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Mar 2014
1883 List of Pensioners
Charles H. Fond Obituary
James L. Shotwell Obituary
Mary Alice Birth Record
Susie Agillatd (sic) Brown
Birth Record
Infant Son Brunett Birth Record
Edgar Bradford Davis Birth Record
Louis Elwood, Jr. Birth Record
Infant Son Harrington Birth Record
Infant Daughter Hewitt Birth Record
Robert J. Kearns Birth Record
Infant Girl Long Birth Record
Infant Son Sauce Birth Record
Infant Son Young Birth Record
Infant Son Zoghby Birth Record
No. 229 Spain Land Records
No. 397 Claim To Land In The City of Mobile Land Record (Heirs of Thomas F. Townsley)
No. 1013 On Claim To A Lot In Alabama (Heirs of William Pollard)
Waring - Kenner Marriage
Carney - Kelly Marriage
Johnson -  Reschenmacher Marriage
Greer - Crocker M
Nicholson - Savary Marriage
Peck - Russell Marriage
Neale - Anderson Marriage
Mickey - Duggan marriage

Nov 2013
1907 Census of Confederate Soldiers
Mrs. Sallie Lyon Waller Obituary
Abbadie/Langloir Marriage Extract
Marriage Extract
Curlett/Adams Marriage Extract
Abels/Ditmer Marriage Extract
Abernathy/Collins Marriage Extract
Acker/Marsh Marriage Extract
Allen/Pickens Marriage Extract
Allbritton/Adams Marriage Extract
Adams/Sheldon Marriage Extract
Adams/Williams Marriage Extract
Aarons/Green Marriage Extract
Aaron/Dickson Marriage Extract
Aaron/Garner Marriage Extract
Aaron/Cleveland Marriage Extract
Aaron/Kelly Marriage Extract
Abrams/Goode Marriage Extract
Abrams/Clark Marriage Extract
Abrams/Shine Marriage Extract
Abrams/Denson Marriage Extract
Abrams/Leason Marriage Extract
Abrams/Clarke Marriage Extract
Abrams/Porter Marriage Extract
Abrams/Chatmon Marriage Extract
Abrams/Arch Marriage Extract
Abrams/Blunt Marriage Extract
Abrams/Taylor Marriage Extract
Abrams/Hollins Marriage Extract
Abrams/Pope Marriage Extract
Abrams/Simpson Marriage Extract
Abrams/Dudley Marriage Extract
Abrams/Baker Marriage Extract
Abrams/Williamson Marriage Extract
Abrams/Holland Marriage Extract
Abrams/Denson Marriage Extract
Abrams/Wells Marriage Extract
Abrams/Knowles Marriage Extract
Abrams/Jackson Marriage Extract
Abrams/Posey Marriage Extract

Oct 2013
Started Marriage Extract Section
Young/Dennis Marriage Registry Extract
Conner/Finch Marriage Registry Extract
Nicholas/Pillard Marriage Registry Extract
Avery/Collins Marriage Registry Extract

Caffie/Jones Marriage Registry Extract
Forrest/Malone Marriage Registry Extract
Jackson/Patrick Marriage Registry Extract
Klein/Bizer Marriage Registry Extract
Portis/Pace Marriage Registry Extract
York/Abligorst Marriage Registry Extract
Rev. W. A. Carter Biography
World War 2 Army Honor List

Aug 2013
Deaths: Robet Lee Crawford, Willie Mae Golden, Donna Crosby Mack, JoAnn Hatchell McLean, Bonnie M. Moran, Patrick Joseph Ponder, Herman Beverly Sutton, Milinda Spiller, Harry McCrory Johnstone III, Ralph Kennemer, Albert Clayton "Al" Hill, Jr., Flora E. Ziestein, Julia Brown Goodman
Obits: Don A. Francia, Lieutenant Henry Burchsted, Josiah Blakesley, Esq., Major Daniel Otis Dunham, John A. Watson, William Norwood, Major Thomas Montgomery, Edward William Coulter, William Pollard, Captain Smith, John Friend, Captain Nathaniel Swasey, Jas. Headlock, Mr. Rider, Tomas Smith.
Military: Korean War Casualties

Jul 2013

Brown Family Biography
Miscellaneous News - Thirteen Graduates of The City Hospital School of Nursing
Revolutionary Soldiers: Cordell Hogan, John Mason, Christopher Stockman, Goerge Sutton, Noel Turner, John Williams

Jun 2013
Crime News - James Mullens

May 2013
William Cutrett Obituary, Hon. Arthur P. Bagby Obituary, Ned Strength Obituary,  Mrs. Marie Lee Phillips Obituary, Crime News: Murder of John McGuire

Apr 2013
Obits: Don A Francis, Henry Burchsted, Josiah Blakesley, F. B. Clark, Christopher James Graham, Kate Cecelia Delamere

Crime News: Bold Robbery, Obtaining Money Under False Pretenous, City Court
Birth Announcements: Harrington Infant, Kearns Infant, Lang Infant, Hewitt Infant, Young Infant, Quinn Infant

Biographies: Jefferson Porter Hamilton, Peter Hamilton, Peter Joseph Hamilton, Thomas Alexander Goodwin Turner Hamulton, William Thomas Hamilton, William Augustus Hardaway, Horace Harding, George F. Harrington, Edward Kersey Harris, Baltimore Hopkins, Edmund Harrison, James Franklin Harrison, Harry Theodore Hartwell, William Hartwell, Jackson (No Last Name)


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