Mobile County, Alabama

1890 Mobile Municipal Officers

Taken from the 1891 Mobile City Directory

Submitted by Christine Walter

Term of Office - Expires March 15, 1891

Hon. Joseph C. Rich, Mayor

First Ward - John Gaillard
Second Ward - Rufus Dane
Third Ward - Frederic C. Scheible
Fourth Ward - Abraham Baerman
,Fifth Ward - Patrick J. Gibney
SixthWard - Joseph T Hawkins
Seventh Ward - Wm. J., Patterson
Eighth Ward - Caleb Toxey

Aldermen At Large 
Thomas S. Fry - Rhett Goode
Patrick W. Kelly - John J. McAfee
Thomas E. Russell - Blount Sossaman
William F. Stoutz

 Elected By The General Council 
City Attorney - Charles. J. Torrey
City Clerk - John F. Summersell
City Engineer - D.M. N. Ross
City Sexton - Peter F. Alba
City Tax Collector - F. Petrinovich
Chief of Police - Richard Felder
Clerk of SOuthern Market - M.J. Duggan
Committee Clerk - Thos. Daly
Inspector of Naval Stores - A.A. Voss
License Officer - D.W. Petty
Street Commissioner - H.G. Kearns

Standing Commmittees

Committee No. 1 - Ways and Means, comprising public grounds, wharves and river front - Thomas S. Fry, chairman, A.Baerman, W.J. patterson

Committee No. 2 - comprising markets, hospital and municipal buildings - Caleb Toxey, chairman, Jno. J. McAfee, T. E. Russell.

Committee No.3 - Streets, comprising street railroads, public lights. Rufus Dane, chairman, Jno. Gaillard, Wm. F. Stoutz

Committee No.4 - Fire Department, comprising fire alarm, water supply - Rhett Goode, chairman, B. Sossaman, F. C. Scheible.

Committee No.5 - Police force and guardhouse. P. J. Gibney, chairman, J. T. Hawkins, P. W. Kelly.

Police Force 
Richard Felder, chief of police
Charles E. Spencer, Lieutenant of police.
Eugene A. Eastburn, Joseph Hart, John McGuire, sergeants of police.
John Bressingham, Thomas B. McGovern, special officers.
Augustus B. Roulston, secretary to chief of police.
George W. Drago , sanitary officer
William H. Bancroft, armorer

Police officers - Henry J. Binzer, John W. Bridges, John M. Brown, H. Kenney Cleveland, Benj. P. Clonan,John Cummings, Jules Delhomme, Frank J. Demouy, Daniel P. Fletcher, Hugh Fox, Michael Gaynor, LevJ. D. Gibson, W. Duncan Hall, Chas. B. Harwell, Chas. R. Huggips, Leonard G. Jarvis, Albert H. Jennette, John King jr., Jeremiah S. Lynch, Patrick J. Lynch, John McArdle, John McCarron, Mortimer L. McKean, Alza W. Moore, Dominick 0'Connor, Richard H. Puckett, Edward T. Rondeau, William A. Ryan, Jas. Y . Shaw, John A. Tardy, Geo. J. Townsend, Peter Untreiner, William J. York.

Supernumeraries - Joseph R. Abrams, Robert Brady Kyle Cloud, Rodger Jones, John Joseph, John J. Leonard, Ferdinariand Oberkirch, Albert M. Palmas.

City Paid Fire-Department - Organized 1889

Mathew Sloan, Chief Engineer and Fire Warden
C. Walter Soost, Assistant Chief Engineer.

Creole No.1, Engine Company: House southwest corner St. Francis and Dearborn. Benj. T. Collins president; Simon Durette, foreman; Frank Trenier, first assistant; J.W. Perez, second assistant; Frank Petit, secretary and treasurer; John Chestang, steward; Thomas Meyers, engineer; Thomas Grant, housekeeper; J.P. Andry, R. Trenier, B. Boudin, J. Mathews, J. A. Pope, Aug. Nicholas, Walter Tarleton, Phil Belasco, T. P. Cox, W. J. Pope, Alex. Perez, A. Lalande, A. Lalande, jr., J. R. Borras, Joseph. McArdle, Peter Durette, A. Bertrand, B. Nicholas, G. Laurendine, A. Laurendine, J. Laurendine, C.P. Weeks, C. Perdreauviller, firemen.

Engine Company No.2 - House north side of'St. Louis street, fourth west of Water street. H. A. Dolle, captain; R. Schneider, Sam Lose and Gus Rehm, firemen.

Engine Company No. 3 - House west side of Franklin street, second south of Church street. George Myrick, captain; John McNamara, A. Ducaurneau, Charles Duncan, Allee Bolling and James Anderson, fireman

Hook and, Ladder Cpmpany No. 4 - House east side of St. Joseph street, second north of Dauphin street. George A. Moore, captain; Charles Stacey, Charles Joullian, H. Wackernah, James Keefe, Joseph Moore, John Davis and Thomas Lahan, firemen.

Truck Company No. 5 - House west side of Lawrence street, third south of St. Francis street. John H. Marquis, captain; Emlle Medicus, John King and R. Williamson, truckmen.

Mobile, the county seat of Mobile county, and the only seaport of the State of Alabama, is situated at the mouth of Mobile river, the head of Mobile bay and thirty-three miels from the Gulf of Mexico. By the United States Coast Survey, it is located in Latitude 30 deg. 41 min. 28 sec. N-Longitude 87 deg. 59 min. W. The area of the City of Mobile, including Blakely island, which is in the City limits, is about 4,500 acres; of which 1,000 is water.

Population (U.S. Census 1880) 31, 295

Mobile was first occupied (its present site) by the French under Bienville, on the 11th ofMarch 1711. On the 14th ofMay 1812, Mobile was included in the Mississippi territory. On the 20th of January 1814, Mobile was incorporated as a town, and on the 17th of December 1819, two days before Alabama was admitted into the Union, Mobiel was incorporated as a city, the area of which was about 10,000 acres. By an act of the General Assembly, approved February 11, 1879, the city charter was repealed and the Port of Mobile incorporated and its limit and boundaries established. By a subsequent act of the General Assembly, approved December 10, 1886, the name was changed and the Port restored to its former name and title of the City of Mobile, its boundaries being without change. The legislature department is vested in a Mayor and Board of Aldermen and Board of Councilmen, which meeting and acting together shall be styled "The Mayor and General Council" The Aldermen, COuncilmen and Mayor serve for three years..


Boundaries of Wards

First Ward - North and east by City Limits, south by St. Louis, and west by Franklin Street.

Second Ward - North by St. Louis, east by Mobile river, south by St. Francis and west by Franklin street.

Third Ward - North by St. Francis, east by Mobile river, southo by Conti, and west by Franklin street.

Fourth Ward - North by Conti, east by Mobiie river south by Monroe, and west by Franklin street.

Fifth Ward - North by Monroe , east by Mobiel river, south by Mobile bay and west by Franklin street.

Sixth Ward - North by Dauphin street, and Springhill avenue, east by Franklin, south by Virginia street and Mobile bay and west by Washington avenue and Willkinson street.

Seventh Ward - North by Davis avenue and Morgan street, west by Catharine street, east by Franklin, and south by Dauphin street and Springhill avenue.

EighthWard - North by Springhill Avenue, west by Catharine street, south by Virginia street, and east by Washington avenue and Wilkinson street.



Catholic Female Orphan Asylum - Southeast corner Conti and Franklin streets, under the immediate control of the Sisters of Charity. Sister Marianno, Superintendent.

Catholic Male Orphan Asylum - West side of Lafayette street, north of Dauphin way, under the immediate control of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Brother Gontram, superintendent.

Protestant Orphan Asylum - South side of Dauphin way, fourth west of Broad, under the control of the Protestant Orphan Asylum Society. Mrs. Anna H. Malone, Matron.

Church Home - Episcopal Orphan Asylum for Girls - West side of Warren, second north of Eslava.. For Boys - West side of Wilkinson, head of Palmetto.

Martha's Home for the Aged and Infirm - South side of Adams second west of Franklin, Rev. J. L. Lancaster, trustee.

Widow's Row - Homes for widowed women under control of The Female Benevolent Society, north side of Eslava from Warren to Dearborn streets.

Colored Orphan Asylum - East side of Warren third south of Monroe, Mrs. Carrie E. Bryant, colored, Matron.


Hospitals and Infirmary

City Hospital - North side of St. Anthony, between Jefferson and Broad streets, under the charge of the faculty of the Medical College. William Sayers Duff, M. D. Superintendent. Calvin N. Owen, M. D., and William R. Jackson, M. D., attending physicians. Curtis B. Carter, Marion T . Gaines, George, A . Moore and Abner N . Steele, resident students. Receives and treats to extent of 44 patients per day from the city.
Hospital Committee for the Faculty - W.B. Pape, M.D., Chairman; T.S Scales, M.D. and G.Owen, M.D.

Providence Infirmary, South side of St. Anthony, between Jefferson and Broad streets, under the superintendence of the Sisters of Charity, Sister Augustine in charge.

United States Marine Hospital. North side of St. Anthony between Bayou and Jefferson streets. John Vansant, U.S.M.H.S. surgeon in charge.



Catholic Cemetery - On the north side of Davis avenue, beyond Three-mile Creek. John Rosette, Sexton.

Jewish Cemetery - South side of Virginia, west of Marine street. Entrance on Virginia. Patrick McGrath keeper.

Magnolia Cemetery - Located south of Texas, north of Virginia, and west of Chatham streets. Entrances head of George and of New Jersey and on Ann and Virginia. Hiram E. Davis, Keeper.

National Cemetery - North side of Virginia, between Ann and Chatham streets. Col. Lucian B. Gould, Superintendent.

Old Grave Yard - On Church street, between Government and Monroe and Bayou and Wilkinson streets. Entrances on Bayou and Church and Wilkinson streets. Richard Farrell Keeper.




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