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This may not be a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Tallapoosa County.

Source: GNIS


Name Latitude Longitude Map
Agricola Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Antioch Cemetery 325933N 0854719W Jacksons Gap
Antioch Cemetery 324007N 0854355W Thornton
Barnes Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bethel Cemetery 325706N 0855643W Alexander City
Bethlehem - New Salem Cemetery 330242N 0854602W New Site
Beulah Cemetery 323943N 0855122W Ponders
Bice Cemetery 330016N 0855937W Hackneyville
Buttston Cemetery 325647N 0853823W Buttston
Canaan Cemetery 324257N 0853704W Waverly
Canada-Threadgill Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Carver Heights Cemetery 325734N 0855749W Alexander City
Concord Cemetery 325411N 0854542W Jacksons Gap
Craft Cemetery 325929N 0855628W Alexander City
Darian Cemetery 330333N 0853608W Wadley South
Daviston Cemetery 330308N 0853847W Daviston
Daviston Cemetery 330319N 0853819W Daviston
Dillard Cemetery 330526N 0855750W Hackneyville
Dudleyville Cemetery 325452N 0853619W Dudleyville
Eagle Creek Cemetery 325635N 0854505W Jacksons Gap
Ephesus Cemetery 325900N 0855001W Jacksons Gap
Fargason Cemetery 325034N 0853726W Camp Hill SE
Farrow Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Farrow Dennis Graveyard 325016N 0855152W Dadeville
Fellowship Cemetery 325705N 0855550W Alexander City
Friendship Cemetery 324816N 0855851W Our Town
Germany Family Cemetery 325833N 0853846W Buttston
Gillam Cemetery 325300N 0854023W Buttston
Graham Cemetery 330208N 0855638W Hackneyville
Guthrie Cemetery 323949N 0855213W Ponders
Hackneyville Cemetery 330344N 0855604W Hackneyville
Hackneyville Presbyterian Cemetery 330342N 0855550W Hackneyville
Harmony Cemetery 330118N 0854602W New Site
Harper Cemetery 325658N 0855639W Alexander City
Harper Hill Cemetery 324014N 0855017W Ponders
Henderson Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hillabee Campground Cemetery 330255N 0855416W Hackneyville
Hillview Cemetery 325702N 0855546W Alexander City
Holley Cemetery 324640N 0854150W Camp Hill
Hutchinson Cemetery 330056N 0854553W New Site
Jackson Field Cemetery 325907N 0854930W Jacksons Gap
John Johnston Cemetery 324107N 0855050W Ponders
Kennedy-Christian-Sasser Cemetery 325851N 0855736W Alexander City
Langley Cemetery 325150N 0853816W Camp Hill
Lebanon Cemetery 325438N 0854032W Buttston
Liberty Cemetery 330615N 0855641W Hackneyville
Liberty Cemetery 324811N 0855924W Our Town
Lockhart Cemetery 324547N 0854524W Dadeville
Macedonia Cemetery 325429N 0855943W Alexander City
Mask Cemetery 324827N 0855702W Our Town
Maxwell Cemetery 325713N 0860016W Kellyton
McClendon Cemetery 330106N 0854522W New Site
Meadows-Robinson Cemetery 324255N 0853935W Thornton
Milam Cemetery 330319N 0854045W Daviston
Morgan Cemetery 324947N 0854120W Camp Hill
Mount Zion Cemetery 325128N 0855730W Our Town
New Hope Cemetery 330522N 0855110W New Site
New Hope Cemetery 324353N 0854015W Thornton
New Hope Cemetery 324840N 0855457W Our Town
New Hope Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Old Providence Cemetery 330553N 0855521W Hackneyville
Old Rocky Mount Cemetery 325200N 0855157W Dadeville
Old Salem Cemetery 330021N 0854632W New Site
Old Sharon Primitive Baptist Cemetery 323828N 0854748W Ponders
Old Vickers Cemetery 330416N 0854314W Daviston
Patterson Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Pentecost Cemetery 323905N 0854444W Thornton
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 324732N 0854727W Dadeville
Pulliam Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Punkin Hill Cemetery 325541N 0853926W Buttston
Red Ridge Cemetery 324610N 0854707W Dadeville
Reeltown Cemetery 323603N 0854820W Carrville
Sanders Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Sardis Cemetery 324216N 0854532W Ponders
Seleta Cemetery 330120N 0855447W Hackneyville
Shepard Graveyard 325034N 0854510W Dadeville
Shiloh Cemetery 324150N 0854405W Thornton
Slaughters Cemetery 325010N 0853900W Camp Hill
Spain Cemetery 324555N 0854743W Dadeville
Spring Hill Cemetery 324932N 0854024W Camp Hill
Sunny Level Cemetery 325904N 0855600W Alexander City
Tallapoosa County Memorial Gardens 324843N 0854220W Camp Hill
Union Cemetery 325139N 0854751W Dadeville
Union Cemetery 324152N 0855109W Ponders
Valley Grove Cemetery 330540N 0855036W New Site
Williams Cemetery 324935N 0855002W Dadeville
Woods Cemetery 325341N 0854613W Jacksons Gap
Wright Cemetery 322654N 0852637W Society Hill
Youngsville Cemetery Unknown Unknown Alexander City





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