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This may not be a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Montgomery County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Antioch Cemetery 322211N 0860641W Mount Meigs
Ashurst Cemetery 322049N 0860621W Mount Meigs
Augusta Cemetery 322450N 0860838W Willow Springs
Ball Cemetery 320858N 0862153W Snowdoun
Barnett Cemetery 321623N 0860141W Mount Meigs
Barnett Cemetery 321239N 0860304W Teasleys Mill
Bell Cemetery 320613N 0861638W Sellers
Bethel Cemetery 321110N 0862146W Snowdoun
Bethesda Cemetery 320446N 0855957W China Grove
Birch Hill Cemetery 322207N 0860119W Mount Meigs
Brighter Cemetery 321809N 0860243W Mount Meigs
Cantelous Cemetery 322012N 0862713W Cantelous
Chesser Cemetery 320614N 0861141W Ramer
Eastwood Memorial Gardens 322435N 0860927W Willow Springs
Fair Prospect Cemetery 320041N 0861721W Sellers
Fannin Cemetery 315945N 0861009W Grady
Flora Cemetery 322046N 0861201W Barachias
Frazer-McLeod Cemetery 320418N 0860547W Pine Level
Freeman Cemetery 322133N 0861122W Barachias
Ganey Cemetery 320758N 0862112W Snowdoun
Garner Cemetery 315827N 0861055W Grady
Gilder Cemetery 322105N 0860554W Mount Meigs
Gilmer Cemetery 321547N 0860410W Mount Meigs
Grace Cemetery 322119N 0860538W Mount Meigs
Green Cemetery 322159N 0861310W Barachias
Greenwood Cemetery 322216N 0861542W Montgomery South
Hardt Cemetery 321547N 0860226W Mount Meigs
Hickory Bend Cemetery 322423N 0860236W Brassell
Hickory Grove Cemetery 320401N 0862349W Sandy Ridge
Hill Cemetery 321856N 0860119W Mount Meigs
Hills Chapel Cemetery 320207N 0860737W Ramer
Holt Cemetery 322109N 0861333W Barachias
Howell Cemetery 321447N 0860825W Davis Crossroads
Jackson Cemetery 320749N 0861451W Davis Crossroads
Jones Cemetery 321832N 0861150W Barachias
Joseph Cemetery 321751N 0861555W Montgomery South
Judkins Cemetery 322001N 0860017W Mount Meigs
Kendal Cemetery 322047N 0862237W Cantelous
Kennedy Cemetery 320829N 0861039W Davis Crossroads
Larkin Cemetery 322221N 0861422W Barachias
Lincoln Cemetery 322203N 0861551W Montgomery South
Lucas Hill Cemetery 322205N 0860225W Mount Meigs
Manning Springs/McDade Cemetery 322106N 0860244W Mount Meigs
Marshall Cemetery 322541N 0861253W Willow Springs
Mathis Cemetery 321608N 0860337W Mount Meigs
Meriwether Cemetery 321436N 0860049W Teasleys Mill
Mitchell Cemetery 322128N 0860541W Mount Meigs
Mosleys Cemetery 320911N 0862328W Letohatchee
Mount Meigs Cemetery 322119N 0860558W Mount Meigs
Murrell Cemetery 320950N 0862337W Letohatchee
New Center Cemetery 320837N 0862131W Snowdoun
Oakwood Cemetery 322304N 0861742W Montgomery North
Orange Cemetery 321141N 0860006W Teasleys Mill
Orion Cemetery 315805N 0860028W Ansley
Orme Cemetery 320737N 0861130W Davis Crossroads
Panhandle Cemetery 321228N 0860257W Teasleys Mill
Perrys Mill Cemetery 321740N 0860931W Barachias
Philadelphia Cemetery 315804N 0861504W Lapine
Pinkston Cemetery 322112N 0860749W Barachias
Possum Trot Cemetery 320645N 0860402W Pine Level
Ray Cemetery 322034N 0860800W Barachias
Remount Park Cemetery 322158N 0861559W Montgomery South
Robinson Cemetery 322511N 0861017W Willow Springs
Saint James Cemetery 322054N 0860308W Mount Meigs
Sankey Cemetery 321019N 0861835W Snowdoun
Scott Cemetery 322421N 0860408W Brassell
Sentell Cemetery 320112N 0861230W Ramer
Shackelford Cemetery 321105N 0862151W Snowdoun
Sharp Cemetery 320934N 0861744W Snowdoun
Sprague Cemetery 320747N 0861628W Snowdoun
Stones Cemetery 322044N 0862546W Cantelous
Strokes Cemetery 321420N 0862202W Snowdoun
Taylor Cemetery 322209N 0861202W Barachias
Troy Chapel Cemetery 321733N 0861535W Montgomery South
Underwood Cemetery 320857N 0861444W Davis Crossroads
Urquhart Cemetery 320537N 0860717W Pine Level
Wescott Cemetery 322430N 0861140W Willow Springs
Westcott Cemetery 322130N 0862003W Montgomery South
Woodland Hills Cemetery 321235N 0861731W Snowdoun





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