World War I

Contributed by Christine Walters

The "Rainbow Division", of which the 167th Alabama Inf. was a part in WW I, played a large role in beating Germany and earned the love of the French and the respect of the enemy. The "Rainbow" was the first to take over a complete divisional sector of front-line trenches, and it held it longer than any other division.

Though this fighting division was made up of men from many states, it somehow became identified with Alabama, and Marshal Foch himself dubbed its men "The Tigers". An old French officer, battle-scarred, with many decorations, said that all France had learned to love "the Alabama".

After the Armistice, the 167th Reg., formerly the 4th AL Natl. Guards, was stationed for awhile in Germany. Stories of how extremely ferocious the "Alabama' had been in battle had disturbed the German people, who feared a harsh occupation by American troops, but one would have thought they had been living among the Germans for years, so peaceful was the atmosphere. The Germans became very fond of the AL troops, whom they found kind and considerate, and they saw them depart for America with mixed emotions.

Many of the men of the famous 167th Regiment never came home, for there were great gaps made in the ranks "over there" but it has been said that without the well trained and courageous 167th America could not have entered the war in strength so soon nor won so complete a victory.

Roster of the Original Regiment
167th Regiment (4th AL) Infantry

Regimental Staff & Field Officers

Colonel William P. Screws, 30 S. Goldthwaite St. Montgomery AL
Lt. Col. Walter E. Bare, 721 Walnute St. Gadsden AL
Maj. Hartley A. Moon, 1703 14th Ave. S. Birmingham AL
Maj. Dallas B. Smith, Opelika AL
Maj. John W. Carroll, Ozark AL
Capt. Robert Joerg Jr., 639 Broad St. Columbus GA
1st Lt. Herbert B. May Montgomery AL
1st Lt. John H. Powell, Poelika AL
2nd Lt. James L. Cole, 862 Farmington Ave. West Hartford CT

Medical Corp.
Maj. JOHN W.WATTS, Birmingham, Aabama
Capt. ROBERT A. BURNS, Alabama City, Alabama
Captain JAMES Y. HAMIL Troy, AL
Captain ISHAM KIMBELL, Auburn, Alabama
Captairi WILLIAM W. LONG, Birmingham, Alabama
Captain WILLIAM N. PETERS, Centerville, Alabama
1st Lieut. ENMETT P. SMITH, Auburn, Alabama
1st Lieut. ALBERT G. SIMS, Talladega, Alabama
1st Lieut. D. C. MALCOLM G. DABNEY, Birimingham, Alabama
1st Lieut. D.C.U. S.R, LUTHER C. WHITLOCK; Lake City, South Carolina
1st Lieut. D.C.U.S.R. WILLIAM A. CALVERT Pittsburgh, PA
2nd Lieut. GEORGE F. SPANN, Autaugaville, Alabama
ARANT, WINSTON, Pvt., Mt. Creek, Alabama
BAXLEY, GROVER,Pvtt Dothan, Alabama
BRUCE ODUS Pvt Attaua, Alabama
BUNNEN, LOUIS, Scherlectady, New York
BURNS, LAWSON, Pvt. Piedmont. Alabama
BUSBY, MILTON, Pvt., Pittsview Alabama
CALHOUN, CURTIS T., Pvt., Grove Hill, Alabama
CARTER HARRY Pvt Albany; Alabama
CARR, OSCAR J. Pvt., Moulton, Alabama
CHISM, LEON T. Pvt., North Port, Alabama
COWLING, ALEX E., ,Pvt., Benton, Alabama
DUKE, WILLIE, Pvt., Pritchard, Alabama
ELLIS, JESSE E. . Pvt., Marbury, ,Alabama
ERNEST, GEORGE F. Pvt. Benton, Alabama
FORBES, WILLIAM C., Pvt., 2320 Highland Ave., Birmingham Ala.
FORWOOD, FRANK P., Pvt. 1st, class, Monroeville, Alabama
FRANKENBERGER, IRVIN, Pvt., Birmingham, Alabama
FREEMAN, OTIS C, Pvt., Phoenix, Alabama
FULLINGTON, LAWRENCE T., Pvt., Gadsden, Alabama
GOODRICH, Charles S, Sgt., Birmingham, Alabama
HALL, CLAUDE E.Pvt., Atmore, Alabama
HANEL, EARL G., Pvt. R.F .D. No.2, Box 14, Yazoo City
HAMIL, WAYMAN R., Pvt., Griffin, Georgia
HILL, ERSKIN R., Pvt. 1st Class, Birmingham, Alabama
HORNSBY, JOSEPH A.,. Pvt., 308 E. Powell S,t . Dothan, Alabama
LANGFORD, HENRY L., Pvt. 941. Adams St., Montgomery, Alabama
LEE, BISHOP M, Pvt., 701, 3d Ave. N.Birmingham Alabama.
LESSLEY, MELVIN, Pvt., Green Station, Alabama
LOWE, PAUL A., Pvt., R.F.D. No. 3 B04 29. 'E. Chattanooga, Tenn
McDADE, JOE W., Pvt 419 S. Jackson st. Montgomery, Alabama
NELSON, LOUIS, Pvt.,. 1030 W. 14th St., Birmngham, Alabama
NORWOOD, ONUS, Pvt., Leoma, Tennessee
OTWELL, JOSEPH M.Sgt. 1st class, 2320' ,17th. St., Ensley, Alabama
PARKER, WILLiam 0., Sgt., New Castle, Alabama
PEAK, JMJES C., Pvt., Montgomery, Alabama
PHILLIPS, HARRY, Pvt., Alabama City, Alabama
PRUITT, WALTER, Pvt., 2507 15th St., Ensley AL
RICHARD, LESLIE J. Pvt. 353 S. Georgia Ave. Mobile AL
SAUNDERS, CABELL C., Pvt. 1st Class, Birmingham AL
SHERMAN, CLARENCE W., Pvt. 612 Jefferson St. Montgomery AL
SIMS, EDWARD C. Pvt. Jemison AL
SYKES, Leslie B., Pvt. 1st Class Birmingham AL
VAN ALLER, GODFREY H. Pvt. 210 S. Broad St. Mobile AL
WARREN, MORRELL S. Pvt. Tallassee AL
WHITT, ERNEST T., Pvt. 1st Class Alabma CIty AL

Captain John W. Waldron 8 St. Nicholas Terrace, New York City
1st Lt. William L. Cole, Birmingham AL
1st Lt. Herman A. Lorenz Washington Ave. Meridan Conn.
1st Lt. Daniel M. Dwiggins, Drew Mass.
2nd Lt. Frank R. Otte E. Northville Mass.
2nd Lt. Ben Moore, Birmingham AL
AGERTON, Silas Pvt. Atmmore AL
ALLEY, Louis B. Pvt. Monggomery AL
ATCHISON, Dan J. Pvt. Maplesville AL
ATHANSAW, Femmie Pvt. Tampa FL
ATKINSON, Percy L. Pvt. 2001 27th St. Birmingham AL
ATKINSON, Ralph, Sgt. 314 California St. Camden AL
AUSTIN, John C. Pvt. Sylacauga AL
BACHMAN, William L. Pvt. 4202 Sycamore St. Birmingham AL
BAILEY, FOrest Pvt. Sycamore AL
BARKSDALE, Elton L. Pvt. Athens AL
BEASLEY, Charles B. Sgt. Ozark AL
BECKER, Joseph Pvt. Mobile AL
BELL, Charles A. Pvt. Range AL
BENTLEY, Homer J. Musician 2nd Class, Phoenix City AL
BENNETT, George F. Pvt. 2116 N. 5th Ave. Birmingham AL
BERGWALL, Carl Pvt. Willington AL
BERGWALL, Ragland W. Pvt. Montberry GA
BIDEZ, Paul R. Band Leader, Auburn AL
BITTLE, Johnnie Pvt. Anniston AL
BIXLER, Henry E. Pvt. Bay Minette AL
BLACKWOOD, Eugene 408 N. 24th St. Birmingham AL
BOHANAN, Wm. H. Pvt. MobileAL
BREWER, Charles M. Pvt. Florence AL
BRITT, John M. Musician 3d class, Eufaula AL
BROCK, James A. Pvt. Sylacauga AL
BROWN, Arthur C. Pvt. 209 44th St. Fairfield AL
BRUCE, Roy, Pvt. Clanton AL
BUCHANNON, Frederick H. Sycacauga AL
BURRELL, Arthur C. Pvt. Alexander, AL
CAREY, Clinton W. Pvt. Centerville AL
CARROLL, Willie Pvt. Sycamore AL
CARTER, Allen M. Pvt. Marion AL
CARTLEDGE, Graves Pvt. Jacksonville AL
CARTWRIGHT, Chipley Pvt. Jay AL
CHAMBERS, William B. 1100 12th St. Ave. North, Birmingham AL
CLARK, Jewell M. Pvt Gadsden AL
CLARK, Homer N. Musician 3d class, 3113 4th Ave. Columbus GA
COCHRAN, Oscar Pvt. Alabama City AL
COGBURN, Frank Corp. Notasluga AL
CORLEY, John R. Pvt. Whistler AL
COURTNEY, Hugh E. Pvt. Centerville AL
COVIN, Charles V. Pvt. Oakman AL
COX, Clarence W. Pvt. 927 S. 18th St. Birmingham AL
CRAWSON, William Pvt. Calera AL
CROPPER, Ben. Pvt. Gadsden AL
CROSBY, Clarence Pv.t Atmore AL
CROSTHWAITE, Marion G. Musician 3d class, Birmingham AL
CULURIS, Apostal, Cook, Montgomery AL
DANIELS, LeRoy Pvt. Lanet AL
DAVIS, Archie B. Pvt. RFD Oxford AL
DAVIS, Charles J Pvt Mobiel AL
DAVIS, Homer A. Pvt. Eufaula AL
DAVIS, Joe A. Pvt. Montgomery AL
DEAN, George D. Musician 3d class, Anton AL
DEES, Mace Pvt. 733 Bell St. Montgomery AL
DICKINSON, Sterling L. Pvt Hurtsboro AL
DODD, Arnold W. Pvt. Eastern & O'Donnell St. Mobile AL
DRYSDALE, George, Pvt Pratt City AL
DUNSON, Walker Pvt Canoe AL
DUNSON, Henry Pvt. Canoe AL
DWYER, Robert D. Musician 3d Class Butte MT
EDDINGS, Bailey C. Pvt. Piper AL
ELLENBURG, Ross W. Pvt. Huntevallo AL
ELLIOTT, Howard C. Bn Sgt Major Opelika AL
EMMONS, Jesse Pvt. Flomation AL
EMMAL, Thomas M. Pvt. 2612 Ave H. Ensley AL
FARR, James H. Musician 3d class 2101 1st Ave. Columbus GA
FERGUSON, Arvel, Pvt. Anniston AL
FOSTER, Ware, Musician 3rd class 612 Randolph St. Montgomery AL
FOX, JErome A. Pvt. Birmingham AL
FOXWORTH, Charles E. Pvt. 1115 Selma Ave. Selma AL
FULCHER, Frank F. Pvt. Enterprise AL
GLESS, Harvey Pvt. Maplesville AL
GLENN, Edward H. Pvt. 2500 William Ave. Anniston AL
GOLDEN, Ross L. Pvt. Enterprise AL
GOREE, harper Pvt. Opelika AL
GOTHARD, Bennett W. Pvt. Randolph AL
GUY, Ralph Pvt. Mulberry St. Montgomery AL
HARMON, John S. Pvt. Birmingham AL
HARVEY, Walter Pvt. Alabama City AL
HAYDEN, William W. Corp. Huntsville AL
HAYNIE, Charles R. Pvt. Jacksonville AL
HEATH, Luther Z., Pvt. Birmingham AL
HENDRICK, Jim W. Pvt. Jacksonville FL
HENDRICK, Horace E. Pvt.Birmingham AL
HENSLEY, Frank C. Pvt. Sheffield AL
HIGDON, Frank Pvt Evergreen AL
HILL, Hugh H. Pvt. Gadsden AL
HILL, John R. Musician 2d class, East Lake AL
HINTON, Graham S. Pvt. Carrolton AL
HINTON, Hayes R. Pvt. Carrolton AL
HOLDERFIELD, Tommy G. Pvt. Fairfield AL
HOLDERITCH, Ben Pvt. Eoline AL
HOLLIDAY, Claude A. Reg. Sgt. Major 902 S. Decatur St. Montgomery AL
HOLLOWAY, David, Musciian 3d Class Lanett AL
HOLMES, Henry Gl. Pvt. 207 1st St. Birmingham AL
HOLSENBACK, Floyd Pvt. Anniston AL
HOWARD, Emmet Pvt Acmar AL
HOWELL, Frank L. Mechanic 1107 2nd Ave. Birmingham AL
HUBBARD, Henry Pvt. Grandville GA
HUGHES, William R. Huntsville AL
HUNT, Alfred M. Pvt. 812 Woodland Ave. Birmingham AL
HUTTO, John B. Pvt. Birmingham AL
HUTTON, George Pvt. Spring Hill AL
JARRETT, Manuel Pvt. Ensley AL
JELLISON, John R. Pvt. Birmingham AL
JENKINS, Percy Pvt. 323 Dexter Ave. Montgomery AL
JOHNSON, Claud T. Pvt. Cullman AL
JOHNSON, Howard M. Musician 3d class, Girard AL
JONES, Charles C. Pvt. Centerville AL
JONES, Edgar M. Bn Sgt Major Bufton AL
JONES, Henry E. Pvt. Centerville AL
JONES Richard A. Pvt. Centerville AL
JONES, Sidney, Pvt. Blocton AL
KEENER, Will J. Pvt. Sylacauga AL
KELLEY, Duke Pvt. Evergreen AL
KELLEY, Leon C. Band Corp., Alabama City AL
KENNEDY, Paul A. Color Sgt. Gadsden AL
KING, Wm. A. Pvt Porter AL
LEE, Cecil H. Pvt. Eutaw AL
LENET, Samuel S. Pvt. 2001 E. Broad St. Richmond VA
LEVENS, Carl T. Pvt 59 1/2 Government St. Mobile AL
LEWIS, Joseph L. Sgt. Gadsden AL
LINK, James J. Pvt. South Pittsburg TN
LONGSHORE, William G. Pvt. 35 S. Goldthwaite St. Montgomery AL
McDARTY, everett Pvt. Anniston AL
McCOMBS, Andrew Pvt. O'Hatchie AL
McCONNELL, William F. Pvt. 1008 14th St. Birmingham AL
McCOOL, Roland Pvt. Blocton AL
McCORD, Charles E. Musician 1st Class Birmingham AL
McGRAW, Robert E. Mess Sgt. 15 Herron St. Montgomery AL
McINNIS, Ernest Pvt. Mobile AL
McINTYRE, Tollie E. Pvt. Chilton AL
McPHERSON, Scott, Musician 3d class McKenzie AL
MABRY, Olly B. Pvt. Birmingham AL
MADDOG, Efford Pvt Boaz AL
MADDOX, Sidney Pvt Dothan AL
MARTIN, Frank M. Pvt. Mobile AL
MARTIN, Horace Pvt Nashville TN
MARTIN, John T. Pvt Fayetteville AL
MARTIN, Melvin Pvt. RFD 3 Munford AL
MAYFIELD, Hugh Pvt Sycamore AL
MAYFIELD, Jasper Pvt Talladega AL
MEEKS, George A. Pvt. Andalusia AL
MERRITT, Charles Pvt 8 S. Sumemrsworth Alabama City AL
MILLER, Henry Pvt. Mobile AL
MILLER, William H. Pvt. Carbon Hill AL
MIZZELLE, Clifton Pvt. Sylacauga AL
MONK, James D. Sgt. Eufaula AL
MORRISON, Ollie Pvt Anniston, AL
MULLIN, William M. Musician 3d class, Bessemer AL
MUNGALL, Douglas Pvt. Pell City AL
NEWELL, John T. Pvt. Samson AL
NORWOOD, David Sgt. Birmingham AL
NUNN, Mitchell, Color Sgt. Birmingham AL
ODIORNE, Charles Pvt. Birmingham AL
O'REAR, Clide Pvt. Montgomery AL
O'REAR, Ralph Pvt. Montgomery AL
O'SHIELDS, Leonard Pvt. Anniston AL
PARNELL, Leighton C. Pvt. Maplesville AL
PATTERSON, William C. Sgt. Fresno CA
PATTON, Joe J. Pvt. Battles Wharf AL
PATTON, Robert L. Pvt. Kaulton AL
PATTON, Willie J. Pvt. Battles Wharf AL
PEEK, Joe Pvt. Talladega AL
PIPPIN, Robert R. Sgt. Ozark AL
PITTS, Willie Pvt. Piper AL
POWELL, Joseph M. Cook, Cedartown GA
PRESCOTT, Thoams I. Corp. Ensley AL
PUGH, Archie C. Pvt Wylam AL
RABBLAIS, Leo L. Cook, Birmingham AL
RAGSDALE, Charlton Sgt. Birmingham
RAMSER, Dozier B. Pvt. Eufaula AL
RAY, Wheeler B. Pvt. Pratt city AL
REYNOLDS, Ruben L. Pvt. Birmingham AL
ROBERTS, Guy H. Pvt Clanton AL
ROBERTSON, John E. Musician 2d class, Montgomery AL
ROSS, Fred Bn. Sgt. Major 3001 Exeter Ave. Bessmer AL
SALTER, GeorgE H. Pvt. Skinnerton AL
SCARBROUGH, Abb, Band Corp. Chocolocco AL
SCHELL, Harry H. Band Sgt. Jacksonville AL
SCHELL, Herschell M. Band Sgt. Jacksonville AL
SCOTT, Hollis R. Pvt. Gadsden AL
SEIGAL, Charles 1st Sgt. Birmingham AL
SHANER, Eugene Pvt. Talladega AL
SHELDON, John G. Corp. 2213 Ave. F. Ensley AL
SHEPPARD, John Pvt. Anniston AL
SHIERLING, Menzo Pvt. Talladega AL
SHIRAH, Silas Appletree St. Dothan AL
SHOULTS, Bush Pvt. Lawley AL
SMITH, Anthony A. Pvt. Birmingham AL
SMITH, Avery R. S. Pvt. Maplesville AL
SMITH, Claud, Pvt. Florence AL
SMITH, Henry A. Pvt. Munford AL
SMITH, James M. Pvt. West Blocton AL
SMITH, Richard C. Supply Sgt. Atlanta GA
SMITH, William Pvt. Talladega AL
SMITHERMAN, Thomas J. Pvt. Maplesville AL
SNYDER, Charles Pvt. Montgomery AL
STEPHENS, Dee Pvt. Newton AL
SUTHER, William B. Pvt. Centerville AL
TAYLOR, Francis M. Band Corp. Auburn AL
TAYLOR, Owen L. pvt. Pratt City AL
TEAL, Russell A. Pvt Maplesville AL
THOMAS, Gordon M. Pvt. Renfroe AL
THOMAS, Otis L. Pvt. Sycamore AL
THOMPSON, Emerson Pvt. Calvert AL
THOMPSON, Oscar M. Pvt. Gadsden AL
THOMPSON, Willie H. Corp. Gadsden AL
TILLMON, Mont, Musciian 3d class, Girard AL
TOOEL, William D. Pvt. Blue Mountain City AL
TUCKER, Percy R. Pvt. Heighberger AL
TUCKER, Wesley O. Pvt. Maplesville AL
TUGGLE, Greeley W. Pvt. Short Creek AL
VAUGHN, James F. Pvt Mobile AL
VICKERS, Richard C. Pvt. Mobile AL
VICKERY, John W. Pvt. Atmore AL
WALDEN, John H. Pvt. Alabama City AL
WALL, Dove, Sgt. Ozard AL
WALLACE, Claude J. Pvt. Randolph AL
WALLS, James L. Pvt. Birmingham AL
WELLER, Charles K. Pvt. Talladega AL
WEST, Lee A. Pvt Uniontown AL
WHITE, Oscar Pvt. O'Hatchie AL
WILLIAMS, David L. Muscian 1st Class Birmingham AL
WILSON, Ruel H. Pvt Mobile AL
WINGARD, Dick Pvt. Eclectic AL
WOLF, Joseph J. Pvt. 302 Mildred St. Montgomery AL
WOOD, Claud W. Pvt. Florence AL
WORLEY, John W. Sgt. Decatur AL
WRIGHT, Eugene Pvt. Birmingham AL
YARBROUGH, James L. Pvt. Dadeville AL
YEATES, Thomas M. Musician 3d class, Gadsden AL
YOUNG, Edward Pvt. Florence AL

Captain Newman Smith, Montgomery AL
1st Lt. Julien M. Strassburger, 331 Clayton St. Mongtomgery AL
1st Lt. Charles W. Vandervort Carizo Sps. TX
2d Lt. Harry Porter Oak Park, Montgomery AL
2d Lt. Oscar Crenshaw Montgomery AL
2d Lt. Livingston Parsons 26 E 61st St New York City
2d Lt. Charles F. Cargile Landon Hotel San Angelo TX
ALEXANDER, Eugene Sgt. 407 S. McDonough St. Mongomery AL
ALFORD, James R. Pvt. Mongtomery AL
AMOS, Dewey Pvt Abertville AL
BARFIELD, Richard S. Pvt. Anniston AL
BARR, Sam, Corp. Arlington Ave. Bessemer AL
BATES, Sidney H. Pvt. Putnam AL
BISE, Lawson Pvt. Anniston AL
BOONE, Herman Pvt. Selma AL
BOWLIN, Russell Pvt. Ashville AL
BOYD, Bevie L. Pvt. Albertville AL
BRADY, Andrew J. Pvt Potters Station AL
BRIGHAM,Paul G. 1st Sg. Rupert St. Springfield Mass
BROACH, Franklin Pvt. Montgomery AL
BRODIE,John E. Pvt Scaright AL
BROWN, Coley Pvt Clanton AL
BROWN, Leon M. Pvt 2205 11th Ave N. Birmingham AL
BROWN, Max Pvt. RFD 2 McKenzie AL
BURGESS, Chester Pvt. Edwardsville AL
BURKETT, William H. Pvt. Pansey AL
BURGER, Lewis A. Pvt. 631 Eliza Ave. Birmingham AL
BURT, George W. Corp. 122 N. McDonough St. Montgomery AL
CAMP, John S. St. Sligo AL
CAMPBELL, Amby, Pvt. Albertville AL
CLARK, Charles J. Pvt. Aliceville AL
CLARK, Franklin A. Pvt. Route A Andalusia AL
CLAYTON, Clayton C. Pvt. Dawson AL
COKER, Charlie, Pvt. 56 Kyle Ave. Alabama City AL
COLLINS, James S. Pvt. Opeliaka AL
COX, Joe Pvt. Uriah AL
CRENSHAW, Ed Pvt Georgiana AL
CULVER, Jesse G. Pvt RFD 3 Ashford AL
DAVIS, Fitzhugh L. Pvt Chunchula AL
DAVIS, Frank S. Pvt. Mobile AL
DAWSEY, Aubrey Pvt. Mongtomery AL
DEES, Marion F. Pvt. Mathews Station AL
DELOIT, Ellis B. Pvt Deatville AL
DICKSON, Malcolm P. Pvt Thomaston AL
DICKSON, Grover Y. Pvt Thomaston AL
DICKSON, Eddie G. Pvt Albertville AL
DIGMON, Eslie W. Pvt Freemanville AL
DOBBS, Russell Pvt RFD 1 Maplesville AL
DOOLEY, Clate M. Corp. Boaz AL
DUFF, Wm D. Pvt 2216 Oak Ave Birmingham AL
DUNN, Albert Pvt. Uriah AL
DUNN, David S. Pvt. Uriah AL
DUPREE, Irma D. Sgt. SHady Grove AL
DURHAM, Samuel A. Pvt Ft Payne AL
EAKENS, Aubrey L. Corp. 201 34th St. Ensley AL
ELLIOTT, James H. Pvt Birmingham AL
FALLIN, Fay W. Pvt. RFD 3 Montgomery AL
FARMER, James D. Pvt New Decatur AL
FORD, Walter E. Pvt. Sprotts AL
FOSTER, Walter E. Pvt Braggs AL
FREE, Isaac N. Pvt Lanette AL
GAY, Margie Pvt. Gadsden AL
GAY, GAYNOR Leo H. Pvt Jackson AL
GIBSON, Dan H. Pvt Enterprise AL
GILLILAND, Mac, Pvt. Equalitu AL
GORDON, Mitchell C. Pvt. Glenville AL
GREEN, Wm. C. Pvt Huntsville AL
GRIFFIN, Travis Pvt. Dutton AL
HANKS, Henry Pvt. Atmore AL
HARRIS, Duncan D. Pvt Glenwood AL
HARRISON, Gladden Jr. Sgt. 117 Madison Ave. Montgomery AL
HART, Lewis E. Pvt. Camden AL
HASSEY, Wesley L. Pvt. 6 Clayton Pk. Montgomery AL
HEILPERJ, Bert H. Pvt. 285 Jeff Davis Ave. Montgomery AL
HENDRIX, James E. Corp. Roy AL
HIGDON, Eugene Pvt. Repton AL
HILL, Dave Pvt. Holt AL
HOLDER, Lee Pvt. Uriah AL
HOUSTON, Newell Pvt Statesville AL
HOWELL, Wm. D. Pvt Geneva AL
HUDSON, John Pvt. Chapman AL
HUGHES, Hubbard E. Pvt. Marion AL
HUGHES, Walter Pvt. Montgomery AL
HUGHES, William S. Pvt. Marion AL
HUGULEY, James W. Pvt. 2308 Ave G Bessemer AL
HUNT, Joy Pvt. Quin AL
KING, James E. Pvt Opp AL
KISSINGER, Joseph F. Pvt. 237 Riley St. Gadsden AL
KNIGHTEN, John H. Pvt. Towellen MS
LAMBERT, Gray Sgt. Lascar AL
LANGHAM, John s. Pvt. Route A. Atmore AL
LEDBETTER, Rubin F. Pvt. Rt 1 Mathews Station AL
LEE, Therman E. Pvt. Rt 3 Midland city AL
LEE, Daivd S. Corp. FRD 3 Midland CIty AL
LEE, Theodore E. Pvt. Rt. 3 Midland City AL
LINDSAY, James W. Pvt. Glenville GA
LLOYD, Lee Roy Pvt 1453 W. Church St. Jacksonville FL
LOBELL, Wm. H. Pvt 1928 Alois Ave. Birmingham AL
MALCOMB, James M. Corp. Andalusia AL
MANCIL, James H. Pvt Foshee AL
MATHERS, Charles S. Pvt. Jackson AL
MATTHIEU, George E. Pvt. 1419 30th St. Ensley AL
McANDREW, Herman E. Pvt. Punxautawny PA
McCLOUD, Clint Pvt. Wallace AL
McDONALD, James L. Pvt. DeFuniak Spring, FL
McELHANY, Bowen J. Stable Sgt. Atmore AL
McELHANY, Woody L. Pvt. Atmore AL
McKINLEY, Isham C. Corp. Tunnel Springs AL
MEGGINSON, Edward Pvt. Thomasville AL
MONSKY, Soll St. 219 S. Hull St. Montgomery AL
MORGAN, Grover c. Pvt Pine Hill AL
MORRIS, Jack Pvt. Gadsden AL
MORRIS, Roy Pvt. 918 S. 12th St. Gadsden AL
NICHOLS, Harry Pvt. Albertville AL
NICHOLS, Walter R. Corp. Union and Jeff Davis, Selma AL
NIHCOLS, William OL Pvt. Selma AL
OWEN, Arthur D. Corp. Bay Minette AL
PARKER, Calvin D. Pvt. Lanette AL
PIECHOWSKI, Sidney Pvt. 1052 St. Emanuel St. Mobile AL
PIERCE, George D. Pvt. Opp AL
PITTMAN, Arthur G. Corp. Polin AL
PLEDGER, Huey Pvt. Pelham AL
PRICE, Byrant Pvt. RFD 2 McKenzie AL
PUCKETT, John T. Pvt. Carrolton, AL
PUCKETT, William C. Pvt. RFD 2 Opelika AL
RACHEL, James Pvt. PFD 2 New Brockton AL
RAINEY, Bill Pvt. Bessemer AL
RAY, James H. Pvt. ALbertville AL
RHODES, Russell F.A. Pvt. Opp AL
SCOLLICK, Joseph E. Pvt. 155 S. Royal St. Mobile AL
SHAW, Nathaniel M. Pvt 105 Tribley Ave Pratt city AL
SHINE, Emmett Pvt. Opp AL
SIMS, Arthur W. Mess sgt. Montgomery AL
SKINNER, JOHN H.,Pvt., 2226 34th Ave R, Birndrigham, Alabama.
SLAUGHTER, Macon R. Pvt. Pvt Luverne, Alabama
SMALLEY, CLEVELAND L. Pvt. Mobile Alabama
SMITH, JOHN F 1311 S. Court St Montgomery Alabama
SNELL, ARTHUR J., Pvt Opp, Alabama
SORKIN, GEORGE, Pvt., 1222 Harmon St Milwaukee Wlisconsin
SPENCER, LUC!EN, Pvt ,1708 2d Ave., Bessemer ALabama
SPARKS, MOSE E. Pvt., Union Grove, Alabama
STEPHENS, JAMES D., Pvt., RF.D1, Albertville Alabama
STEWART, OSCAR, Pvt.,'Opp, Alabama
STOKES, LEE, Pvt., Slocomb Alabama
STORY, ELMORE J Sgt., Auburn, Alabama
STORY, WALTER C., Sgt., Auburn Alabama
STOWERS, JOSEPH H. Sgt, Mathews Station Alabama
STRICKLAND, ROY P. , Pvt., Surginer Alabama
TENNIMON, JAMES F., Corp., 1319 Range St Selma Alabama
TOTHEROW, CHARLIE, Pvt. Albertville, Alabama
TUCKER, ROBERT Pvt, Albertville, Alabama
TUGGLE, JOSEPH G., Pvt, Birmingham, Alabama
VAUGHA.N, WILLIAM P., Pvt., Polin Alabama
VERNON, LEWIS E., Corp., Clanton, Alabama
WALDROP, PERRY, Pvt, 1401 Mulberry Ave., AnnistonAlabama
WALKER, JAMES H., Pvt., 1101 Birch Ave., Birmingham, Alabama
WALKER, NUTHEY D., Pvt., 430 Extra Avenue Bessemer Alabama
WALLACE, VICTOR D., Pvt., Sprotts, Alabama
WATSON, JAMES G., Pvt., Section, Alabama
WEBB, ERNEST, Pvt., Scottsboro, Alabama
WESTMORELAND, JAMES D., Pvt., Center, Alabama
WHITI10RE, CHARLES D., Pvt. , AttaIla, Alabama
WILHITE, HENRY C . ,Pvt, Natural Bridge, Alabama
WILLIAMS, EDWARD A., Supply Sgt., Masonic Home Montgomery Alabama
WILLIAMS, ERNEST, Pvt. Dozier, Alabama
WILSON, JOSEPH T. Pvt, 2415 6th Ave. N. Birmingham, Alabama
WINN, ROUND W., Pvt., 1213 N. 19th St., Biriningham, Alabama
WOLCOTT, EDWARD H.., Pvt., Mobile Alabama
WYNN, RUSH P., Pvt., 1208 Madison Ave, Montgomery Alabama
ZANER, SAM, Pvt., 131 F St., Anniston, Alabama
ZIMMERMAN, HORACE J., Sgt., Burnsville Alabaina

Capt. JOHN M. SMITH 424 S. Hull St. Montgomery, AL
Lieut. JOSEPH M. DICKERSON Montgomery, Alabama
Lieut. ROGER E. WYCLINE, Austin, Texas
ANDRADE, ALBERT, Pvt., Mobile, Alabama
ANTLEY, ASA, Pvt., Webb, AIabama
AVANT, WILLIAM F., Wag., Skipperville Alabama
BAILEY, HOWARD M., Pvt.,Florals Alabama
BATES, MOSES E., Pvt., LaGrange, Georgia
BATSON, James H. Pvt. Sylacauga AL
BELL, Fred Pvt. Hopewell AL
BLACKMAN, Noonie, Pvt. Mobile AL
BOATRIGHT, John Pvt. Florence AL
BRASSELL C.M. Wag. 753 Herron St. Montgomery AL
BRISCOE, Arthur Pvt. Cullman AL
BROOKS, Samuel C. Wag. Ft. Necessity LA
BROWDER, Tim J. Pvt. 743 Felder St. Montgomery AL
BROWN, Dave E. Pvt. Southern Hotel, Birmingham AL
BROWN, Ed. Pvt. Alexander City AL
BULLOCK, Charlie Pvt. Gordon AL
BULLOCK, C.D. Pvt. 230 Eufaula St. Eufaula AL
BURT, Charles W. Pvt 604 Boyce St. Montgomery AL
BUSBY, Jessie Pvt. Calera AL
CALDWELL, Fred Pvt. Talladega AL
CALLOWAY, Oliver Wag. Sylacauga AL
CHILDS, Bernice Pvt. Harford AL
CHRONIS, John A. Pvt. Prichard AL
CLANTON, Samuel Pvt. Cloverdale AL
CLIFTON, Onie R. Pvt. Ensley AL
COLEMAN, Herman Pvt. Enterprise AL
CONDRY, ALonzo Pvt. Ariton AL
CONDRY, Daniel Pvt. Ariton AL
CRAWFORD, Angus Pvt. Ozard AL
CURISE, Mulkey D. Wag. Plantersville AL
DANDRIDGE, Curry Pvt. Florala AL
DAVIS, Joseph E. Pvt. Highladn Home AL
DAW, Deneley Pvt. Mobile AL
DeMOUY, Edward, Pvt. 135 Shell Rd. Mobile AL
DEAN, John B. Pvt. Mt.Meigs AL
DEMENT, Levon Pvt. 108 Pearl St. Birmingham AL
DENT, George H. Sgt. 207 Barber St. Eufaula AL
DOLIVE, Dillon Pvt. Mobile AL
DUNN, William Wag. Montgomery AL
EDINS, James L. Pvt. Oxmore AL
EUBANKS, Eugene Wag. 127 Rembert Ave. Macon GA
FINLEY, Lonnie A. Pvt. Jasper AL
FLEMING, Albert Pvt. Star Route, Geneva AL
FOSHEE, Sie, Saddler Montgomery AL
FULLER, Ira Pvt. RFD 6 Dothan AL
GALATAS, Jules J. Wag. 1254 S. Court St. Montgomery AL
GARY, John Pvt. RFD 5 Clanton AL
GLASS, Taylor Pvt RFD 3 Tallassee AL
GLOVER, Tom Pvt. Brookside AL
GRAY, Lamar E. Pvt Brent AL
HAYGOOD, Douglas D. Wag. Montgomery AL
HENDERSON, Ollie Wag. Lurverne AL
HERRING, John C. Wag. Gadsden AL
HERRINGTON, Charlie Pvt. RFD 6 Dothan AL
HERRINGTON, Henry Pvt. Dothan AL
HEUSTESS, Arthur Wag. Montgomery AL
HINES, Clarnece Pvt. New Brockton AL
HITT, Ropice I. Pvt. Cuba AL
HOGAN, Paul J. Sgt. 614 South Holt St. Montgomery AL
HOLLAND, Eli Pvt. 400 Cherry St. Dothan AL
HOUSTON, Joe M. Wag. Carland AL
HUGHES, Iroy, Pvt. Dothan AL
HULSEY, Frank L. Wag. Anniston AL
JACKSON, Curry Wag. Bessemer AL
JOINER, Louis A. Pvt. RFD 1 Ashford AL
JONES, Boyd Pvt. Mobile AL
JONES, Charlie Pvt. Cragford AL
JONES, James H. Pvt. RFD 2 Chandles Springs AL
JONES, Joe E. Pvt. Harpersville AL
JONES, Will A. Pvt. Calera AL
JONES, William N. Pvt. Enterprsie AL
KAHN, Nathan M. Sgt. 1025 S. Perry St. Montgomery AL
KEITH, Frank T. Pvt. Cants Quarry AL
KELLY, John P. Pvt. Talladaga AL
KELLY, William A. Pvt. Talladega AL
KINSAW, Talmage Pvt. Hartford AL
KIRKLAND, Dan R. Pvt. RFD 6 Box 18 1/2 Birmingham AL
LAWRENCE, Loyt A. Pvt. Vernon AL
LEWIS, Frank A. Pvt. Tallassee AL
LITTLE, George E. Wag. Alabama City AL
McCORMICK, Eldridge Pvt. Goshen AL
McCULLOUGH, J.C. Pvt. Pell City AL
McCULLOUGH, L.L. Corp. Pell City AL
McMAHAN, William c. Wag. Heflin AL
MALASANOS, John B. Pvt. Montgomery AL
MARTIN, Jack Pvt. Cutter NM
MARTIN, Paul Pvt. Mobile AL
MAY, Albert W. Pvt Greensboro AL
MITCHELL, Robert A. Pvt. Florence AL
MOSELEY, John Pvt. Hartford AL
MURPHY, William N. Pvt Camden AL
MURRELL, Q. Oliver Wag. Montgomery AL
NABORS, Jasper H. Pvt. 815 17th St. Calera AL
NEUERT, Phil Sgt. Capital Hts., Montgomery AL
NEVILLE, James Wag. Fayette AL
PADGET, Walter Pvt. Williams SC
PATTERSON, James L. pvt. Talladega AL
PEAGLER, John Pvt. Mobile AL
PILGREEN, Ira Pvt. Calera AL
POWELL, Thomas Pvt. Opp AL
PRICE, Edgar W. Pvt. Albertville AL
RANSHAW, James Pvt. Harjerville AL
RILEY, Boyce Pvt. Dreway AL
RINGLESTEIN, Homer Pvt. Florence AL
ROGERS, Charles L. Pvt. Citronelle AL
SEARCY, Harvey Pvt. Florala AL
SHARP, Willie O. Hs. 100 Buford St. Montgomery AL
SHINHOLSTER, Floyd Pvt. Gordon AL
SHINHOLSTER, Louis, Pvt. Gordon AL
SIMPSON, Joseph M. Wag. Mobile Rd. Montgomery AL
SMITH, Andrew Pvt. Cottonwood AL
STOKES, Roy Pvt. Coffee Sps. AL
STONE, William F. Pvt Kilpatrick AL
STOUGH, James Pvt. Montgomery AL
STRANGE, Samuel E. Pvt. Baton Rouge LA
SUDDUTH, Charles R. Pvt. 1025 N. 28th St. Birmingham AL
SUGGS, Monroe Pvt. 211 S. Noble St. Anniston AL
SUTTON, George S. Pvt. Bangor AL
TALLENT, Roy L. 5307 10th Ave. Birmingham AL
TAYLOR, James Wag 813 Clay St. Montgomery AL
TAYLOR, William C. Pvt. RFD 8 Dothan AL
TEMPLE, Peter E. Sgt. Chisholm, Montgomery AL
THAXTON, Charlie Pvt. Carrolton AL
THOMPSON, Claud Pvt Russellville AL
THOMPSON, Oscar Wag. Montgomery AL
THORNTON, Leslie, Pvt. Jasper AL
TILLER, Ben Pvt. Headland AL
WALKER, Louis A. Citronville AL
WEAVER, Lasca Wag. Lineville AL
WEBB, Cecil Pvt. Columbia AL
WELCH, Hoard Pvt. Dothan AL
WESSON, Luke Sgt. Alexander City AL
WHITE, T. Ray Wag. Danville AL
WIGGS, GRADY L. Wag. Gadsden AL
WILKINSON, Oscar, Pvt. Columbia AL
WILSON, Harbert Pvt New Brockton AL
WYNN, Henry Wag. Phoenix City AL
YEATMAN, Roy O. Wag. 1405 constantine Ave Anniston AL


Captain Fletcher E. Haley Navasala TX
1st Lt. Edgar A> Collins 113 Virginia Ave. Montgomery AL
1st Lt. Lewis R. Morgan Cornettsville KY
2d Lt. Robert W. Smith Montgomery AL
2d Lt. Thoams F. Burke 180 Claremont Ave. New York City
2d Lt. Edward J. Fitzhugh 734 Ellsworth Ave Richmond Hill Long Island NY
2d Lt. Dick E. Breeding Holdenville OK

Private "Pvt" unless otherwise stated.. State is AL "Alabama" unless otherwise stated
ALLEN, John G. Eufaula
ANDREWS, Robert C. 17 Morgan Ave. Montgomery
ARMSTRONG, Cecil Clanton
BALDWIN, Fufas A. Roanoke
BARBOR, Daniel Coden
BARFIELD, Willie Mt. Union
BARNETT, Malcolm 55 Covington St. Montgomery
BARNETT, henry P. Mt. Vernon
BARRY, John O. Sgt. 310 Boyce St. Montgomery
BERRY, Bailey J. Corp. Colbran
BETHUNE, Wilbur H. Union Springs
BLAUVELT, Clifton O. Maplesville
BOOZER, Samuel J. Sweetwater
BOUTWELL, Gordon W. Bugler, Fluff Spring FL
BOWEN, Carl Attalla
BRADLEY, James H. Drummond TN
BUHRING, Jaems H. Coden
BURDIN, Howard Montgomery
BUSBY, Jim Theodore
BUSH, John W. Plateau
BYRD, Monte M. Chishold, Montgomery
CABLER, Joseph E. Prichard
CARPENTER, Aurelius M. Carptner
CARPENTER, David S. Buffalo NY
CARTER, John W. Prattville
CHESTANG, Leo J. Toulmanville
CLARK, Wilton Greenville
CLAYTON, Luther, Petrey
CLEMENTS, Homer T. Montgomery
CLIFTON, Herbert L. Corp. 136 Highland Ave. Eufaula
COBB, Sam B. Milbrook
COFIELD, Owen L. Delta
CONNER, Harold H. Montgomery
COX, William C. Montgomery
CRANE, Cleveland Prichard
CREEN, Paul Cook, Walnut Hill FL
CRESWELL, Eraly W. Water Mill St. Union Springs
CROXDALE, Claude J. Corp. 9 Bush Ave Mobile
CUMMINGS, Percy N. 4558 Franklin St. Mobile
CURRY, John H. Sgt. 309 Marine St. Mobile
CURTIS, Joseph E. Sgt. 1021 S. Hull St. Montgomery
DANELLY, James Atmore
DANIELS, Benj. F. Local
DAVENPORT, Roy G. Memphis TN
DAVIS, Grady W. Tuskeegee
DAVIS, Jefferson Greenville
DAVIS, William A. Cherokee
DAY, William A. Corp. RFD 2 Wellington
DEAN, Samuel J. Jr. 908 Palmetta St. Montgomery
DeFRAVIE, Pete Corp. 311 9th St. Columbus GA
DERAMUS, Charles M. Maplesville AL
DIAL, Oliver L. Corp. 101 1/2 W. 10th St. Anniston
DISMUKE, homer L. Mechanic 1919 Walnut St. Anniston
DOBSON, Willie D. Choccolocco
DRIGGERS, Dazzie Corp. Eufaula
DRIGGERS, Eley Eufaula
DRYE, William H. Corp. Roy
DUETT, John T. Tallassee
DURDEN, Lester Prattville
ELLIOTT, Terry LaPine
ELMORE, Loid Headland
FALLEN, James Prattville
FASSMAN, Lawrence J. Montgomery
FISHER, Claude B. Rody TN
FISHER, Milton E. Prattville
FORSTER, Walter Prattville
FOWLER, William A. 142 Sidney St. Atlanta GA
GALATAS, Sidney E. Dexter H otel Montgomery
GANN, William R. Sellers
GARDNER, Vernon Sgt. Grady
GARRETT, Will E. Marbury
GEORGE, Raymond Plateau
GEORGE, Willie Mobile
GILMORE, Wade M. Mildred St. Montgomery
GRAHAM, Robert E. Coden
.GRIFFITH, James T. Prichard
HALE, Sam K. 413 N. 4th St. Wilmington NC
HALL, Joseph W. Montgomery
HALL, William F. Sgt. Montgomery
HAMILTON, Joe Prichard
HAMMONDS, Louis L. Eufaula
HANKS, Fred N. Roy
HARDY, Richard O. Montgomery
HARLESS, John G. Maplesville
HARRIS, Ezra F. Montgomery
HARWELL, Claude C. 21 Noble Ave. Montgomery
HARWELL, Jesse J. 314 S. Lawrence St. Mobile
HAVRON, Richard Corp. Cricton
HEADLY, Marvin W. Clanton
HELLEBUSCH, Charles H. Corp. May Apartments Montgomery
HELTON, George RFD 1 Tallapoosa GA
HENDERSON, Charlie Mt. Creek
HENDRIX, William R. Sgt. Roy
HEWETT, William Oxford
HINES, Jesse Prattville
HOLBROOK, Lawson H. Greensboro
HOLLAND, Bryan Deatsville
HOLLEY, Nathaniel Prattville
HOWELL, Dan Sgt. 817 Clay St. Montgomery
HUFF, Lidell Corp. Gadsdan
JACKSON, JimPrattville
JENSON, Otten Rt A Mobile
JORDON, William T. 105 Buford St. Montgomery
KAHLE, Albert R. Supply Sgt. Selma
KEENUM, Hugh R. Prichard
KILLETT, Ben E. Prattville
KILLOUGH, Joseph C. Prattville
KING, James T. Lower Peachtree
KING, Percy G. Montgomery
KILPATRICK, John J. Corp. Brantley
KRUSE, John D. Pvt. 275 S. Scott Mobile
LAFARGUE, Cleve A. St. Stephens Rd. Toulmanville
LAMBERT, ANdrew M. Plateau
LAMBERT, George H. Cook Helfin
LEE, Arthur Prichard
LEE, Eddie W. Black Rock
LEE, William C. Forche
LEONARD, Roy L. Sylacauga
LEVINS, Clanton O. Titus
LOGAN, Arthur Prattville
LOCKE, Wallace B. Brewton
LUCAS, Joseph Prattville
LUDLOW, Steve Montgomery
McBURNETT, Sam Lincoln
McCOY, Jet Titus
McDONALD, Eugene B. 107 N. Jackson St. Montgomery
McGLAMRY, james G. Prattville
McKINNEY, Leo D. Prattvile
MACON, Preston A. Wetumpka
MALONE, James H. 651 Warren St. Mobile
MANLY, William A. Birmingham
MARCUS, William S. Corp. 102 King St. Montgomery
MARCUS, Harold F. Mechanic 1322 Highland Ave. Montgomery
MASSEY, Harry P. Chunchula
MATTHEWS, Herbert D. Whistler
MAXEY, Pearson Bugler 766 Bell St. Montgomery
MICKLE, Henry F. Roanoke
MILLER, Daniel M Cook 299 Catoma St. Montgomery
MILLER, Julius R. Pine Hill
MILTON, Hilliard Prattville
MILTON, Lester Prattville
MILTON, Marvin Prattville
MOODY, Clarence Theodore
MOORE, Phillip E. 476 Simpson St. Memphis TN
MORRILL, Robert E. Montgomery
MORRIS, John Atmore
MORRISON, Thoma L. Mechanic RFD 6 Heflin
MOSES, George Corp. 820 S. Hull St. Montgomery
MUMME, Fred W. Mobile
NELSON, John D. Mechanic Thomasville
NEWELL, James N. 358 St Michel St. Mobile
NOWELL, Thomas J. Ashford
O'LEARY, Joseph A. Mess Sgt. Montgomery
OVERSTREET, Commiele Prichard
OWENS, Ernest S. Montgomery
OWEN, Odis Corp. Edwardsville
PEARCE, Grover Corp. 217 S. 3d St. Gadsden
PERKINS, Dee M. Heflin
PERKINS, Jesse RFD 6 Helfin
PETRY, George D. Petry
PETRY, Willie Petry
PATRICK, Thomas J. Parrish
PLATTS, Earl P. Northport
PLIER, Porter M. Clanton
POOLE, Ernest Gordo
POWELL, Arze Columbia
POWELL, John Corp. Columbia
POWERS, Brady 629 S. Mobile St. Anniston
PRIM, James C. RFD 1 Randolph
PRITCHETT, Ernest W. Union Sps.
PUCKETT, William J. 551 Pine St. Mobile
PURCELL, Fletcher Prattville
RASPBERRY, Deece Corp. 405 St. Michel St. Mobile
RAY, Charlie H. Centerville
REESE, Roy A. Cullman
ROBERTS, Leonard E. Montgomery
ROBINSON, George Plateau
ROBINSON, Peter, Plateau
ROSS, Calvin Cook, Prattville
ROSS, George L. Prichard
ROWELL, Hugh R. 1404 Florida St. Memphis TN
ROY, Wesley Prattville
RUTLEDGE, Jodie F. Anniston
SANGSTER, John E. 591 Leon St. Memphis TN
SAWYER, Ben F. Corp. Roy
SAWYER, Bernie M. Monroeville
SCHOCK, Fred P. 139 Colordo St. Memphis TN
SeAMON, Clifotn Prattville
SELLERS, Carl Ashford
SHIPMAN, Enlow E. Memphis TN
SHREVE, Rex R. Crichton
SHUMAKE, John McD. Prattville
SINGLETON, Emmett R. Corp. Iron City
SMITH, Floyd C. Corp. 416 Scott St. Montgomery
SMITH, Ernest C. Sgt. 208 7th St. Columbus GA
STANFIELD, Charles D. Londale
STANFORD, Harold 422 Mildred St. Montgomery
STARKE, Grady Corp. Prattville
STEPHEN, Jule Union Sps.
STEPHENS, Charlie R. 312 N. Holt St. Montgomery
STEWART, Henry E. Mobile
STEWART, Jimmie J. Old Spring Hill
STROUD, Fitzhugh L. Canoe
STUBBS, Ocie O. Birmingham
SWAIN, Eddie Mobile
SWEETSER, Leslie Spring Hill
TARVER, Willie C. Montgomery
THIGPEN, James B. Montgomery
THORNTON, Henry L. Montgomery
THOMPSON, James T. Roanoke
THOMPSON, William N. West Point GA
TOBIAS, John M. Hope Hull
TOLBERT, Joseph 8 May St. Montgomery AL
TOOLE, John T. Eufaula
VEASEY, Jesse L. Andalusia
WAKEFORD, Charles H. 1049 SPring Hill Ave Mobile
WILILAMS, Earn Cashly TN
WILSON, Willard B. 27 N. Julia St. Mobile
WOOD, Berry Wetupka
WOODCOCK, Lawrence Mobile
YERBY, John H. Scoba MS
ZARKO, Robert J.


Captain Bryan Whitehurst - Clopton
1st Lt. George A Glenn - Gadsden
1st Lt. Wm. J. Clark 645 W. Short St. Lexington KY
2d Lt. Robert Espy - Abbeville
2d Lt. Howard J. Conkin - Monroe NY
2d Lt. John M. Donaldson - Fairfield Conn
2d Lt. W.C. Hornaday - Austin TX
ACREE, Arthur - Andalusia
ADAMS, Sam RFD 5 Clayton
AGERTON, Thoams R. Atmore
ALLEN, James J. Bugler RFD 2 Estell Sps TN
ANDREWS, Bud - Elba
ARMSTRONG, Ben F. Millry
ATWELL, Jim W. - Brundidge
AYRES, Orin P. Corp. - Headland
BARNHILL, Hugh A. Enterprise
BELL, Fred, Pvt. Clayton AL
BERG, John W. - Pine Barren FL
BEVERLEY, George S. - Greenville
BEVERLEY, Grover C. - Greenville
BLAIR, Mack - Brewton
BLAIR, Sam 1st Sgt. - Eden
BOOTH, Wilbur F. Prattville
BRADFORD, Thomas C. Birmingham
BRADLEY, WILLIAM E., Pvt. J Abbeville, Alabama.
BRANNON, ROBERT W., Sgt., Eufaula, Alabama.
BROUGHTON, DAN, Corp., Hurricane, Alabama.
BROWN, SHER1\fAN K., Pvt., Creola, Alabama.
BRYARS, JOSEPH W., Pvt., Perdido, Alabama.
BUSH, HENRY L., Pvt., Abbeville, Alabama.
BUSH, JESSE, Corp., Cotton Hill, Alabama.
BUSH, RICHARD H., Corp., Carpenters, Alabama.
BYRD, WILLIAM E., Pvt., Bay Minette, Alabama.
BYRNE, GEORGE T., Sgt., Bay Minette, Alabama.
CAIN, KRAMER G., Sgt., Birmingham, Alabama.
CAMPBELL, HARRISON, Pvt., Pensacola, Florida.
CHAUDRON, NORWELL L., Pvt., Flomaton, Alabama.
CHRISTIE, EMERY L., Pvt., Graceville, Florida.
CHURCHWELL, OSCAR, Pvt., Route 1, Skipperville, Alabama
CLARK, ALVIN W.., Pvt., Stapleton, Alabama.
COODELL, JAMES F. , Pvt., Union Springs, Alabama.
CONE, PAUL M., Pvt., Greenville, Texas.
COOK, MALCOLM, Pvt., Skipperville, Alabama.
COOK, MELVIN 0., Pvt., Enterprise, Alabama.
COX, JESSE E.,'Pvt., Bay Minette, Alabama.
CROCKETT, JAMES E., Pvt., Headland, Alabama.
CROCKETT, JOE Pvt., Headland, Alabama.
CUMMINGS, Wiliam H. Pvt., Webb, Alabama.
DABNEY, ALBERT C., Pvt., Ensley, Alabama.
DANZEY, LUTHER L., Pvt., Abbeville, Alabama.
DAVIS, ALBERT C., Pvt., Abbeville, Alabama.
DAVIS, TOM W., Pvt., Headland, Alabama.
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM T., Pvt., McKenzie, Alabama.
DAVISON, LESLIE, Pvt., Canoe, Alabama.
DOLIVE, HARVEY L., Pvt., Hurricane, Alabama.
DREW, WILLIAM E., Pvt., Lottie, Alabama.
DUCK, ROBERT S., Pvt., Brady, Alabama.
DUNN, FRANK, Pvt., Elamville, Alabama.
DUNN, SAM, Pvt., Elisha" Alabama.
DURANT, LITTLE ED, Pvt., Bromley, Alabama.
DURHAM, ALBERT E., Pvt., Chavis, Alabama.
EDWARD, RAYMONG, Pvt., Eclectic, Alabama.
EDWARDS, JAMES A., Pvt., Shorterville, Alabama
EDWARDS, JOHN C., Cook, 541 Broad St., Columbus GA
EGGE, ELMORE J., Pvt., Molino, Florida.
ETHRIDGE, RALPH 1., Pvt., Columbia, Alabama.
FARMER, WATSON, Pvt., Kinston,Alabama.
FAULK, JOHN, Pvt., Dyas, Alabama.
FAULK , VANDER, Pvt., Haleburg, Alabama.
FELICE, MIKE Pvt. Birmingham Alabama.
FISCHER, ClAUDE C. Pvt. Pine Barron Florida.
FLOWERS LORENZO C. Pvt. Brundidge Alabama.
FLOYD, FRANK Bugler Clayton Alabama.
FRANK OTTO B., Pvt. Red Level Alabama.
FREDERICK ALTIE A., Pvt., Adamsville Alabama.
FREDERICK, JOHN D., Pvt. Adamsville, Alabama.
FRENCH, CYRIL G., Pvt.., Brundidge, Alabama.
FRETWELL, HENRY H., Pvt., Perdido, Alabama. .
GAMBLE, JAMES R., Pvt., Abbeville, Alabama
GANONG, LEWIS M., Pvt., 1043 S. 4th st., Memphis, Tenn
GARRARD, LAFRED S., Pvt. Montgomery, Alabama.
GATES, ANCE M., Pvt., Atmore, Alabama.
GEORGE, CURTIS W., Pvt., Foshee, Alabama.
GIBSON, CLARENCE S. Pvt., Pine Barron, Florida.
GIBSON, DANIEL M. Pvt. Pine,Barron" Florida.
GILMORE, ERNEST E. Pvt., Clayton, Alabama.
GODWIN, TALTON T. Pvt., Oak Grove, Florida
GRAHAM, THOMAS J., Pvt., Atmore, Alabama.
GRANT, GEORGE, Pvt., Greenville, Alabama.
GRAY, HARRY H., Pvt., Edgewater, Alabama.
GREENE, CECIL E., Pvt., 213 Lauderdale St., Selma, Ala
GRIMES, DANIEL M., Pvt., Daphne, Alabama.
GRUNSLEY, BRENTON A., Pvt., Haleburg, Alabama.
GUNTER, CARLIE G., Corp., Brundidge, Alabama.
HALL, DEMPSEY W., Pvt., Nakomis, Alabama.
HALL, PATE Pvt., Century, Florida.
HAMMOCK, GEORGE M., Pvt., Bay Minette, Alabama.
HARDWICK, ROY M., Pvt., Hardwicksburg, Alabama.
HARRIS, EDWARD T., Corp., Bay Minette, Alabama.
HASSELVANDER, PETER P., Pvt., Ackerville, Alabama.
HAYWOOD, ZEBEDEE, Pvt., Talladega, Alabama.
HODGES, PETER, Pvt. 1st class, Texasville, Alabama.
HOLLODAY, CHARLIE 11., Pvt., Decherd, Tennessee.
HOLMAN, JOHN H., Pvt., Muscogee, Florida.
HOLMES, ORIGEN S., Pvt., Foley, Alabama..
HOUSTON, WALLACE, Pvt. 1st class, Clayton, Alabama.
HOWARD, HARRY J., Pvt., Union Springs, Alabama.
HUFF, WALTER A., Pvt., Foley, Alabama.
HUGHES, JOSEPH H., Sgt., 161 S. Warren St., Mob:ile, A:
JACKSON, PERRY, Pvt. 1st class, Ha1eburg, Alabama.
JACKSON, STEWART H., Pvt., Birmingham" Alabama..
JAMES, JAMES C., Sgt. Q. M., Eufaula, Alabama.
JOHNSON, JOE 0., Pvt. A tmore, Alabaina.
JOHNSON, OLIVER, Pvt., Nokomis, Alabama.
KENNEDY, JOHN G. Pvt., Clayton, Alabama.
KENNEDY, PHIPPS, Pvt., Abbeville, Alabama.
KERVIN, TYSON, Pvt., Red Level, Alabama.
LAND, FRANK, Pvt., Rome, Alabama.
LANEY, HENRY C., Abbeville, Alabama
LANGFORD, ALBERT, Sgt., Columbia.; Alabama.
LEE, JOHN, Pvt., Brooks, Alabama.
LENIS, ULYSSES, Pvt., Birmingham; Alabama.
LINT, FRANK H., Pvt., Birmirigham, Alabama.
LOCKHA.RT, DAN, Pvt., Clanton, Alabama
. LOTT, HENRY, Pvt., Abbeville, Alabama.
LOYD, ALEXANDER, Pvt., Eliska, Alabama.
LOWERY, ALVA E., Pvt., Holley, Florida.
LUKER, WILLIAM L., Pvt., Atmore, Alabama.
McCAIN, ULYSSES, Pvt. 1st class , Clay County Alabama
McCANN, WILLIAM., Pvt., Sylacauga, Alabama.
McGHEE, NOAH, Pvt., Atmore, Alabama.
McGHEE, RilEY, Pvt., Atmore, Alabama.
McGRIFF, HARRY LEE, Pvt., Columbia, Alabama.
McKENZIE, CLARENCE W., Pvt., Cottage Hill, Florida
McLAIN, JAMES W., Pvt., Lottie, Alabama
. McLAIN, LEON H., Pvt., Red Level, Alabama.
MADDOX, EARLY, Pvt., Harianna, Florida.
MADOX, HOBSON, Pvt., Stapleton, Alabama.
MADDOX, ROMCE S., Pvt., Abbeville, Alabama.
MADDOX, LONNIE, Pvt., New Brockton, Aiabama.
MARTIN, JOHN J., Pvt., Clayton, Alabama.
MARTIN, STERLING B., Pvt., Clayton, Alabama.
MASON, WILLIAM A., Pvt., Atmore, Alabama.
MATHISON, BERTRAM, Pvt., Abbeville, Alabama.
MATHISON, WOODIE B., Sgt., Abbeville, Alabama.
MATSON, HOWARD H., Pvt., Talladega, Alabama.
NEZICK, OTIS, Corp., Ashland, Alabama.
MING, J. H., Pvt., Newton, Alabama.
MILLS, SAMUEL A., Pvt., Branch, Alabama
. MILSTEAD, HmlliR B., Pvt., A tmore, Alabama.
MILSTED, CORIE L., Pvt.,Atmore, Alabama.
MILTON, LEE, Pvt., Oakystreak, Alabama.
MONEY, WILLIAlI1 H., Pvt. 1st class, Abbeville, Alabama
MONK, EVERETT, Pvt., Shorters, Alabama.
MORING, BENJAMIN, Pvt., Abbeville, Alabama.
MORRISON, GROVER, Pvt., Clayton, Alabama.
MORRISON, LESTER, Pvt., Clayton, Alabama.
NELSON, ZACHARIA., Pvt., Walnut Hill, Florida.
NOBLE, RALPH, Pvt., 6614 Georgia Ave., Birmingham,
NOLEY, BUSEY, Pvt., Bratt, Alabama.
NORTHRUP, ALBERT F., Pvt.,. East Lake, Alabama.
NORTON, ROBERT, Pvt., Clayton, Alabama.
ODOM, ERNEST B., Pvt., Armore, Alabama.
OWENS, BURL, Pvt., Edwin Alabama.
PARKER, CLYDE, Pvt., Perdido, Alabama.
PARKER, SAMUEL, Pvt., Perdido, Alabama.
PATTERSON, BOB, Pvt., Black, Alabama.
PAYNE, JOHN , Pvt., Attala, Alabama.
PENUEL, LUTHER , Abbeville, Alabama.
PERDUE, JAKE, Pvt., Opp, Alabama.
PRATT, JOHN E., Pvt., 7811 Hillman Ave., Birmingham, Ala
PRESLEY, DANIEL 0., Pvt., Pine Barron, Florida.,
QUILLEN, JEFF, Pvt., Clayton, Alabama.
QUISENBERRY, WILLIAM Y., Pvt., Pine Apple, Alabama.
RAY, AUBREY C ., Pvt., Bay Minette, Alabama.
REYNOLDS, HENRY, Pvt., Abbeville, Alabama.
RHODES, CARL, Corp., Capps, Alabama.
RICHARDSON, SIBLEY B., Pvt., Stockton, Alabama.
ROBERTS, GARY A., Corp., Bay Ninette, Alabama.
ROBERTS, GREIL, Pvt., Bay Minette, Alabama.
ROBERTS, Thomas - Capps
ROY, JOHN J., Pvt. Millry, Alabama.
SCOTT, BEN H., Pvt., Bay Minette, Alabama.
SCROGG INS, RUFUS, Corp., Louisville, Alabama.
SEARCY, S.A.MUEL R., Pvt., Skipperville, Alabama.
SHIRLEY, LOID, Sgt., Abbeville, Alabama.
SIMMONS, REX: 0., Pvt., Malone, Florida.
SIMS, COY V., Pvt., Sycamore, Alabama.
SMITH, ERNEST T., Pvt., Prattsville, Alabama.
SMITH, ERNEST M., Pvt., Stapleton, Alabama.
SNELLINGS, WILLIE 1., Pvt., Gurley, Alabama.
STARNES, ORR, Pvt. 1st class, Pell City, Alabama.
STEADHAMS, ORIE D., Pvt., Daphne, Alabama.
SULLIVAN, MAURICE G., Pvt., Charlotte, North Carolina.
TAYLOR, ALEXANDER G., Corp., Silas, Alabama.
TAYLOR, ANDREW C., Pvt., Molino, Florida.
TAYLOR, DOUGLAS M., Pvt., Bay Minette, Alabama.
TAYLOR, HENRY F., Corp., Gilberton, Alabama.
TAYLOR, JOHN T., Pvt., Bay Minette, Alabama.
TAYLOR, PERRY A., Pvt., Bay Minettte, Alabama.
THOlilPSON, GIDEON P., Pvt., Clayton, Alabama.
THOMPSON, ROBERT, Pvt., Stockton, Alabama.
TILLER, BENJAMIN L., Sgt., Headland, Alabama.
TOLER, FLETCHER C., Pvt., Carpenters, Alabama.
TOWNLEY, WALTER B., Pvt., Muscogee, Florida.
TURNER, NEWMAN, Mech. Pvt., Collinsville, Alabama.
WARD, FRANK D., Pvt. 3000 Ave. D., Birmingham, Alabama.
WATSON, CLYDE, Pvt., Clayton, Alabama.
WEEKLEY, BUFORD, Pvt., Perdido, Alabama.
WELLS, ARTHUR, Pvt., Albertville, Alabama
. WEST, CULLEN, Corp., Baker Hill, Alabama.
WHATLEY, HARVEY, Pvt., Headland, Alabama.
WHITE, FRANK B., Pvt., Bay 1inette, Alabama.
WHITE, KINNON R., Pvt., Muscogee, Alabama.
WHITE, LOID R., Pvt., Bay Minette, Alabama. .
WHITE, MARSHALL N., Pvt., Bay Miinette, Alabama.
WHITEHURST, Alto L. Sgt. Clopton AL
WILLIAMS, C.B. Pvt. Clayton AL
WILLIAMS, James Pvt. Bay Minette AL
WINGATE, Rosier K. Pvt. Camilla GA
WILSON, Walter E. Pvt. Jackson AL
WILSON, William H . Pvt. Cullonburg AL
WOODHAM, Terrel C. Cook, Pvt. Capps AL
WREN, Edward R. Sgt. Talladega AL

Company C

Capt. Gardner Green, Pell City AL
1st Lt. Richard B. Kelly Jr. 1436 10th Place S. Birmingham AL
1st Lt. Benjamin L. Curtis 61 Paradis Rd. North Hampton Mass
2d Lt. Stephen W. Harris, Huntsville AL
2d Lt. O.R.C. Bryan Snyder Jr. Marshall TX
2d Lt. Donald W. Philbrick, Skowgegan Maine
2d Lt. Ralph Griffin, Traer Iowa
ACKLEN, RAYM(OND Pvt. Huntsville Alabama
ADAMS, Joseph Corp., Pell City Alabama
ALDREDGE, John F. Corp. Noma FL.
ALLDREGE, EVERT A., Pvt., Route 2, Guntersville, Alabama.
ARNOLD, FRANK B., Pvt., Falkville, Alabama.
AUTREY, OSCAR L., Pvt., Pine Hill, Alabama.
BAILEY, Otis, Pvt., Thomaston, Georgia.
BANISTER, JOHN M., Pvt., Gwin, Alabama.
BARNARD, HARRY Pvt ., Samson, Alabama.
BEARDEN, ALVIN C., , Pvt . " Helen Best Mine, Birmingham,AL
BEARDEN, JOHN T., Pvt., Woodland, 67th st., Birmingham AL
BEAN, ELMER, Pvt., Easonville, Alabama.
BECK, CECIL C., Pvt., Fort Payne, Alabama.
BELL, LOIS, Pvt.., Geneva, .Alabama
BOWD IN, GUY, Pvt., Elba, Alabama.
BROWN, HENRY W. Pvt. Geneva Alabama.
BROWN, OLLIS C., Corp., Eden, Alabama.
BROWN, PRESTON pvt. Coffee. Springs, . Alabama
BROWN, RUBEN 0. Corp Pell City,;Alabama.
BRENNERMAN, AMOS, Pvt., Winfield, Kentucky.
BURNETT, CAULIA, Pvt., Ocampo, Alabama.
BURTON, WILL H., Pvt., Davistbn, Alabama
BUTLER, CLEVE, Pvt., Pell City, Alabama.
BUTLER, COVOSO, Pvt., Cordova, Alabama.
CALE, ROBERT W., Corp., Pratt City, Alabama
CALLAHAN, EDGAR, Pvt., Pell City, Alabama
CAMERON, FRANK H., Pvt., West Grun, Alabama.
CANTRELL, HERMl\N, Pvt.,39 Dallas St., Huntsville AL
CARTER, LESTER, Pvt., Hawk, Alabama.
CASH, SAMUEL R., Pvt., Winfield, Alabama.
CAUDLE, BERT, Pvt., Gwin, Alabama.
CAUSEY, GEORGE, Pvt., Pell City, Alabama.
CAUSEY, JAMES H., Pvt., Pell City, Alabama.
CHAMBERS, FRANK, Pvt., Pell City, Alabama
COATS, BRITT, Pvt., Newtonville, Alabama.
CONGER, CHARLES C., Pvt., Ensley, Alabama.
CORNETT, JOSEPH C., Sgt., Talladega, Alabama.
CROFT, LEWIS, Pvt., Dawson Alabama
CRUNK, PERCY, Pvt., 413 C St. Merrimac Mills, Florence, Alabama
CURRENCE, GILBERT, Pvt., Cuba, Alabama.
DAVENPORT, OLIVER C., Pvt., Woodward, Alabama.
DAVIDSON, HARCUS, Corp., Lincoln, Alabama.
DAY, CLAUDE, Pvt., 421 1st Ave., West End, Birmingham, Alabama
DEAUX, WALTER D., Pvt., Poarch,Alaibama
DEGARIS, Julien S. Sgt,.Pell City, Alabama.
DERRICK, Wm. H. Corp., 1010 Cotton Ave West End, Birmingham Alabama
DERTING, LILLARD B., Pvt Huntsville, Alabama
DOPSON, RICHARD ,Pvt.,. Wetumpka, Alabama
DOTSON, WALTER L., Pvt., 6arbon Hill, Alabama.
DRAKE, ADOLPHUS, Pvt., Wadley, Alabama
DRAKE, JAMES L., Pvt., 513 st. Chao Ave., Bimingham; Alabama
DUPAY, JOSEPH T., Corp., 423 No,. 52nd St., Birmingham AL
DUNN, JESSIE, Pvt... Black, Alabama
DUNN, LEONARDD, Pvt., Black, Alabama
DUNN, MARVIN, Pvt., Black, Alabama.
DYE, JAMES A., Corp., Pell City, Alabama.
FANT, GEORGE, Sgt., Eden, Alabama.
FITZGERALD J EDWARD J Pvt., Omaha, Georgia
FORD, JOHN E., Pvt., Manbreno, Texas.
FORMAN, EDGAR E., Pvt., Geneva, Alabama. .
FORMAN GRADY D., Pvt., Springville, Alabama.
FOUGHT, LESTER, Pvt., Carbon Hill, Alabama. .
GENTRY, HERMAN D., Pvt., Huntsville, Alabama.
GIBBONS, MARRELL, Pvt., Red Level, Alabama
GILLETTE, RICHARD W., Pvt., Ensley, Alabama.
GLASGOW, Jack ., Pvt., Blountstown, Florida.
GOLD, CLYDE 0., Pvt., Chase, Alabama.
GORE, PRESTON, Corp., Hurtsboro, Alabama
GOZA, CALVIN W., Pvt., Fyffe, Alabama.
GRAHAM, GRADY, Pvt., Pell City, Alabama.
GRIFFITH, RALPH, Pvt., Pell City, Alabama.
HANEY, OWEN C., Pvt., Winfield, Alabama.
HANNER, EUGENE, Pvt., Elkwood, Alabama.
HARMON, WASSON, Sgt., Pell City, Alabama.
HASSELL, JOHN T., Pvt., Andalusia, Alabama.
HATHCOX, WALLACE, Pvt., Ragland, Alabama
HAYWOOD, STERLING, Pvt., Daleville, Alabama.
HEFLIN, FRED, Pvt., Moulton, Alabama
HELTON, SAM, Pvt., Huntsville, Alabama.
HEMPHILL, WILLIE T., Pvt, 240 Bryon St., Atlanta,
HESTERLY, BRUTON, Pvt., Pell City, Alabama.
HIBBS J JESSE B., Pvt., 7918 Underwood, Birmingham,
HICKS, SHELLY S., Pvt., White City, Alabama
HIGGINBOTHAN, GEORGE, Pvt., Pell. City, Alabama.
HILL, FLOYD J., Pvt., Moulton, Alabama.
HOMER, ART, Pvt., Brilliant, Alabama.
HOMER, FLOYD, Pvt., Brilliant, Alabama
HOLCOMB, JAMES L., Pvt., Kansas, Alabama.
HOLLIS, KELCIE, Pvt., Brilliant, Alabama.
HOLMAN, SAM, Pvt., Huntsville, Alabama.
HOWARD, CLAUDE S., 1st Sgt., Claude, Alabama
HUDSON, AUDREY, Pvt., Thomasville, Alabama.
HUTCHINSON, EVERETT H., Pvt. Salles, Alabama
HUTTO, ALLAN, Pvt., Hartford, Alabama.
JARRETT, OSCAR, Corp., Easonville, Alabama
JOHNSON, ROBERT H., Pvt., Brilliant, Alabama
JOHNSON, ROBERT S., Pvt., Kimberly, Alabama.
JOHNSTON, JEFF, Pvt., McIntosh, Alabama.
JOHNSTON, HENRY P., Pvt., Luverne, Alabama.
JONE, FRED, Pvt., Walkers Crossing, Alabama.
JONES, CLAUDE W., Pvt., Cowper, Alabcupa.
KERNODLE, GEORGE E., Pvt., 1532-5,19th St., Binzd
KTIGORE, RANDALL, Corp., Pell City, Alabama.
KILLINGSWORTH, HAYDEN H., Pvt., Calere, Alabama.
KNOWLTON, GILBERT R., Pvt., 1318 Huntsvilel Ave. Birmingham AL
KOONCE, OSCAR H., Corp., Huntsville Alabama.
LACEY, PHILLIP, Pvt., Gardendale, Alabama
LAMBERT, WILLIAM C., Pvt., Jasper, Alabama.
LAND, COLUMBUS C., Pvt., Dixonville, Florida.
LANIER, JOHN C., Pvt., Chatton, Georgia.
LASTER, HORTON, Pvt., Taft, Tennessee.
LAURELL, RALPH, Pvt., 1731 19th Ave., Birmingham,
LIDGETT, MELVIN, Pvt., Hartford, Alabama.
LINAM, ABNER, Pvt., Daleville, Alabama.
LONGCRIER, PAUL J., Pvt., Sulligent, Alabama.
LUKER, THOMAS, Pvt., Lacey Springs, Alabama.
McDANIEL, JAMES D., Pvt., Springville, Alabama.
McGEE, GEORGE W., Pvt., Fyffe, Alabama.
McGOWAN, EARLY, Pvt., Hartford, Alabama.
McKINNON, WALLACE, Pvt., Geneva, Alabama.
MANNlNG, BERTO, Pvt., Majestic Alabama.
MARSH, CHARLIE M., Pvt., Mt. Pinson, Alabama.
MATHEWS, GEORGE M., Pvt., Mathews, Alabama.
MATTINSON, CHARLEY, Pvt., Birmingham, Alabama.
MATHIS, JOHN, Pvt., Dora, Alabama.
MERRILL, JIM, Pvt., Warrior, Alabama..
MITCHELL, ERNEST V., Pvt., Pell City Alabama.
MIZE, LEONIDAS, Mech., Odenville, Alabama.
MONCRIEF, TILLMAN H., Pvt., Gardendale, Alabama.
MONCRIEF, WM. F., Pvt., Gardendale, Alabama.
MORGAN, ACIE, Pvt., Edgewater, Alabama..
MORTON, ROBERT Pvt., Birmingham, Alabama
MOORE, DWIGHT, Pvt., Leeds, Alabama.
MORRISON, HARVEY, Sgt., Pell City, Alabama.
MOSS, JOHN, Pvt., Buffalo Valley, Tennessee.
MOWERY, PAUL, Pvt., Eden, Alabama.
NORTH, Harwell Sgt., Lathrop, Alabama.
0' BRIEN, THOMAS Pvt. Birmingham, Alabama.
0' NEAL, DANIEL H., Pvt., Ensley, Alabama.
0'NEAL, JOHN D., Pvt., Ensley, Alabama.
OSBURN, CHARLIE, Pvt., Darrington, Florida.
OTTLEY, HARMON F., Corp., Geneva, New York.
PARKER, JOHN H., Pvt., East Gadsden, Alabama.
PARTAIN, GEORGE T., Corp., R.F. D. 3, Birmingham, AL
PATTERSON, CARLYLE W., Corp. Huntsville, Alabama.
PATTERSON, FRED, Cook, Cropwell, Alabama
PATTERSON, WILLIAM, Pvt., Pell City, Alabama.
PITTS, JOE, Pvt., Union Springs, Alabama.
PRITCHETT, HENRY G., Pvt., Dozier, Alabama.
RAY, FRED, Pvt., Bell Mills, Alabama
RAYBORN, ELMORE, Pvt., Thomasville, Alabama
REYNOLDS ,~ ROY, Pvt., Taft, Tennessee
RHEA., RAYMOND, Pvt., Somerville, Alabama.
RILEY, ALLEN, Pvt., Florala, Alabama.
ROBERSON, James Corp. Pell City AL
SANDERS, Finus Corp. Huntsville AL
SANDERS, James Corp. Pell City AL
SCHELL, William M. Pvt. Pell City AL
SCHMIDT, George Pvt. RFD 4 Birmingham AL
SCOGGINS, Jesse T. Sgt. Pell City AL
SCHRIMSCHER, Wilbur, Pvt. 3815 4th Ave. Birmingham AL
SEALS, Charlie Bugler, Pell City AL
SEARCH, Larry P. Pvt. Birmingham
SELF, Fred H. Pvt. Mt. Pinson AL
SHAW, John F. Pvt. Blocton AL
SHEETS,Wm. C. Pvt. McCullough AL
SIMS, Theodore E. Corp. 84th St. East Lake, Birmingham AL
SNELL, Edward Pvt. Lewisburg AL
SMITH, Charles C. Pvt. Jasper AL
SMITH, Leroy Pvt. Pell City AL
SMITH, Robet S. Pvt. Birmingham
SMITH, Sam Pvt. 7432 1st Ave. Birmingham AL
SMITH, Willie Pvt. Hartford AL
SOMERSET, henry B. Pvt Geneva AL
SPRADLEY, Mannon T. Bugler, Pel City AL
STEELE, Frank S. Pvt. Risingfawn GA
STEPHENS, James Pvt. Daviston AL
STEPHENS, Oscar D. Corp. Lincoln AL
STEWART, Lee Pvt. Cullman AL
STUBBLEFIELD, John W. Pvt. Columbus City AL
SULLIVAN, Berry Pvt. Echola AL
SULLIVAN, Mit M. Sgt. Echola AL
SWAN, John D. Pvt. Wellington AL
TALLEY, William E. Cook, Torey AL
TENNEY, Roston Pvt. Coalmont, AL
THOMPSON, David Pvt. Chavies AL
THUNDEBURK, George W. Pvt. Sulligent AL
TRAPP, Elmer R. Corp. Galaten TN
TROTTER, Fred B. Pvt. Warrior AL
TURNER, Buell S. Pvt. Americus GA
WADE, Harrison C. Pvt. Cropwell AL
WADE, Robert L. Pvt. Dallas Mills Huntsville AL
WALKER, Houston E. Pvt. Springville AL
WALKER, Robert L. Pvt Cropwell AL
WALKER, Willie Pvt. Hunsville
WATSON, Bert Corp. Eden AL
WEEMS, Jesse J. Pvt. Courtland AL
WILLINGHAM, George H. Pvt Cropwell AL
WILLINGHAM, James B. Cook, Pell City AL
WILLINGHAM, Ran Corp. Cropwell AL
WILLIAMS, George Pvt. Wilsonville AL
WILLIAMS, James Pvt. Manchester GA
WILLIAMS SIMON J. Pvt. 816 2d Ave. Birmingham
WILLIAMSON, Abner Cook, Odenville AL
WILLIAMSON, Howard Sgt. Pell City AL
WILSON, Benj. F. Pvt. Ardell AL
WILSON, Henry Pvt. Canton GA
WILSON, Oscar E. Geneva AL
WINDHAM, Cuthbert T. Pvt. Black, AL
WOLF, Claude Pvt. Oakman AL
WOLF, Joe Pvt. Dora AL
WOLF, Sim, Pvt. DOra AL
WRIGHT, Jeff D. Pvt. Ozark AL
WRIGHT, WIll N. Pvt Geneva AL
WYATT, Willie S. Pvt. Birmingham
YOUNG, Cliff, Pvt. 1315 8th Ave. Birmingham AL

There might have been more to this list .. but the papers I have, ended here.

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