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This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Monroe County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
A O H Church 314804N 0873103W Lower Peach Tree
All Saints Church 314750N 0873021W Lower Peach Tree
Amity Baptist Church 313800N 0871513W Natchez
Antioch Baptist Church 313831N 0871115W Beatrice
Antioch Baptist Church of Tunnel Springs 313544N 0872426W Mexia
Antioch Church 313536N 0872220W Monroeville
Antioch Church (historical) 314653N 0870729W McWilliams
Apple Grove Baptist Church 314925N 0871757W Vredenburgh
Barbara Locklin Baptist Church 313048N 0872929W Mexia
Beaumont Church (historical) 312746N 0872547W Frisco City
Bells Landing Church 314821N 0872356W Hybart
Bells Landing Presbyterian Church 314829N 0872349W Hybart
Bethany Baptist Church 313223N 0871032W Burnt Corn
Bethel Baptist Church 313211N 0872109W Monroeville
Bethel Church 313526N 0871020W Burnt Corn
Bethel Rock Church 311833N 0872943W Uriah East
Bethlehem Methodist Church 314556N 0865927W Pine Apple South
Beulah Baptist Church 312921N 0871312W Repton
Box Hill Church (historical) 314842N 0870257W McWilliams
Bright Morning Star Baptist Church 312649N 0872438W Frisco City
Burnt Corn Community Church 313259N 0871134W Burnt Corn
Carry Mount Baptist Church 313455N 0872547W Mexia
Cedar Grove Church (historical) 312300N 0873903W Gainestown
Central Church of Christ 312805N 0872021W Excel
Christian Tabernacle Church 312448N 0871921W Excel
Christian Valley Church (historical) 314331N 0870640W Skinnerton
Church of Christ 312539N 0872022W Excel
Coleman Church 312320N 0872257W Frisco City
Coley Chapel Methodist Church 311545N 0872540W Uriah East
Concord Baptist Church 314734N 0871525W Vredenburgh
Daniel Baptist Church 313204N 0871532W Monroeville
Dotel Church 312834N 0871857W Excel
Eastwood Baptist Church 313003N 0871817W Monroeville
Eliska Church 312132N 0873915W Chrysler
Emmanuel Church 314616N 0865946W Pine Apple South
Emmanuel Church (historical) 314626N 0870549W McWilliams
Enon Baptist Church 311803N 0872339W Uriah East
Eureka Baptist Church 313808N 0872756W Franklin
Excel Baptist Church 312547N 0872027W Excel
Excel Church 312449N 0871922W Excel
Excel Nazarene Church 312535N 0872038W Excel
Faith Chapel 314054N 0872609W Franklin
First Assembly of God Church 312926N 0871922W Excel
First Baptist Church 313151N 0871911W Monroeville
First Baptist Church 312551N 0872410W Frisco City
First Presbyterian Church 313149N 0871931W Monroeville
First United Methodist Church 313145N 0871911W Monroeville
First United Pentecostal Church 312821N 0872039W Excel
Fountain Church 313544N 0872426W Mexia
Franklin Church 314014N 0872607W Franklin
Friendship Church 314717N 0871711W Vredenburgh
Frisco City United Methodist Church 312607N 0872357W Frisco City
Glendale Church (historical) 313623N 0871226W Burnt Corn
Good Hope Church 313801N 0873045W Chance
Goodway Assembly of God Church 312012N 0872443W Uriah East
Goodway Church 311921N 0872443W Uriah East
Greater Bells Chapel 314832N 0872857W Hybart
Grove Hill Church 312217N 0873852W Chrysler
Grove Hill Church (historical) 312317N 0873900W Gainestown
Hopewell Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 313136N 0872026W Monroeville
House of Prayer Church 313547N 0871716W Monroeville
Immanuel Church 314853N 0871934W Vredenburgh
Independent Church 314626N 0872912W Hybart
Indian Springs Baptist Church 314731N 0870704W McWilliams
Jenkins Chapel Methodist Church 314701N 0865922W Pine Apple South
Jones Chapel 314542N 0872842W Hybart
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 312901N 0872156W Excel
Lilly Church 312848N 0872647W Frisco City
Limestone Baptist Church 313301N 0871957W Monroeville
Limestone Faulk African Methodist Episcopal Church 312919N 0871415W Repton
Little River Baptist Church 311803N 0874226W Chrysler
Little Zion Number 1 Baptist Church 314832N 0872315W Hybart
Macedonia Baptist Church 312530N 0872937W Frisco City
Macedonia Church 312618N 0872849W Frisco City
Macedonia Church 314721N 0871637W Vredenburgh
Magdalene Church (historical) 314609N 0872051W Vredenburgh
Mars Hill Missionary Baptist Church 313539N 0871707W Monroeville
McWilliams Church 314925N 0870532W McWilliams
Megargel Assembly of God Church 312254N 0872545W Frisco City
Mexia Baptist Church 313030N 0872327W Mexia
Mexia Church 312944N 0872454W Frisco City
Miles Chapel 314446N 0872823W Franklin
Mineola Baptist Church 311710N 0873830W Chrysler
Mineola Church 311712N 0873827W Chrysler
Monroeville Church of Christ 313147N 0872114W Monroeville
Monroeville Church of the Nazarene 313103N 0871920W Monroeville
Monroeville Presbyterian Church 313142N 0871928W Monroeville
Morning Star Baptist Church 313103N 0871859W Monroeville
Mount Ararat Church 313843N 0872419W Franklin
Mount Gilead Church 312929N 0873044W Flynns Lake
Mount Olive Baptist Church 312904N 0872140W Excel
Mount Olive Church 312821N 0872040W Excel
Mount Olive Church 313655N 0871739W Monroeville
Mount Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church 312501N 0872349W Frisco City
Mount Pleasant Church 312112N 0874058W Chrysler
Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church 313032N 0872854W Mexia
Mount Sinai Church 314609N 0872943W Hybart
Mount Sinai Church 314658N 0870859W Nadawah
Mount Triumph Baptist Church 311827N 0872949W Uriah East
Mount Zion Baptist Church 313130N 0872101W Monroeville
Mount Zion Church 313218N 0873126W Claiborne
New Beginnings Church of God In Christ 312805N 0872057W Excel
New Birth Pentecostal Church 313135N 0871913W Monroeville
New Chapel Baptist Church 312949N 0872233W Frisco City
New Home Primitive Baptist Church 312646N 0871835W Excel
New Hope Baptist Church 314343N 0871540W Natchez
New Hope Church 314648N 0870908W Nadawah
New Liberty African Methodist Episcopal Church 314209N 0871811W Natchez
New Life Church 313001N 0871811W Monroeville
Oak Grove Baptist Church 312755N 0872310W Frisco City
Oak Grove Church 312132N 0872311W Uriah East
Old Salem Baptist Church 313228N 0872433W Mexia
Oliver Church (historical) 312801N 0871933W Excel
Olivers Chapel 314914N 0871031W Nadawah
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church 311857N 0872830W Uriah East
Owens Chapel 312744N 0871216W Repton
Perdue Hill Presbyterian Church 313047N 0872928W Mexia
Peterman Baptist Church 313509N 0871543W Monroeville
Philadelphia Baptist Church 313854N 0871423W Beatrice
Pilgrim Rest Church 313257N 0871136W Burnt Corn
Pilgrim Rest Church 313856N 0872910W Franklin
Pine Chapel Church 313454N 0871745W Monroeville
Pine Flat Baptist Church 314911N 0872258W Hybart
Pine Flat Church (historical) 314415N 0872200W Natchez
Pine Hill Church 313536N 0871805W Monroeville
Pleasant Grove Church (historical) 312253N 0871855W Excel
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church 312504N 0872945W Frisco City
Pleasant Hill Church (historical) 314704N 0865703W Pine Apple South
Poplar Springs Baptist Church 311954N 0873036W Uriah West
Puryearville Methodist Church (historical) 313246N 0871132W Burnt Corn
Ramah Baptist Church 313646N 0870819W Burnt Corn
Ridge Church (historical) 313552N 0872053W Monroeville
Rocky Hill Church 312324N 0873410W Flynns Lake
Saint Andrew Church 313211N 0871636W Monroeville
Saint John Church 314942N 0870536W McWilliams
Saint Johns Episcopal Church 313006N 0871917W Monroeville
Saint Matthews Baptist Church 314827N 0871353W Nadawah
Saint Paul Church 311944N 0873106W Uriah West
Saint Peter Baptist Church 314247N 0872336W Franklin
Saint Thomas Church (historical) 313630N 0872824W Mexia
Salem Baptist Church 313259N 0870935W Burnt Corn
Salem Church 314510N 0865445W Pine Apple South
Salem Church 313025N 0872318W Mexia
Savannah Missionary Baptist Church 314329N 0870725W Skinnerton
Scotland Presbyterian Church 314004N 0871625W Natchez
Semirah Springs Freewill Baptist Church 311547N 0873322W Uriah West
Shiloh Baptist Church 314313N 0871635W Natchez
Shiloh Church 312516N 0873234W Flynns Lake
Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church 312619N 0872443W Frisco City
Southside Baptist Church 313039N 0871920W Monroeville
Spring Hill Church 314155N 0872348W Franklin
Springhill Baptist Church 314137N 0872343W Franklin
Sunflower Church 312423N 0873456W Flynns Lake
Sylvester Church 314414N 0870950W Beatrice
Tallatchee Church 314822N 0871824W Vredenburgh
United Church 311824N 0872946W Uriah East
Uriah First Baptist Church 311808N 0873010W Uriah West
Uriah United Methodist Church 311821N 0873010W Uriah West
Victoria Church 313610N 0872430W Mexia
Williams Chapel (historical) 313859N 0873029W Chance
Woodlawn Church 312627N 0871821W Excel
York Chapel 314331N 0872325W Franklin
Zion Church (historical) 313516N 0870958W Burnt Corn
Zion Rest Church 312424N 0872217W Excel





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