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We here at Genealogy Trails are dedicated to bringing you free and accurate information that we hope brings you closer to solving your family tree mysteries! My name is Therman Kellar and I will be your Mobile County Alabama host! You can reach me here! ! We gladly appriciate any information you may have, or would like to see on here. I do however, regret that we do not do personal research for you.

Our goal is to help you track your ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data for the free use of all researchers.

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September 2016:

Death Record: Willie Eugenia Abbell
Biographies: James Edward Kane, Robert J. Milling, Hugo Brown, Albert C. Danner, Douglass Vass
Obituaries: Mrs. Lillian Roberts, Captain Julian Myers, Judge Oliver J. Semmes, Bishop O'Sullivan, Miss Rubey Herafeld.

April 2016:
New Sections: 
Weather News Storeis and News Advertisments
Weather News Stories: Special To The Herald, Loss $10,000,000, At Least Fifty Persons Perished and Much Property Was Damaged
News Advertisements: Drummond and Morse, Edw. Masterson, Joseph Seawell and Joseph H. Smoot
Biography: Thomas Henderson Smith
Death Reports: James M. Thompson, James Alvin Thompson, and James L. Thompson
Military - World War I: Rainbow Division and Knights of Columbus Honor List

March 2016:
Revolutionary War Soldiers: Robert Brooks, John HIcks, Aaron Lewis Sr.. Joshua Rowe, Charles Tuggle, Sarah Tuggle, David Walden,  Charles Waldron, John Wallace, William Walton, Thomas Ward, James Ware, Calvin Ward, William Wagster, John Warsham, Gerrett Watts, John Webster, William Whitefield, William Wickers, George Wilder, John Wilkinson, John Williams, Joshua Wilson, Elisha Wilson, Dampsey Wood, Thomas Woods Sr., John Worsham, and Solomon Yeoman.

Decemebr 2015
Freida Maisel Abers, Bertha Abrams, Ella Abrams, Anna Astrachan, Nathan Astrachan, Abraham C. Barenti, Betty B. barenti, Barabra Bank, Geraldine Bank, Sarah Barenti, Janice Weber Barr, and Adele A. Bear.

July 2015

Deaths: Audrey Andrews, Leroy Andrews, Bertha B. ANdrews, Bessie Mae K. Bales, Fern Jolene Manning Belk, Armenia Byrd, Herford Henderson, Lena Jackosn, Harriet L. Helveston, Amelia L. Abbot, Alfreda Orales Aaron, Augustine P. Abates, Clara Pete Abates, Helen Taylor Abbot, James L. Abbot, James Lloyd Abbot, Parkman B. Abbot, James Herman Abbott, Marcella Abels, Mary Abels, Myra Bernadine Abels, Samuel L. Abels, Captain Samuel W. Abels, I. Abrams, I Abrams, Sr., Janet Abrams, A. Virginia Slade, Armand V. Slade, Archibald L. Sinclair, Elizabeth Sinclair, Louis Sinclair, Alma Louise Sinclair, Anne Singleton, Annie Singleton, Azaline Singleton, Albert Singleton, Aron Singleton, Barbara Helen Singleton, Bettie Singleton, Celestine Theresa Singleton.

June 2015
1880 Census of Grand Bay Page 144


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