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Love's Legacy - The Record of Mobile Marriages
Recorded in French, Transcribed with Annotated Abstracts in English, 1724 - 1786

Transcibed and Edited BY Jacqueline Olivier Vidrine - Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana

Submitted by J. Lepoma

Baptism Records from 1704 to 1778
Some Marriage Records from p. 50 to 61 & 1724-1726 Death

[Editor’s note: This end sheet was titled in English by two different people, probably when the volume was bound. Currently referred to as Baptism Book I (abbreviated as bb I) it consists of several registers bound together, the extant baptismal records for 1704 to 1778. Interspersed among them are a few marriage and death records. Because those nuptial entries represent the only surviving ones earlier than those contained in Marriage Book I (abbreviated as mb I), they are included in this study.

The words within parentheses on the transcript have been added from a handwritten copy covering 1704 to June 1726. Unfortunately, for some of the entries only the first part of each record was transcribed completely. This undated manuscript was done by Father McGowan, a chaplain at Providence Infirmary.]

Mob. bb I:50a-1
May 1,1724
No banns mentioned.

Offivier Philippe, native of St. Ma—— in Flanders, Diocese of Cambrai.

1 Louise Marguerite Housso, widow of Dominique Belzaguy, native of —haly,

2 Diocese of Tours in Touraine.

The witnesses who signed were: (Valentin) Devin, engineer; Marguerite Le Sueur, Canadian- born daughter of Pierre Charles Le Sueur and Marguerite Messier; Paquier, not identified; (Louis Auguste) de la Loëre Flaucour, principal clerk and judge of Mobile (Mob. mb 1,3, 5); and (Louis Alexandre?) Durand.
1. Philippe’s place of birth could be Saint Maur, Saint Marc, Saint Mane, or perhaps Sainte Marie. Cambrai is in the department of Nord. There is a town named Marq in that department.
2. Louise Marguerite’s birthplace looks like echalyc.Cholet, 131 km. from Tours, is a possibility. It is in the Maine-et-Loire department; Tours is in Indre-et-Loke.

Devile (G CC, 20) has Marguerite Housseau or Toulouse, native of Chantilly. This is north of Paris, near Senlis, in the department of Somme. Higginbotham (Old Mobile , 182) also calls it Chantilly. This may result from the confusion of Louise Marguerite Poirier (daughter of Lucien Poirier and Marguerite Toulouse of Chantily) with Louise Marguerite Housso, wife of Belzaguy.

Mob. bb 1:50-2
May 1, 1724
Louis Assaly to Marie Thérèse Bret
L’an mu Sept cent 24 Le premier du mois de May Je SouSSigné f. claude prstre carucin hissionaire apostoliouc et curé de La Mobile certifie avoir donné Le benediction nuptiale et recu Le Mutuel consentement avec Les ceremonies prescrites par La Ste. eglise au Sieur Louis assaly natif de Niord parois(se) St. André et Marie therese bret veuve de michel —oret natif de la rochelle paroisse notre dame en presence des temoins qui ont Signe avec moy.
f. claude prestre cap.
X Marie Miss. apost. et curé
LBourbon thereses louis bret de La mobile
X huche Dela—a———

Mob. bb 1:50-2
May 1, 1724
No banns mentioned.
Louis Assaly (Assailly dit Tranchemontagne) , native of Niort, parish of St. André.
Marie Thérèse2 Bret, native of La Rochelle, parish of Notre Dame, widow of Michel Toret or Soret.
Witnesses signing were: (Louis) Bourbon; (Antoine) Maiie; (Louis Bret?); (Marc Antoine) Huche; (Delasaly or Delasalle?); (Elie AB? Elieass? Clauss? CHeass?).

1. The name appears in other Louisiana archives as Sallier, Assayes, Layeux, Mayeux and Soyer, as well as Tranchemontagne. Their son Louis was baptized as Sallier in 1730. Mob. bb 1:93.

2. The names thereses louis bretr, all apparently written by the same person, may be all the bride’s or may have been written by her father or brother, both named Louis.

Mob. bb I:52a-1
January 12, 1725
Two banns.
Thomas Asselin (dit Fleury), native of Fleury in lower Normandy, Diocese of Coutances.
Marie Françoise Lani or Leny of the parish of (Luben?), Diocese of— — — —es.1
Witnesses signing were: (Marc Antoine) Huché;2 (Nicolas?) Meunier (dit Versailles?); (Noel) de Prouond, husband of Louise Walter.3

1. Perhaps the bride was from Leuven (Louvain), Belgium; in France, Lusson (department of Gard) and Lubbon (department of Landes) are two of many possibilities.

2. Huché (sometimes transcribed as Duché), an interpreter, was the husband of Mariette or Marueitte (or Mauricette) Keruegnan (Kemegnau, Quevergon, etc.) by 1715. About 1731 he married Marie Therese Colon. Mob. bb 1:20,26, 93;mb 1:10.

3. Noel de Prouond or Provond, native of dion in France, son of Jean Prouond and Claudine Amar or Amac, married at Old Biloxi, February 10, 1721, Louise Vollery (Valade?, Gauldre?, Walte?, Waltre?). St.LNO mb. A, no- 24; Mob. bb 1:43, 68,90,103. See also Mob. mb 1:19.

Mob. bb 1:52-4
(January 13? ,) 1725
No banns mentioned.
Antoine Marie, 2 native of Paris, parish of St. Nicolas du Chardonnet.
(Juliette or Julienne) Guilaume, native of Hennebont, Diocese of Vannes.3
Witnesses signing: Grosliers (soldier? and son?); (Louis? or Nicolas Godfroy?) Barbin.

1. The date has been variously transcribed as January 3 and 13, 1725 (Deville, G C C,
49; McGowan copy). Perhaps the date should be February 3 instead. The Marie-Guilaume marriage follows a record clearly dated January 8, 1725.

2. Antoine Marie’s signature may be accented. He married again in 1735 (Mob. mb 1:13).

3. Hennebont, department of Morbihan

Mob. bb I:53a-4
May 28, 1724
No banns mentioned.
(Jean) Fontaile,1 soldier in de Mandevile’s Company.2
(Marie Lernir), widow of deceased (Jean Baptiste Valade dit) Drapeau (le Noir).3
Witnesses signing were: (Louis) Bourbon (dit Ossement or D’Osseman); André (Roberte) Guil(lette), wife of Louis Bourbon.

1. His name was spelled <Jean Fontaye> when his widow remarried in 1736 (Mob. mb
1:15), but he signed clearly<fontaffle>. One <fontayex signature appears on his daughter’s marriage. Mob. mb I:30b.

2. Francois Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville.

3. Valade, his wife, and two children were living at the <(Village of the Fourches> in 1721. Maduell, Census, 26. One of those children was Marie Catherine, Valade’s (Vallade’s) daughter by his earlier marriage to Marie Pascot or Pascault. Catherine, born in 1716 (Mob. bb 1:2 1), married twice: in 1734 toRoy and in 1744 to Conrad —aidek. Mob. mb L9, 33. Jean Baptiste Valade had died two years before Fontaile’s marriage to his widow. Mob. bb 1:43. After Fontaille’s death, she married Loisel. Mob. mb 1:15

Mob. bb I:54a-1
August 28, 1724
No banns mentioned.
Etienne Dubourdieu, Sieur de Hullet.

1 Jeanne Kerouret, 2 widow of (Jacques) Le Compte,3 shipbuilder.
Witnesses signing were: (Valentin) Devin; Ollivier (Philippe); Louise Marguerite Housso, wife of Olivier (Philippe); (Jean) Fontaile;Navarre (possibly the surgeon major noted at Mobile in 1726, or perhaps the Navarre killed at Natchez, November 1729); (Vincent Jolin or Dourlin dit) Dubreuil; Marie Louise Boutin (probably the daughter of Louise Margarite Housso); Lauranson, wife of Baulieu.4
1. As godfather in 1732, his signature is E Dubourdieu Deheullet (Mob. bb 1:95).

2. The bride signed differently at other times.

3. In June, 1721, Jacques Le Compte, caulker, and his wife were living at Mobile. Maduell, Census, 23. Their marriage had taken place by 1715. Here Jacques Le Compte was identified as a carpenter in the king’s service. Mob. bb 1:18.

4. Jean Lorenson dit Beaulieu usually signed Lorenson. This was apparently written by Jeanne Marguerite Eugere or Heuger, his wife.

Mob. bb I:54b-1
September 18, 1724
(Three usual banns announced?)
Jean Baptiste Hervieux,1 native of Quebec.
Marie Praux,2 widow of (Vincent Alexandre dit) Chenet.3
Witnesses signing were: (Jean) Bon,4 stepfather of the bride as husband of her mother, Anne Perrot; (Marguerite Praux), the widow Colon dit La Violette; Robert Talon, brother-in- law of the bride as husband of Jeanne Praux; Arriaud, perhaps François.

1. Later, this groom signed the 1726 marriage of his stepdaughter, Anne Alexandre Chenet, as <jan batishervieux>. A Canadian gunsmith of that name was at Biloxi in 1699 (Maduell, Census, 1,4).

2. This bride, whose name was sometimes written as Anne and as Anne Marie, is easily confused with her sister, Marie Anne Praux. The only truly legible letter on the original is Father Claude’s strange <e>.< BR>
3. The Alexandre and Chenet names were used interchangeably as surnames.

4. Jean Bon, master arquebusier of La Rochelle, had married Anne Perrot at least fifteen
years before. He was listed as a marshal in New Orleans in 1722, an employee of the Company
of the Indies. His funeral record, dated March 7, 1736, is at Mobile. Mob. bb I:8a, March 12,
1709;Conrad, First Families, I, 217;DeVille, G CC, 23.

Mob. bb I:56b-21
April 4, 1725
No banns mentioned.
Claude Pinsedd (dit Boulonnois), sergeant of the troops.2
Marguerite Praux, widow of (Jean Colon dit) La Violette.3
Witnesses signing were: (Jean) Bon, her stepfather, and Robert Talon, her brother-in-law;4 one hardly visible.

1. Although the priest’s signature cannot be clearly seen, the entry was definitely written by the Capucin, Claude.

2. Pinsedé’s dit name reflects his origin: Boulogne-sur-Mer on the coastline of the depart. ment of Pas-de-Calais. He obviously could not write his name. His son, signing as godfather in December, 1739, wrote Claude Pincedé. Mob. bb 1:63. His granddaughter signed <agathe pensdez> in 1772. N. 0. Notarial Archives. Almonaster y Rojas Acts, Feb. 21, 1772. Claude ePincedetx. died in 1738. Mob. fb

3. Higginbotham (Old Mobile ) has several interesting mentions of Praux, Colon, and Bon. Variations of her signatures are examples of inconsistency. See the Index under Praux, Colon, and Boulonnois.
4. Robert Tallon (also Talon), identified as a master menuisier, had married her sister Jeanne before 1720. Mob. bb I:25bis. In 1728 he was called a master ebeniste and a church warden of the Mobile parish. Mob. bb 1:84. Robert Talon was buried August 8, 1746. Deville, GCC,60.

Mob. bb I:57b-3
May11, 1725
Three banns published.
(Jean) Guilaume Burat,1 native of Soleure, Diocese of Basle.
Magdelaine Rouge or Rouger, daughter of Mathieu Rouge, native of La Rochelle.2
Witnesses signing were: (Etienne) Teyssier, (Mathieu) Rouge or Rouger, and the cross of Pierre Gardon (or Guedon?).

1. Although within this document the groom’s name looks like Lurat, it was found in other sources as Burat. Jean Guillaume Burat, a Swiss corporal in Latour’s company and later in de Lusser’s company (Mob. bb 1:76, 9Obis), died March 6, 1736 (DeVile, G CC, 24).

2. Magdelaine’s next marriage was in 1737 to Antoine Negrier (Mob. mb I:19a).

Mob. bb I:58a-3
September 18, 1725
Dispensed with publication of banns.
Etienne Teyssier, a sergeant in La Tour’s1 company.
Magdeleine René (de Mandeville),2 natural daughter of (François Philippe) de Mandeville, captain in the colony.

3 Witnesses signing were: Jean Chris (Jean Chrisostome, a friar who had arrived with Father Claude, is most probable); Monsieur (Pi——----ot?) made a large cross.

1. Lieutenant, then captain, Vitrac de La Tour, husband of Bienville’s cousin Marie LeSueur, was commanding at Fort Toulouse des Alibamons from its beginning until 1720. That year, in poor health, he returned to the Mobile fort. In 1723, he was still there, serving with Francois Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville under Jadart de Bauchamp, the major.commandant of Fort Condé. Mob. bb 1:24, Oct. 3, 1717; C 13a, 5:117; Giraud,Histofre, III, 310, 365, 366;IV, 420.

2. The bride’s mother was an Indian slave of Captain de Mandeville. Giraud, Histoire, IV,431,432n; 1:86.

3. Ensign at Mobile in 1707, he married in France a niece of the missionary Le Maire. Giraud, Histoire, III, 147, 147n. Although a special entry in 1722 declares that the family name was Philippe, his full name is given elsewhere as Francois de Hautmesnil de Marigny de Mandeville. Mob. bb 1:42.2; Giraud,Histoire, vols. III and IV.

Mob. bb I:60a-1
January 17, 1726
No banns mentioned.
Pierre Berten dit L
Angelique Reue or Reve, native of Paris.2
Witnesses signing were: (Louis) Bourbon;3 (Jacques) Branud or Branut (dit La France, who married Marie Clere LeClere); Joseph (Contant?), if so, husband of Jeanne (Megne? Vergne? Dupuy? ); (Louis? ) Jourdain, a soldier.

1. One Pierre Bertin was aboard Le Marechal de Villars on January 26, 1719, traveling to Louisiana. Conrad, First Families, I, 32.

2. Angelique Reve, whose husband, Nicolas Miradot, had died in September 1725, is presumably the bride. Mob. bb 1:61. She may have married again, to Theodore Robin dit Lanoix and then, in 1738, to Julien Gautier. Forsyth and Pleasonton, La. Mg. Contracts, 71.

3. Louis Bourbon witnessed a Gautier-Reve marriage contract passed at New Orleans in
1738. Forsyth and Pleasonton,La. Mg. Contracts, 71.

Mob. bb I:61a-1
February 8, 1726
Dispensed with two banns.
Louis Fontenot,2 sergeant in La Tour’s company, son of Joachim Fontenot and Jeanne Prido, native of Poitiers, parish of St. Germain.3
Louise Henry, widow of L—b—g—e,4 daughter of Mathurin Henry and Louise de Perigo or Prigo, native of Port Louis, parish of Blavet.5
Witnesses signing were: (Vincent John or Dourhin dit) Dubreüil, sindic, Ohlivier (Philippe), François Alleuin or Allevin.

1. Although a space at the end of line one could have once had (<dix)> or <<vingtx preceding <huit>>, the McGowan copy gives February 8, as the date.< BR>
2. Perhaps the soldier who died at Alibamons, October 29, 1755. Daniel H. Thomas, <(Fort Toulouse: The French Outpost at the Alibamons on the Coosa,>> Alabama Historical Quarterly, XXII (1960), 221n.

3. References to the family were found in Montierneuf Parish nearby. Photocopies were a gift to this writer from Mrs. Milton P. Rieder and her husband, now deceased, of New Orleans. See Jacqueline 0. Vidrine and Elaine Guillory Pucheu, <The First Fontenot Families of Louisiana,> Louisiana GenealogicalRegister, XXII (December, 1975); XXIII (March, 1976).

4. The name appears to be <<La begne>> or <<Lebeque>>. One Louison Henry of Port Louis lost her husband, Thomas Le Beghues, at Chapitoulas, August 2, 1721. Photograph of the original extract of deaths at the Ste. Reine Concession, in Henry C. Bezou,Metafrie: A Tongue of Land to Pasture (Gretna, La., 1973). The similar names are tantalizing, but no further leads have been uncovered.

5. Blavet was given the name Port Louis during the reign of Louis XIII. Bretagne, Michelin Green Guide Series (Paris, 1965).

Mob. bb 1:61-2
May 29, 1731
Death certificate.
Nicolas Miradot, deceased husband of Angelique Re— — (Reve? Reue?),1 died September 15, 1725, and was buried in the parish cemetery, according to testimony of witnesses Etienne Teyssier, sergeant; Maurice Durand ;2 Barthelemy (Justin de) Lamare ;3 and Felix Lurat.4
Two witnesses signed: (Etienne) Teyssier, (Maurice) Durand.

1. She seems to have been the Angelique Reffe who was one of the girls sent, by order of the king, on La Mutine in 1719. The ship arrived at the end of February 1720. She was listed as Madame Angelique Reffe on the 1721 census of Mobile. Giraud, Histoire, III: 343, 343n; Maduell, Census, 24. The Miradot-Reve children were baptized in 1723 and 1725. Mob. bb 1:48, 58.

2. He married the widow of Jean Belzaguy in 1740. Mob. mb 1:40.

3. Barthelemy Justin de la Mare signed several records between 1721 and 1736. At his death on July 26, 1738, he was a lieutenant in the Mobile militia and a grocer. Mob. fb 1:56.

4. His daughter married in 1734. Mob. mb 1:9.

Mob. bb I:1O2
March 1, 1734
One bann published, dispensed with two.
Jean Baptiste Baudrau, Creole of Dauphine Island, son of Jean Baptiste Baudreau dit Grave- line, militia captain and habitant of the Pascagoula post, and of Susanne.
Marie Catherine Vinconneau of La Rochelle, daughter of Louis Vinconneau (deceased), a master tailor of wearing apparel, and of Catherine Doussin, who is now married to Joseph Simon dit la Pointe, habitant of Pascagoula.

2 Witnesses signing were: Jean Baptiste Baudrau, father of the groom; (Charles) Egron (dit La Motte); (C)ristian (possibly Christian Ladner); (Francois) Riieux, spouse of Marie Renée Alexandre dit Chenet; N(icolas) Bodin (dit Miragouin); Pierre Millon (son-in-law of Joseph Simon); (Nicolas?) Rouss(au?), resident of Dauphine Island in the 1730s who later moved to Louisiana’s German Coast.
Father Mathias, Capuchin priest and apostolic missionary, was functioning as curé at Fort Condé of Mobile and of Pascagoula, its dependency.

1. The Mobile diocesan archivist recently notified this writer that this folio is currently maintained in a separate folder. In addition, some doubt now exists about its original location.

2. The wedding tookplace in the home of Joseph Simon dit La Pointe at Pascagoula.


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