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Pike County

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Churches of Pike County Alabama
This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Pike County.

Source: GNIS 

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Abundant Life Center Church 314254N 0854943W Brundidge
Ansley Church 315315N 0860653W Ansley
Antioch Church 315010N 0855141W Banks
Antioch Church of Christ 315233N 0860450W Ansley
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church 314446N 0855312W Brundidge NW
Assembly of God Church 314815N 0855806W Troy
Baptist Rest Primitive Baptist Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bells Chapel Church 315959N 0855817W Needmore
Benevolent Grove Church 315539N 0855641W Needmore
Bethel Baptist Church 314738N 0854936W Banks
Bethel Baptist Church 314856N 0855757W Troy
Bethel Church 314320N 0860523W Goshen
Bethel Church 315657N 0860003W Ansley
Bethel Church 313810N 0860836W Glenwood
Bethlehem Church 314148N 0855233W Brundidge NW
Bethlehem Church 315652N 0860002W Ansley
Beulah Baptist Church 314759N 0855834W Troy
Beulah Hill Baptist Church 314903N 0855029W Banks
Brundidge Church of Christ 314235N 0854928W Brundidge
Brundidge Church of God 314229N 0854930W Brundidge
Brundidge United Methodist Church 314317N 0854855W Brundidge
Bush Memorial Baptist Church 314708N 0855712W Troy
Calvary Baptist Church 314901N 0855819W Troy
Canaan Church 315412N 0854925W Saco
Carmel Church 314550N 0855202W Banks
Carrs Chapel 315332N 0855210W Saco
Center Ridge Church 313807N 0855812W Brundidge NW
Clayhill Church 314524N 0854831W Banks
Community Church of God in Christ 314352N 0854915W Brundidge
Concord Church 320134N 0855657W China Grove
Conecuh River Church of Christ 315053N 0855950W Troy
County Line Baptist Church 314342N 0854909W Brundidge
Ebenezer Baptist Church 315250N 0854957W Saco
Ebenezer Church 315111N 0855522W Troy
Elam Church 314038N 0855722W Brundidge NW
Elam Church 314455N 0860726W Goshen
Enon Church 314928N 0854219W Josie
First Baptist Church 314836N 0855825W Troy
First Methodist Church 314833N 0855819W Troy
First Missionary Baptist Church 314839N 0855807W Troy
First Presbyterian Church 314751N 0855705W Troy
Fleetwood Baptist Church 313847N 0860745W Glenwood
Friendship Church 313920N 0860645W Goshen
Friendship Church 314008N 0854954W Brundidge
Friendship Church 320112N 0855600W China Grove
Friendship Church 315243N 0860013W Ansley
Good Hope Baptist Church 314859N 0860353W Youngblood
Good Way Baptist Church 314847N 0855819W Troy
Greater Dunn Chapel 315315N 0855247W Needmore
Green Drive Baptist Church 314830N 0855947W Troy
Hales Chapel 314848N 0860646W Youngblood
Hamilton Cross Roads Church of Christ 313834N 0854827W Brundidge
Harmony Church 315316N 0860014W Ansley
Henderson Church 313953N 0860442W Goshen
Hephzibah Baptist Church 314547N 0860108W Youngblood
Holly Spring Church 313843N 0855833W Brundidge NW
Hopewell Church 314143N 0854607W Brundidge
Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church 313954N 0860315W Goshen
Joyce Methodist Episcopal Church 314833N 0855750W Troy
Lebanon Baptist Church 315050N 0860317W Youngblood
Lily Baptist church 314822N 0855852W Troy
Lily Hill Baptist Church 314154N 0854604W Brundidge
Little Oak Methodist Church 314355N 0860316W Goshen
Loflin Church 315208N 0854150W Josie
Macedonia Church 315035N 0860839W Petrey
Macedonia Church 315404N 0855126W Saco
McClure Town Church of God in Christ 315056N 0855724W Troy
Monticello Church 314928N 0854659W Banks
Morning Star Baptist Church 314854N 0855747W Troy
Mount Carmel Church 314550N 0855201W Banks
Mount Hillard Church 314405N 0860013W Goshen
Mount Moriah Church 315522N 0860149W Ansley
Mount Nebo Church 314551N 0855332W Troy
Mount Olive Church 313909N 0855044W Brundidge
Mount Olive Church 315458N 0860024W Ansley
Mount Olive Church 314154N 0855312W Brundidge NW
Mount Olive Church 314736N 0854526W Banks
Mount Pleasant Church 315650N 0855221W Saco
Mount Zion Baptist Church (historical) 315146N 0854318W Josie
Mount Zion Church 314530N 0860718W Youngblood
Mount Zion Church 320112N 0855604W China Grove
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church 315001N 0860854W Petrey
Murphys Chapel Church 315659N 0855448W Needmore
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church 314344N 0854901W Brundidge
New Life Church 314959N 0855925W Troy
New Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church 315707N 0855232W Needmore
New Mount Zion Church 314507N 0860124W Youngblood
New Zion Church 314024N 0854849W Brundidge
Northside Baptist Church 314940N 0855721W Troy
Oak Bowery Church of Christ 315541N 0860614W Ansley
Oak Grove United Methodist Church 315121N 0860127W Youngblood
Old Lebanon Church 315211N 0860258W Youngblood
Orion Church 315733N 0860018W Ansley
Paran Primitive Baptist Church 314557N 0855357W Troy
Park Memorial United Methodist Church 314638N 0855742W Troy
Park Street Methodist Church 314757N 0855752W Troy
Philadelphia Presbyterian Church (historical) 314415N 0854910W Brundidge
Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church 314835N 0860115W Youngblood
Pine Grove Church 315358N 0860705W Ansley
Pine Hill Church 315451N 0860523W Ansley
Pleasant Hill Church 313943N 0854548W Brundidge
Pleasant Hill Church 315246N 0854320W Perote
Pleasant Hill Primitive Baptist Church 315134N 0855704W Troy
Pleasant Ridge Church 313954N 0860254W Goshen
Providence Church 314804N 0855241W Troy
Ramah Church 315129N 0854511W Banks
Ramah Primitive Baptist Church 315140N 0854341W Josie
Richland Baptist Church 314359N 0854337W Elamville
Riverview Baptist Church 315019N 0855936W Troy
Rockelvin Church 315532N 0860956W Grady
Rockwell Church 314826N 0860858W Petrey
Saint James Church 315242N 0860008W Ansley
Saint Johns Church 313744N 0855315W Brundidge NW
Saint Marks Episcopal Church 314838N 0855840W Troy
Saint Martin Catholic Church 314831N 0854822W Banks
Saint Martins Catholic Church 314644N 0855745W Troy
Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church 314834N 0855758W Troy
Saint Paul United Methodist Church 314348N 0854917W Brundidge
Saint Peters Baptist Church 314817N 0855754W Troy
Salem Baptist Church 314303N 0854854W Brundidge
Sardis Church 314525N 0854410W Josie
Second Baptist Church 314832N 0855809W Troy
Shady Grove Church 314008N 0854950W Brundidge
Shady Grove Church 314500N 0855710W Brundidge NW
Shady Grove Methodist Church 315438N 0860945W Grady
Shiloh Baptist Church 314815N 0855816W Troy
Shiloh Church 313853N 0855227W Brundidge
Shiloh Church 314654N 0854454W Josie
Southside Baptist Church 314807N 0855755W Troy
Spring Hill Church 314129N 0855734W Brundidge NW
Springfield Church 314022N 0854537W Brundidge
Springfield Church 315230N 0860658W Youngblood
Sweet Pilgrim Church 314536N 0854609W Banks
Tennille Church 313724N 0854601W Brundidge SE
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 314632N 0855738W Troy
Thomas Chapel 314826N 0860102W Youngblood
Turner Chapel 314316N 0855630W Brundidge NW
Union Hill Church 315030N 0855703W Troy
Union Hill Methodist Church 315015N 0855539W Troy
Union Springs Primitive Baptist Church 314116N 0855316W Brundidge NW
Wesley Chapel 315023N 0855302W Troy
Westminster Church 315116N 0855047W Banks
White Rock Church 313959N 0855935W Brundidge NW
Whitewater Church 314221N 0855339W Brundidge NW
Williams Chapel Methodist Church 314152N 0854615W Brundidge
Williams Memorial Presbyterian Church 315333N 0855645W Needmore
Zebulon Church 315426N 0854823W Saco


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