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The good people of Monroeville are just now rejoicing over the conviction in the Circuit Court recently, of a negro woman who deliberately attempted to murder her infant child.  The name of the inhuman mother is MARTHA BAYLES.  The evidence, as reported by the Monroe Journal, showed that the cruel woman carried her child to cemetery near Monroeville and deposited it in a grave which had caved in, and then covered the infant over with brush and dirt.  Some persons happening to pass along shortly after the infamous deed was done, heard a peculiar noise in the grave, and proceeding to the spot, unearthed the baby and thus saved its life.  The brutal mother was convicted and sentenced to two years' hard labor for the county, with an additional length of time to pay the costs.   Source: Vernon Clipper, Lamar County AL, November 14, 1879 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney


Cal. Gibson is in jail at Monroeville, charged with the assassination of Mr. Hall.  Source: Marion County Herald, Marion County AL, January 24, 1889  - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

HE IS DEAD – The Dead Body of RUBE BURROW will Reach Here This Afternoon –RUBE CAPTURED-
Just as we go to press the papers reach us containing the announcement of the capture of RUBE BURROW.  RUBE has been closely pursued for several days.  He was captured in Monroe county, Ala. by two white men and two negroes, and was carried to Linden and placed in jail.  There is no doubt as to his identity, as he says that he is RUBE BURROW.  No fight was had in his capture.  We can’t get particulars.  Source: Vernon Courier, Lamar County AL, October 9, 1890  - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney


Cora Andrews, colored, was arrested and brought to Monroeville Monday, charged with burning the residence of W. H. Betts, at Burnt Corn, three years ago.  She was tried and bound over and remanded to jail without bail.  Source: Vernon Courier, Lamar County AL, April 21, 1892 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Four negro men were taken from the Monroe county jail Tuesday night and hung and shot by a mob composed of white and colored citizens of that county. The crime for which they were lunched was one of the most brutal and atrocious known to the criminal annuals of the state.  A white farmer and his daughter were murdered by the demons and their home burned over their dead bodies. The negroes confessed before they were lunched. Their bodies were burned. Six other negroes are in jail charged with being connected with the crime.  Source: Hamilton times, Marion County AL, October 20, 1892 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Later and more authentic news is to the effect that the four negroes who killed Richard Johnson and daughter in Monroe county were lynched but their bodies were not burned.  Source: Hamilton times, Marion County AL, October 27, 1892 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney


News reached Evergreen Sunday from Burnt Corn, a little village in Monroe county of a shocking murder which occurred near there last Saturday the victim being Richard Rumbly, 70 years old, one of the oldest and most prominent farmers of the county.  Rumbly conducted a store in connection with his farm and Saturday night George Bradley walked in and the negro demanded the money in the cash drawer, about $100.  Rumbly turned to get a gun near by when Bradley knocked him down and cut his throat.  A desperate struggle then ensued.  Bradley continued to stab his victim, who soon died.  Armed men are searching for Bradley, and if he is apprehended will likely be lynched.  Source: Marion County News, Marion County AL, July 1, 1897 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

Jack Pharr, a negro convict, working on a farm near Claiborne, Monroe County, murderously assaulted a clerk in a store on the place.  He was arrested, but while being taken to jail a mob interfered and the negro was taken to a tree and hanged.  Source: Marion County News, Marion County AL, September 9, 1897 - Transcribed by Veneta McKinney


Mrs. Hattie Pope has been found guilty of the murder of her mother, Mrs. Mary King, at Monroeville, Ala on March 4 last, and was sentenced to service ninety-nine years in the penitentiary.  Mrs. Pope broke down when the verdict was announced.  (Source: Valentine Democrat, Valentine, Neb. May 27, 1909)







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