown
Fennell Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Free Home Church Cemetery 343043N 0861344W Swearengin
Friendship Cemetery 340907N 0861656W Douglas
Gilliam Springs Cemetery 342031N 0863023W Hulaco
Glenwood Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Grantham Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Griffin Cemetery 341836N 0862317W Arab
Guntersville City Cemetery 342113N 0861800W Guntersville
Haney Chapel Cemetery 342631N 0861148W Columbus City
Happy Home Cemetery 341843N 0861853W Guntersville
Hardin Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hayden Cemetery 343406N 0862210W Grant
Henry Cemetery 342603N 0861544W Mount Carmel
Henryville Cemetery 342556N 0861537W Mount Carmel
High Point Cemetery 341433N 0861640W Douglas
Hillcrest Cemetery 341140N 0861038W Boaz
Hines Cemetery 342845N 0862356W Guntersville Dam
Honey Cemetery 342544N 0862230W Mount Carmel
Honeycomb Cemetery 342710N 0861923W Mount Carmel
Humpton Cemetery 343251N 0861812W Grant
Indian Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Johnson Cemetery 342901N 0861017W Columbus City
Johnson Cemetery 342903N 0861017W Columbus City
Kennamer Cemetery 342602N 0861438W Columbus City
King Chapel Cemetery 342254N 0861251W Columbus City
Kirby Cemetery 342636N 0860735W Columbus City
Kirby Cemetery 343023N 0860732W Swearengin
Kirby Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kirkland Cemetery 343044N 0861727W Grant
Liberty Hill Cemetery 341356N 0862102W Douglas
Little Branch Cemetery 341713N 0861512W Guntersville
Little Branch Cemetery 341609N 0861259W Albertville
Lowry Cemetery 342210N 0862053W Guntersville
Martling Cemetery 342154N 0860920W Albertville
McCamy Cemetery 343230N 0860910W Swearengin
McDonald Cemetery 342650N 0861616W Mount Carmel
McFarland Cemetery 343014N 0860859W Swearengin
McFarlane Cemetery 343014N 0860858W Swearengin
Memorial Hill Cemetery 341542N 0861131W Albertville
Morris Cemetery 342827N 0862616W Guntersville Dam
Mount Carmel Cemetery 342324N 0862208W Mount Carmel
Mount Hebron Cemetery 340812N 0861802W Douglas
Mount High Cemetery 341739N 0861711W Guntersville
Mount Moriah Cemetery 342756N 0860945W Columbus City
Mount Oak Cemetery 342148N 0863304W Hulaco
Mount Olive Cemetery 341701N 0861755W Guntersville
Mount Olive Cemetery 342723N 0863318W Newsome Sinks
Mount Tabor Cemetery 342546N 0863413W Newsome Sinks
Myrtletree Cemetery 341610N 0860806W Albertville
Nearen Cemetery 342558N 0862705W Guntersville Dam
New Brashiers Chapel Cemetery 341841N 0861422W Albertville
New Clear Creek Cemetery 340904N 0861851W Douglas
New Friendship Cemetery 342222N 0862720W Arab
New Macedonia Cemetery 341646N 0860749W Albertville
New Mount Vernon Cemetery 341307N 0861145W Boaz
Nixons Chapel Cemetery 341215N 0862301W Brooksville
Oak Grove Cemetery 341212N 0861834W Douglas
Oak Hill Cemetery 341246N 0862125W Douglas
Old Albertville Cemetery 341613N 0861258W Albertville
Old Cemetery 341143N 0860951W Boaz
Old Mount Vernon Cemetery 341358N 0861309W Boaz
Old Union Cemetery 343027N 0861453W Swearengin
Panquin Cemetery 342805N 0861942W Mount Carmel
Patterson Cemetery 342621N 0862259W Guntersville Dam
Pisgah Cemetery 343341N 0861448W Swearengin
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 341608N 0862015W Guntersville
Polly Cemetery 342922N 0863224W Newsome Sinks
Preston Public Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Preston Cemetery 343129N 0861031W Swearengin
Prospect Cemetery 342853N 0861242W Columbus City
Prospect Cemetery 343400N 0861033W Swearengin
Rainey Cemetery 342928N 0860824W Columbus City
Red Apple Cemetery 341049N 0861200W Boaz
Red Hill Cemetery 341537N 0862513W Arab
Rehobeth Cemetery 342059N 0861607W Guntersville
Rice Cemetery 341908N 0863204W Hulaco
Ridgway Cemetery 341927N 0862339W Arab
Rock Springs Cemetery 341427N 0861931W Douglas
Roden Cemetery 342520N 0861632W Mount Carmel
Rogers Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Rooks Cemetery 342300N 0860827W Columbus City
Russell Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Shiloh Cemetery 341558N 0862607W Arab
Shoal Creek Cemetery 341933N 0862700W Arab
Short Cemetery 342916N 0863112W Newsome Sinks
Smith Cemetery 341737N 0862034W Guntersville
Smith Cemetery 342656N 0860821W Columbus City
Stewart Cemetery 342748N 0861650W Mount Carmel
Street Cemetery 342303N 0862044W Mount Carmel
Street Cemetery 342350N 0862011W Mount Carmel
Sweet Home Cemetery 342248N 0862458W Guntersville Dam
Taylor Cemetery 342349N 0861539W Mount Carmel
Thomason Cemetery 342952N 0860814W Columbus City
Troup Cemetery 342743N 0861659W Mount Carmel
Troup Cemetery 342831N 0861619W Mount Carmel
Union Cemetery 343014N 0860653W Langston
Union Cemetery 341350N 0860716W Rodentown
Union Grove Cemetery 341804N 0861215W Albertville
Unknown Public Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vaught Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Vought Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Walker Cemetery 342910N 0862242W Guntersville Dam
Warrenton Cemetery 342124N 0862204W Guntersville
White Oak Cemetery 341423N 0861431W Boaz
Willis Cemetery 342754N 0861732W Mount Carmel
Woosley Cemetery 342822N 0860841W Columbus City
Zion Hill Cemetery 340956N 0862212W Douglas





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