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This may not be a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Monroe County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Amity Cemetery 313800N 0871512W Natchez
Antioch Cemetery 313827N 0871112W Beatrice
Apple Grove Cemetery 314924N 0871756W Vredenburgh
Baas Cemetery 312459N 0872506W Frisco City
Basidonia Cemetery 314716N 0871645W Vredenburgh
Bethany Cemetery 313220N 0871032W Burnt Corn
Bethel Cemetery 313214N 0872109W Monroeville
Bethlehem Cemetery 314554N 0865926W Pine Apple South
Beulah Cemetery 312921N 0871313W Repton
Bryant Cemetery 313740N 0872653W Franklin
Buena Vista Cemetery 314742N 0871513W Vredenburgh
Carry Mount Cemetery 313457N 0872547W Mexia
Claiborne Cemetery 313248N 0873045W Claiborne
Coleman Cemetery 312318N 0872258W Frisco City
Corinth-Deer Cemetery 313857N 0872405W Franklin
Daily Cemetery 312804N 0871546W Excel
Davidson Cemetery 314031N 0871721W Natchez
Enon Cemetery 311803N 0872342W Uriah East
Excel Cemetery 312539N 0872012W Excel
Ferrell Cemetery 311904N 0874153W Chrysler
Forehand Cemetery 313757N 0872838W Franklin
Grimes Cemetery 314712N 0870538W McWilliams
Hillcrest Cemetery 313148N 0871906W Monroeville
Hybart Cemetery 314849N 0872305W Hybart
Jenkins Chapel Cemetery 314659N 0865922W Pine Apple South
Johnson Cemetery 311906N 0872618W Uriah East
Limestone Faulk Cemetery 312918N 0871415W Repton
Lone Star Cemetery 313935N 0870645W Skinnerton
Mars Hill Cemetery 313540N 0871707W Monroeville
McConnico Cemetery 313007N 0873039W Claiborne
McConnico-Steele Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
McMillan Cemetery 312909N 0871501W Excel
Mexia Cemetery 313029N 0872329W Mexia
Middleton Cemetery 314404N 0865719W Bethel
Mineola Cemetery 311711N 0873831W Chrysler
Morning Star Cemetery 312157N 0873711W Uriah West
Mount Pisgah Cemetery 312458N 0872348W Frisco City
New Home Cemetery 312644N 0871832W Excel
New Hope Cemetery 314341N 0871539W Natchez
New Liberty Cemetery 314210N 0871812W Natchez
Old Salem Cemetery 313228N 0872434W Mexia
Old Scotland Cemetery 314003N 0871623W Natchez
Philadelphia Cemetery 313853N 0871422W Beatrice
Pine Flat Cemetery 314912N 0872257W Hybart
Pineview Cemetery 314659N 0870900W Nadawah
Pineville Cemetery 314435N 0871036W Beatrice
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 312506N 0872943W Frisco City
Poplar Springs Cemetery 311957N 0873039W Uriah West
Powell Cemetery 314530N 0872742W Hybart
Puryearville Cemetery 313243N 0871132W Burnt Corn
Ramah Cemetery 313644N 0870819W Burnt Corn
Red Hills Cemetery 314358N 0872047W Natchez
Ridge Cemetery 313549N 0872050W Monroeville
Rumbley Cemetery 313420N 0871447W Burnt Corn
Saint Matthews Cemetery 314833N 0871356W Nadawah
Saint Peter Cemetery 314247N 0872333W Franklin
Salem Cemetery 314511N 0865440W Pine Apple South
Savannah Cemetery 314253N 0870822W Beatrice
Semirah Springs Cemetery 311547N 0873320W Uriah West
Shiloh Cemetery 312622N 0872442W Frisco City
Shiloh Cemetery 314312N 0871634W Natchez
Shomo Cemetery 312011N 0874139W Chrysler
Solomon Cemetery 314819N 0865944W Pine Apple South
Sowell Old Field Cemetery 312046N 0872532W Uriah East
Springhill Cemetery 314135N 0872343W Franklin
Tinela Cemetery 314828N 0872346W Hybart
Turkestan Cemetery 314649N 0870908W Nadawah
Turnbull Cemetery 314251N 0870810W Beatrice
Uriah Cemetery 311831N 0873021W Uriah West
Weatherford Cemetery 311942N 0873939W Chrysler
Wiggins Cemetery 313047N 0872248W Mexia
Williams Cemetery 313857N 0873024W Chance
Williams Cemetery 311803N 0874118W Chrysler
York Cemetery 314331N 0872323W Franklin





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