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This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Morgan County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Andrews Chapel 342020N 0870507W Massey
Antioch Baptist Church 343218N 0865500W Decatur
Antioch United Methodist Church 342709N 0864417W Center Grove
Austinville Church of Christ 343423N 0870016W Trinity
Austinville Church of God 343424N 0870022W Trinity
Austinville First Baptist Church 343423N 0865942W Decatur
Austinville Methodist Church 343419N 0870001W Trinity
Baileys Temple Church 343651N 0865929W Decatur
Barnetts Chapel Church 342754N 0864904W Somerville
Basham Chapel Methodist Church 343030N 0870129W Trinity
Beech Street Church of Christ 343540N 0865801W Decatur
Bell Church 343750N 0870311W Jones Crossroads
Bellview Church 343110N 0870604W Trinity
Bethany Presbyterian Church 343512N 0865959W Decatur
Bethel Baptist Church 342742N 0865526W Hartselle
Bethel Church 342948N 0864611W Somerville
Bethel United Methodist Church 341924N 0864120W Lawrence Cove
Bethlehem Baptist Church 342652N 0865235W Hartselle
Bethlehem Church (historical) 342626N 0865223W Somerville
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church 343156N 0863606W Farley
Blue Springs Baptist Church 342409N 0864135W Center Grove
Brookhaven Baptist Church 343552N 0870002W Trinity
Brookhaven Church 343529N 0870123W Trinity
Brooksville Church 343020N 0864933W Mason Ridge
Brown Chapel 342055N 0864858W Eva
Bryants Chapel Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Calvary Baptist Church 343708N 0870218W Trinity
Campground Church 342121N 0860318W Painter
Cave Springs Baptist Church 343209N 0865316W Decatur
Cedar Creek Free Will Baptist Church 342408N 0865446W Hartselle
Cedar Plains Church 342150N 0865948W Falkville
Center Springs Methodist Church 343044N 0864508W Mason Ridge
Central Baptist Church 343608N 0865856W Decatur
Central Methodist Church 343603N 0865847W Decatur
Chapel Baptist Church 343544N 0865750W Decatur
Chapel Hill Methodist Church 343220N 0870230W Trinity
Chestnut Grove Church (historical) 343300N 0870119W Trinity
Church of Christ 342621N 0865559W Hartselle
Church of God of Prophecy 343522N 0865846W Decatur
Community Center Church 341902N 0865835W Falkville
Cotaco United Methodist Church 342855N 0864121W Center Grove
Currys Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) 343022N 0864133W Triana
Daniels Chapel Baptist Church 341940N 0864319W Lawrence Cove
Danville Baptist Church 342454N 0870500W Danville
Danville Church 342227N 0870510W Massey
Decatur Christian Church 343411N 0865933W Decatur
Deer Springs Baptist Church 343025N 0865811W Decatur
East End Methodist Church 343539N 0865751W Decatur
Ebenezer Church 342130N 0870320W Massey
Ebenezer Freewill Baptist Church 342007N 0865120W Eva
Emmanuel Baptist Church 343417N 0870033W Trinity
Eva United Methodist Church 341949N 0864533W Eva
Evergreen Church 342009N 0870059W Massey
Fairview Baptist Church 343443N 0865800W Decatur
Fairview Presbyterian Church 342024N 0865656W Falkville
Faith Baptist Church 343337N 0865946W Decatur
Faulkville Church 342208N 0865356W Falkville
Fifth Avenue Baptist Church 343535N 0865855W Decatur
First Assembly of God Church 343603N 0865954W Decatur
First Baptist Church 343642N 0865857W Decatur
First Baptist Church of Hartselle 342650N 0865615W Hartselle
First Christian Church 343613N 0865856W Decatur
First Christian Church 342642N 0865553W Hartselle
First Church of God 342644N 0865609W Hartselle
First Church of Jesus Christ 343221N 0863951W Triana
First Church of the Nazarene 343611N 0865946W Decatur
First Methodist Church 343645N 0865903W Decatur
First Missionary Baptist Church 343652N 0865919W Decatur
First Presbyterian Church 343639N 0865900W Decatur
First Presbyterian Church 342644N 0865643W Hartselle
First United Methodist Church 342639N 0865552W Hartselle
Flint Creek Church 343200N 0865437W Decatur
Florette Church 342420N 0864126W Center Grove
Forest Chapel 342653N 0865956W Hartselle
Forest Hill Church 343153N 0864719W Mason Ridge
Friendship Baptist Church 343109N 0864926W Mason Ridge
Gandy Cove Church 342034N 0864858W Eva
Garner Memorial Methodist Church 343658N 0865935W Decatur
Gospel Baptist Church 342437N 0865516W Hartselle
Grace Baptist Church 343555N 0865816W Decatur
Grant Street Church of Christ 343607N 0865901W Decatur
Gravel Hill Church 342015N 0864527W Eva
Gum Pond Primitive Baptist Church 341957N 0864027W Lawrence Cove
Gum Springs Baptist Church 342611N 0864906W Somerville
Harmony Grove Church 342939N 0870457W Danville
Harmony Primitive Baptist Church 342142N 0864313W Lawrence Cove
Hebron Church of Christ 341846N 0863519W Hulaco
Hickory Grove Church 342126N 0870530W Massey
Highland Baptist Church 342911N 0863635W Newsome Sinks
Hills Chapel 341911N 0864931W Eva
Hilltop Church 341919N 0863512W Hulaco
Hilview Church 342447N 0865516W Hartselle
Hopewell Baptist Church 342418N 0870213W Danville
Iron Mountain Church (historical) 342625N 0870001W Danville
Ironman Baptist Church 342626N 0870002W Danville
Johnson Chapel United Methodist Church 342706N 0870500W Danville
Jones Chapel Methodist Church 343616N 0865817W Decatur
Kings Memorial Church 343658N 0865924W Decatur
Laceys Spring Church 343149N 0863710W Farley
Larkwood Church of the Nazarene 343412N 0865928W Decatur
Lawrence Cove Baptist Church 342212N 0864418W Lawrence Cove
Leadus Chapel 343227N 0864112W Triana
Lebanon Baptist Church 342214N 0865811W Falkville
Liberty Church 343144N 0863527W Farley
Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church 342031N 0863643W Hulaco
Love Chapel 343602N 0870520W Trinity
Lucy Springs Methodist Church 343203N 0863531W Farley
Macedonia Baptist Church 342220N 0864545W Eva
Macedonia Baptist Church 343107N 0870230W Trinity
Macedonia Cumberland Presbyterian Church 343656N 0865932W Decatur
McKendree Methodist Church 342215N 0870119W Massey
McKinley Chapel 342209N 0860220W Painter
Memorial Drive Methodist Church 343617N 0865957W Decatur
Mill Creek Church 341858N 0865156W Eva
Minor Hill Church 343045N 0865829W Decatur
Moss Chapel 342818N 0865753W Hartselle
Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church 341934N 0864831W Eva
Mount Hope Church 342709N 0864715W Somerville
Mount Hope Church (historical) 342619N 0864626W Somerville
Mount Mariah Church 343253N 0864142W Triana
Mount Nebo Church 342039N 0870154W Massey
Mount Olive Church 342842N 0865345W Hartselle
Mount Olive Church (historical) 341923N 0864335W Lawrence Cove
Mount Pleasant Church 343223N 0864104W Triana
Mount Tabor Methodist Church 342617N 0865203W Somerville
Mount View Church 342417N 0864824W Somerville
Mount Zion Baptist Church 342403N 0865246W Hartselle
Mountain View Church 342215N 0864616W Eva
Nebo Church (historical) 343810N 0870258W Jones Crossroads
Neel Church of Christ 342827N 0870217W Danville
Neel Methodist Church 342800N 0870330W Danville
New Canaan Baptist Church 342825N 0863723W Newsome Sinks
New Center Baptist Church 342833N 0865107W Somerville
New Hope North Missionary Baptist Church 341904N 0865152W Eva
New Salem Baptist Church 342303N 0863814W Center Grove
Newcomb Street Church of Christ 343703N 0865930W Decatur
Ninth Street United Methodist Church 343516N 0865851W Decatur
Northside Baptist Church 343658N 0865910W Decatur
Oak Forest Church 343148N 0864855W Mason Ridge
Oak Park Baptist Church 343510N 0865749W Decatur
Oak Ridge Church 342810N 0865918W Hartselle
Old Moulton Road Baptist Church 343409N 0870354W Trinity
Parks Chapel 343328N 0863438W Farley
Parkview Baptist Church 343333N 0865912W Decatur
Pathway Church 343206N 0865032W Mason Ridge
Pattillo Street Church of God 342556N 0865632W Hartselle
Pentecostal Church 341823N 0864200W Lawrence Cove
Pine Grove Church 343112N 0863938W Triana
Pine Ridge Baptist Church 342701N 0863511W Newsome Sinks
Pine Street Baptist Church 342202N 0865419W Falkville
Pines Church 342508N 0863938W Center Grove
Piney Grove Christian Church 342053N 0865253W Falkville
Pisgah Baptist Church (historical) 343107N 0865800W Decatur
Pleasant Grove Methodist Church 341919N 0863604W Hulaco
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church 343311N 0870458W Trinity
Pleasant Ridge Church 342150N 0863838W Lawrence Cove
Pleasant Valley Missionary Baptist Church 343041N 0865930W Decatur
Pleasant View Church 341907N 0870226W Massey
Point Mallard Parkway Baptist Church 343214N 0865502W Decatur
Powell Church 341843N 0865543W Falkville
Priceville Church of Christ 343143N 0865343W Decatur
Provident Church 342129N 0870316W Massey
Pumpkin Center Church 342807N 0870510W Danville
Red Oak Grove Methodist Church 342738N 0864202W Center Grove
Rock Creek Baptist Church 342202N 0864109W Lawrence Cove
Rock Springs Baptist Church 342746N 0870052W Danville
Roundtop Church 342040N 0865840W Falkville
Rural Grove Baptist Church 343003N 0865530W Decatur
Ryan Baptist Church 342013N 0863626W Hulaco
Saint Anns Catholic Church 343611N 0865858W Decatur
Saint John Church (historical) 343111N 0864726W Mason Ridge
Saint Johns Episcopal Church 343601N 0865903W Decatur
Saint Pauls Episcopal Church (historical) 343630N 0865854W Decatur
Saint Pauls Lutheran Church 343557N 0865855W Decatur
Salem Methodist Church 342444N 0865710W Hartselle
Sand Hill Church 343146N 0865327W Decatur
Seventh Avenue West Presbyterian Church 343604N 0865949W Decatur
Seventh Day Adventist Church 343337N 0865949W Decatur
Shady Grove Baptist Church 342756N 0870346W Danville
Shady Grove Church 343434N 0870307W Trinity
Shiloh Baptist Church 343631N 0865845W Decatur
Shiloh Baptist Church 342643N 0864545W Somerville
Shirley Hill Church 343022N 0864936W Mason Ridge
Shoal Creek Baptist Church 343001N 0865248W Decatur
Sixteenth Avenue Baptist Church 343558N 0865803W Decatur
Sixth Avenue Church of God 343548N 0865847W Decatur
Skidmore Chapel 342340N 0863510W Newsome Sinks
Somerville Church of God 342608N 0864928W Somerville
Somerville Road Church of Christ 343503N 0865823W Decatur
Southside Baptist Church 343514N 0865843W Decatur
Spring Hill Baptist Church 343618N 0870241W Trinity
Springer Church 342131N 0864210W Lawrence Cove
Summitt Church 343108N 0870058W Trinity
Talucah Church 343319N 0864159W Triana
Trinity Baptist Church 343624N 0870526W Trinity
Trinity Methodist Church 343635N 0870516W Trinity
Union Church of Christ 342646N 0864416W Center Grove
Union Grove Church 342925N 0863533W Newsome Sinks
Union Grove Primitive Baptist Church 343709N 0865926W Decatur
Union Hill Church (historical) 342536N 0865328W Hartselle
Union Hill Freewill Baptist Church 342003N 0864802W Eva
Upton Chapel 342928N 0870526W Danville
Valhermoso Spring Church 343149N 0864014W Triana
Valhermoso Springs Church (historical) 343018N 0864031W Triana
Walden Chapel 343014N 0870452W Trinity
Walnut Grove Baptist Church 342929N 0865348W Hartselle
Ward Chapel 342841N 0864752W Somerville
Wayman African Methodist Episcopal Chapel 343706N 0865919W Decatur
West Hartselle Baptist Church 342624N 0865807W Hartselle
West Point Church 342703N 0863844W Center Grove
Westminster Presbyterian Church 343600N 0865839W Decatur
Westside Baptist Church 343629N 0865958W Decatur
Westside Baptist Church 343647N 0870006W Trinity
Willowby Presbyterian Church (historical) 343518N 0865848W Decatur





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