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This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Shelby County.

Source: GNIS
See Also: Autobiography of J. M. SCOTT, Former Pastor of Bethesda Church
Name Latitude Longitude Map
Aldrich Church 330629N 0865329W Aldrich
Allen Church 332225N 0864226W Chelsea
Antioch Baptist Church 330933N 0863322W Columbiana
Antioch Church 331006N 0865734W Pea Ridge
Arkwright Church 332228N 0862434W Harpersville
Baker Grove Church 332055N 0862300W Harpersville
Bay Spring Church 330331N 0863409W Shelby
Beaver Creek Church (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bethel Church 331319N 0863443W Columbiana
Bethel Church 330913N 0865558W Pea Ridge
Bethesda Church Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bethlehem Church 330519N 0863156W Shelby
Beulah Church 332628N 0862842W Vincent
Blue Springs Church 331457N 0863313W Columbiana
Bold Spring Presbyterian Church 332700N 0863920W Cahaba Heights
Brantleyville Church 331256N 0865216W Alabaster
Brashers Chapel Church 332326N 0863700W Vandiver
Briarwood Church 332327N 0864126W Cahaba Heights
Bryan Presbyterian Memorial Church 332249N 0864451W Cahaba Heights
Cahaba Valley Church 332335N 0864415W Cahaba Heights
Calcis Church 332531N 0862551W Vincent
Calera First United Methodist Church 330604N 0864517W Montevallo
Calvary Church 331702N 0864054W Chelsea
Calvary Hill Church 330921N 0864919W Alabaster
Camp Branch United Methodist Church 331230N 0864542W Alabaster
Cedar Grove Freewill Baptist Church 331304N 0863311W Columbiana
Central United Methodist Church 331416N 0864913W Alabaster
Chelsea Church 332037N 0863717W Westover
Christ Church 332342N 0864416W Cahaba Heights
Church of God 332851N 0862928W Vincent
Church of God of Prophecy 332704N 0862817W Vincent
Church of Prophecy 331606N 0863435W Westover
Church of the Nazareth 331009N 0863729W Columbiana
Clear Springs Church 332442N 0863748W Cahaba Heights
Cole Temple Church 330631N 0863627W Shelby
Community Church 331344N 0865142W Alabaster
Consolidated Presbyterian Church (historical) 330603N 0864512W Montevallo
Coosa Valley Church 332428N 0862351W Vincent
Cumberland Church 330916N 0864520W Alabaster
Daly Church (historical) 331222N 0870010W Halfmile Shoals
Davis Chapel 332922N 0862718W Vincent
Dogwood Baptist Church 330905N 0865222W Alabaster
Dogwood Church 330920N 0865241W Pea Ridge
Duncan Chapel 332548N 0862648W Vincent
Dunnavant Faith Chapel 332955N 0863232W Vandiver
Ebenezer Church 330958N 0864850W Alabaster
Ebenezer Church 332314N 0863108W Vandiver
Elliottsville Church 331235N 0864943W Alabaster
Enon Baptist Church 330439N 0864906W Montevallo
Epsibeth Church 330613N 0865325W Aldrich
Everdale Church 330722N 0865141W Montevallo
Faith Church 330722N 0865241W Aldrich
Faulkner Church 332633N 0863308W Vandiver
First Assembly of God Church of Alabaster 331549N 0864924W Helena
First Baptist Church 331325N 0862941W Wilsonville
First Baptist Church 330604N 0864514W Montevallo
First Baptist Church 330622N 0863513W Shelby
First Baptist Church of Alabaster 331447N 0864938W Alabaster
First Born Church 332547N 0862645W Vincent
First United Methodist Church 330605N 0865153W Montevallo
Florence Baptist Church 331607N 0863435W Westover
Fourmile Baptist Church 331528N 0863225W Westover
Full Gospel Church 330947N 0863639W Columbiana
Galilee Church 331252N 0864716W Alabaster
Good Hope Church 330927N 0863331W Columbiana
Grace Church 331242N 0864706W Alabaster
Green Chapel Church 330606N 0865346W Aldrich
Hargis Memorial Chapel 332204N 0863600W Westover
Helena Cumberland Presbyterian Church 331727N 0865037W Helena
Highland Church 332325N 0864147W Cahaba Heights
Highland Church 332027N 0864626W Helena
K Springs Church 331858N 0863913W Chelsea
Klein Church 331709N 0862630W Harpersville
Lesters Chapel 331740N 0863717W Westover
Liberty Baptist Church 332002N 0863731W Chelsea
Liberty Church 331950N 0863720W Westover
Lyon Church (historical) 331429N 0863222W Columbiana
Macedonia Church 331827N 0865421W Greenwood
Macedonia Church 332707N 0862305W Vincent
Macedonia Church 330922N 0865439W Pea Ridge
Mayberry Church 330917N 0865612W Pea Ridge
Monte-Sil Baptist Church 331107N 0864925W Alabaster
Montevallo Church of Christ 330607N 0865147W Montevallo
Montevallo First Baptist Church 330559N 0865148W Montevallo
Montevallo Presbyterian Church 330554N 0865145W Montevallo
Moores Crossroad Church 330903N 0864927W Alabaster
Mount Canaan Church 332600N 0862640W Vincent
Mount Era Methodist Church 331226N 0864305W Bounds Lake
Mount Olive Church 332039N 0862537W Harpersville
Mount Olive Freewill Baptist Church 332952N 0863240W Vandiver
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church 331759N 0865035W Helena
Mount Signal Church 332121N 0863523W Westover
Mount Tabor Church 332121N 0863213W Westover
Mount Zion Church 332122N 0863157W Westover
Mountain Chapel Calvary (historical) 331641N 0864226W Chelsea
Mountain Church 330520N 0864739W Montevallo
Mountain View Church 331330N 0863344W Columbiana
New Bethesby Church 331559N 0863716W Westover
New Hope Church 332123N 0864439W Chelsea
New Hope Church (historical) 332139N 0864408W Chelsea
New Life Assembly Church 332101N 0863242W Westover
New Mount Mariah Church 330755N 0864515W Alabaster
Oak Grove Church 332428N 0864049W Cahaba Heights
Oak Mountain Baptist Church 331807N 0864718W Helena
Oasis Faith Chapel Church 331913N 0863706W Westover
Old Chapel Methodist Church 331333N 0863106W Columbiana
Pea Ridge Church 330924N 0865652W Pea Ridge
Pelham First Baptist Church 331712N 0864842W Helena
Pelham United Methodist Church 331707N 0864840W Helena
Pentecostal Church 332314N 0862641W Vincent
Pilgrim Free Will Church 330720N 0865506W Aldrich
Pilgrim Rest Church 331210N 0864243W Bounds Lake
Pilgrim Rest Church 330650N 0865228W Montevallo
Pilgrims Rest Church (historical) 331157N 0864108W Bounds Lake
Pilgrims Rest Church (historical) 330639N 0865436W Aldrich
Piney Grove Church 331729N 0864931W Helena
Pleasant Grove Church 332811N 0863058W Vandiver
Pleasant Grove Church (historical) 330508N 0863503W Shelby
Pleasant Ridge Church 332847N 0863418W Vandiver
Pleasant Site Church 332450N 0863515W Vandiver
Pleasant Valley Church 331825N 0864058W Chelsea
Prospect Baptist Church 331917N 0863322W Westover
Prospect Church 330610N 0863852W Ozan
Providence Church 330637N 0863622W Shelby
Providence Church 331859N 0862301W Harpersville
Rehaboa Church (historical) 332652N 0862403W Vincent
Riverchase United Methodist Church 332127N 0864831W Helena
Ryan Baptist Church 331019N 0865134W Alabaster
Saint Andrews Episcopal Church 330616N 0865139W Montevallo
Salem Church 330600N 0864606W Montevallo
Salem Church 330747N 0865137W Alabaster
Sessions Chapel 330435N 0864943W Montevallo
Shady Grove Church 332215N 0863947W Chelsea
Shiloh Baptist Church 330544N 0865155W Montevallo
Shiloh Church 331542N 0865545W Greenwood
Siluria Baptist Church 331404N 0864917W Alabaster
Simmsville Chapel 331921N 0864230W Chelsea
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church 330541N 0864526W Montevallo
Spring Creek Church (historical) 330520N 0863213W Shelby
Spring Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church 330722N 0864857W Montevallo
Summer Hill Church 330911N 0863917W Bounds Lake
The Old Country Church 331835N 0862452W Harpersville
Underwood Baptist Church 330900N 0865150W Alabaster
Union Baptist Church 330846N 0863536W Columbiana
Union Hill Church (historical) 332142N 0862147W Childersburg
Union Hill Freewill Baptist Church 332807N 0863052W Vandiver
Union Methodist Church 332009N 0863337W Westover
University Baptist Church 330626N 0865107W Montevallo
Valley Grove Church 330715N 0864751W Montevallo
Victory Temple Church 330849N 0864705W Alabaster
Westover Church 332110N 0863322W Westover
Wildwood Chapel 331203N 0864218W Bounds Lake





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