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This may not be is not a complete listing of the Churches of Pickens County.
Source: GNIS
Church Longitude Latitude Map
Aliceville Baptist Church 330747N 0880913W Aliceville North
Aliceville Presbyterian Church 330748N 0880904W Aliceville North
Anderson Church 333035N 0881034W Fernbank
Andrews Chapel Methodist Church 333039N 0881035W Fernbank
Antioch Church 330005N 0881448W Aliceville South
Antioch Cumberland Presbyterian Church 332632N 0880626W Reform
Arbor Springs Church 331814N 0875709W Gordo
Arbor Springs Church 332500N 0880243W Reform
Baptist Grove Church 332411N 0881631W New Hope
Beebe Chapel 331411N 0881541W Pickensville
Bethany Church 330255N 0880734W Aliceville South


330619N 0875822W Mantua
Bethlehem Baptist Church 332835N 0880415W Reform
Big Creek Missionary Baptist Church (historical) 331537N 0880916W Reform SW
Big Hill Church 332827N 0875406W Palmetto
Bigbee Church 331012N 0881531W Pickensville
Brown Hill Church (historical) 332632N 0881121W Ethelsville
Browns Chapel 331925N 0875841W Gordo
Buhl Church of God 331218N 0874552W Romulus
Carrollton Baptist Church 331546N 0880547W Carrollton
Carrollton Methodist Church 331545N 0880536W Carrollton
Cedar Grove Church 330647N 0881801W Dancy
Center Springs Church (historical) 331633N 0875358W Gordo
Center-Elmore Memorial Methodist Church 331647N 0875425W Gordo
Christian Hope Church 332417N 0880436W Reform
Church of Christ 332052N 0875707W Gordo
Church of God 332246N 0880212W Reform
Church of God 332540N 0881209W Ethelsville
Cluster Church 330258N 0881846W Dancy
Coal Fire Church 332410N 0880452W Reform
Cross Roads Church 331919N 0881042W Reform SW
Crossroads Church 332232N 0875119W Brownville
Dancy First Baptist Church 330016N 0881733W Dancy
Double Branch Church 332525N 0875229W Brownville
Double Branches Church 332544N 0875418W Palmetto
Ebenezer Church 331526N 0875901W Gordo
Elbethel Church 332337N 0881354W Ethelsville
Elmore Church 331709N 0875447W Gordo
Emory Chapel 330510N 0880640W Pleasant Ridge
Ethelsville Baptist Church 332443N 0881253W Ethelsville
Ethelsville United Methodist Church 332453N 0881254W Ethelsville
First Baptist Church of Gordo 331919N 0875416W Gordo
First Free Will Baptist Church 332500N 0881304W Ethelsville
First United Methodist Church of Gordo 331919N 0875410W Gordo
Flatwood Church 331453N 0875156W Romulus
Forest Baptist Church 330727N 0875704W Mantua
Forest Methodist Church 332749N 0881430W Ethelsville
Garden Baptist Church 330948N 0881109W Aliceville North
Glen Echo Church 331747N 0875956W Gordo
Good Hope Church 330732N 0880558W Cunningham
Good Hope Church 330620N 0880630W Pleasant Ridge
Gordo Church of God of Prophecy 331951N 0875452W Gordo
Halbert Mission Church 332620N 0881643W New Hope
Hannah Church 332354N 0875237W Palmetto
Hargrove United Methodist Church 332104N 0875456W Gordo
Hebron Baptist Church 331901N 0880650W Carrollton
Hebron Methodist Church 330307N 0881722W Dancy
Herbert Mission Church (historical) 332058N 0881640W Forreston
Hickory Grove Church 332834N 0881017W Ethelsville
Hickory Ridge Church (historical) 331539N 0875414W Gordo
Holly Springs Church 331826N 0875953W Gordo
Infant Baptist Church 331542N 0880516W Carrollton
Kenney Hill Church 331336N 0875522W Kirk
Lebanon Church (historical) 330924N 0875820W Kirk
Liberty Church 331218N 0875609W Kirk
Liberty Church 332234N 0880413W Reform
Liberty Church 333036N 0881019W Fernbank
Macedonia Church 330358N 0880413W Pleasant Ridge
Macedonia Church 333127N 0880527W Millport
Macedonia Church 332330N 0881357W Ethelsville
Mars Hill Church 331447N 0875459W Kirk
Marvin Chapel Church 331549N 0880145W Carrollton
Marvin Hill Church 332902N 0875508W Palmetto
Mineral Springs Church 332408N 0880837W Ethelsville
Mount Bethel Church 331406N 0875224W Romulus
Mount Calvary Church 331326N 0880728W Cunningham
Mount Hebron Church 330947N 0880816W Aliceville North
Mount Moriah Church 330650N 0875927W Mantua
Mount Moriah Church 330544N 0881805W Dancy
Mount Moriah Freewill Baptist Church 332300N 0881012W Ethelsville
Mount Olive Church 331450N 0875043W Romulus
Mount Olive Church 333154N 0881228W Fernbank
Mount Olive Church 332012N 0881629W Forreston


Mount Pelham Church 330346N 0880430W Pleasant Ridge
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church 331745N 0875351W Gordo
Mount Pleasant Church 331711N 0880901W Reform SW
Mount Pleasant Church (historical) 331114N 0880007W Cunningham
Mount Sinai Church 331312N 0880727W Cunningham
Mount Sinai Church (historical) 331306N 0880744W Aliceville North
Mount Tabor Church 332910N 0875843W Palmetto
Mount Zion Church 333128N 0875356W Kennedy
Mount Zion Church (historical) 333211N 0880830W Fernbank
New Canaan Church 330649N 0881142W Aliceville South
New Cumberland Church 331424N 0881321W Aliceville North
New Home Church 332008N 0875353W Gordo
New Hope Church 332429N 0875608W Palmetto
New Jerusalem Church 331704N 0880912W Reform SW
New Providence Church 331809N 0880349W Carrollton
New Salem Church 332615N 0875841W Palmetto
New Salem Church 331003N 0880330W Cunningham
New Wright Church 331027N 0881207W Aliceville North
Oak Grove Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 331609N 0875256W Gordo


Oak Grove Church 330845N 0880852W Aliceville North
Pentecostal Church of God 332010N 0875545W Gordo
Phoenix Church 332304N 0880818W Ethelsville
Pilgrim Church 331542N 0881542W Forreston
Pilgrims Rest Church 331326N 0881024W Aliceville North
Pine Grove Church 331453N 0880954W Aliceville North
Pine Grove Church 332050N 0881342W Reform SW
Pine Grove Church (historical) 330905N 0875634W Kirk
Pleasant Grove Church 332024N 0875131W Elrod
Pleasant Hill Church 331321N 0881008W Aliceville North
Pleasant Ridge Church 332753N 0874929W Brownville
Poplar Springs Church 332031N 0880219W Carrollton
Providence Church 330415N 0880828W Aliceville South
Providence Church 332901N 0881130W Ethelsville
Reform Temple Church 332018N 0880152W Carrollton
Rocky Ridge Church 332805N 0880638W Reform
Saint John Church 331306N 0881601W Pickensville
Salem Church 331535N 0875705W Gordo
Salem Church 331609N 0880715W Carrollton
Sand Springs Church 331959N 0875118W Elrod
Shiloh Church 332347N 0875357W Palmetto
Shiloh Unity Church 331707N 0880909W Reform SW
Solid Rock Church 331047N 0881041W Aliceville North
Souls Chapel 330819N 0875536W Kirk
Spring Hill Baptist Church 331758N 0881321W Reform SW
Spring Hill Church 331708N 0881422W Reform SW
Stansel Church 331908N 0880245W Carrollton
Tabernacle Church 333042N 0881618W Steens
Union Chapel 331201N 0880754W Aliceville North
Union Church 331049N 0875749W Kirk
Union Church 332811N 0881521W New Hope
Union Hill Freewill Baptist Church 332200N 0880621W Carrollton
Union Valley Church 330539N 0880338W Pleasant Ridge
Unity Grove Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 332815N 0875943W Palmetto
Unity Grove Methodist Church 332848N 0875833W Palmetto
Young Grove Church 330259N 0881714W Dancy
Zion Church (historical) 331207N 0875023W Romulus
Zion Primitive Baptist Church 332528N 0875244W Palmetto




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