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 LISTING OF CHURCHES (Modern and Historical)

 This is not a complete list

Source: GNIS


Name Latitude Longitude Map
Alex City Holiness Church 325712N 0855844W Alexander City
Antioch Baptist Church 324010N 0854358W Thornton
Antioch Church 330540N 0853545W Wadley South
Antioch Church (historical) 322934N 0854718W La Place
Baptist Tabernacle Church 325636N 0855612W Alexander City
Baskins Chapel 325152N 0854323W Camp Hill
Benson Church 324536N 0855625W Our Town
Bethel Church 324940N 0854915W Dadeville
Bethel Church 325644N 0854648W Jacksons Gap
Bethlehem Church 330243N 0854601W New Site
Bethlehem Church 325935N 0854322W Buttston
Beulah Baptist Church 323943N 0855120W Ponders
Beulah Church 330544N 0853543W Wadley South
Beulah Number 2 Church 324854N 0854250W Camp Hill
Buttston Baptist Church 325647N 0853821W Buttston
Calvary Baptist Church 323317N 0855053W Carrville
Calvary Heights Baptist Church 325551N 0855758W Alexander City
Camp Hill Baptist Church 324810N 0853908W Camp Hill
Canaan Primitive Baptist Church (historical) 324256N 0853702W Waverly
Carrville Baptist Church 323258N 0855234W Tallassee
Centerview Baptist Church 325221N 0853713W Camp Hill SE
Church of Christ 325717N 0855650W Alexander City
Church of God 325857N 0855156W Jacksons Gap
Church of God 325729N 0855657W Alexander City
Church of God of Prophecy 325645N 0855851W Alexander City
Coger Hill Church 330134N 0853749W Daviston
Comer Memorial Baptist Church 325631N 0855639W Alexander City
Comer Memorial Methodist Church 325635N 0855638W Alexander City
Cross Key Baptist Church 330129N 0855909W Hackneyville
Dadeville Baptist Church 324945N 0854554W Dadeville
Darain Baptist Church 325758N 0855854W Alexander City
Darian Primitive Baptist Church 330334N 0853611W Wadley South
Daviston Baptist Church 330316N 0853817W Daviston
Daviston Methodist Church 330307N 0853849W Daviston
Denver Church 330002N 0853536W Wadley South
Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church 325808N 0855405W Alexander City
Eagle Creek Baptist Church 325639N 0854502W Jacksons Gap
Early Rose Baptist Church 325718N 0855720W Alexander City
East Tallassee Baptist Church 323214N 0855243W Tallassee
East Tallassee Church of Christ 323222N 0855239W Tallassee
East Tallassee United Methodist Church 323203N 0855258W Tallassee
Elam Church 323323N 0854937W Carrville
Elder Church 325629N 0854245W Buttston
Emmanual Church 325825N 0855300W Alexander City
Ephesus Primitive Baptist Church 325859N 0855005W Jacksons Gap
First Assembly of God Church 325635N 0855614W Alexander City
First Baptist Church 325634N 0855715W Alexander City
First Methodist Church 325652N 0855717W Alexander City
First Methodist Church of Dadeville 324959N 0854551W Dadeville
First Methodist Episcopal Church 324808N 0853908W Camp Hill
First Presbyterian Church 325655N 0855658W Alexander City
First Presbyterian Church 323224N 0855234W Tallassee
Flint Hill Baptist Church 325435N 0855446W Alexander City
Flint Hill United Methodist Church 325430N 0855436W Alexander City
Friendship Baptist Church (historical) 324816N 0855849W Our Town
Good Grove Church 324730N 0860606W Equality
Great Bethel Baptist Church 325703N 0855644W Alexander City
Hackneyville Church 330339N 0855602W Hackneyville
Hackneyville Presbyterian Church 330340N 0855551W Hackneyville
Harmony Church 330205N 0854626W New Site
Harmony Presbyterian Church 330116N 0854602W New Site
Harper Hill Church 324013N 0855017W Ponders
Haven Chapel Methodist Church 324934N 0854545W Dadeville
Haven Methodist Church 325656N 0855644W Alexander City
Hillabee Baptist Church 325757N 0855442W Alexander City
Hillabee Campground Methodist Church 330256N 0855416W Hackneyville
Hills Chapel Church 324858N 0853556W Camp Hill SE
Hunt Memorial Congregational Church 325631N 0855626W Alexander City
Jones Chapel 325420N 0854802W Jacksons Gap
Leander Church 330350N 0853916W Daviston
Lebanon Church 325434N 0854108W Buttston
Liberty Baptist Church 324812N 0855922W Our Town
Liberty Methodist Church 330613N 0855647W Hackneyville
Macedonia Church 323500N 0855134W Carrville
Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church 325430N 0855943W Alexander City
McGuires Chapel 330321N 0854259W Daviston
Mount Calvary Baptist Church 325318N 0855758W Alexander City
Mount Carmel Church 325208N 0854353W Camp Hill
Mount Godfrey Church 330024N 0854520W New Site
Mount Olive Baptist Church 325159N 0854802W Dadeville
Mount Olive Church (historical) 325440N 0855103W Jacksons Gap
Mount Pleasant Church 324536N 0855625W Our Town
Mount Pleasant Church 330503N 0860014W Goodwater
Mount Zion Baptist Church 325127N 0855734W Our Town
Mount Zion Baptist Church 325728N 0853654W Dudleyville
Mount Zion Church 330310N 0854513W New Site
Mount Zion Church 324608N 0854748W Dadeville
Mount Zion Church 330515N 0854219W Daviston
Mount Zion Church 324932N 0855728W Our Town
New Bethel Baptist Church 325717N 0855749W Alexander City
New Concord Church 325417N 0854525W Jacksons Gap
New Elam Number 1 Baptist Church 325615N 0860013W Kellyton
New Elkahatchee Baptist Church 325403N 0855825W Alexander City
New Harmony Church 324245N 0854251W Thornton
New Hope Baptist Church 324840N 0855456W Our Town
New Hope Church 324326N 0853938W Thornton
New Pine Grove Baptist Church 325942N 0854804W Jacksons Gap
New Poplar Springs Church 324558N 0854417W Camp Hill
New Prospect Church 324039N 0854909W Ponders
New Providence Baptist Church 330108N 0855906W Hackneyville
New Rocky Mount Baptist Church 325218N 0855113W Dadeville
New Salem Baptist Church 330249N 0854558W New Site
New Zion Church 323038N 0855000W Carrville
O Street Baptist Church 325730N 0855636W Alexander City
Oak Grove Church 330141N 0854321W Daviston
Oak Heights Church 323208N 0855228W Carrville
Oak Ridge Church 325310N 0854504W Jacksons Gap
Old Hicks Chapel Church 323405N 0854840W Carrville
Old Providence Baptist Church 330549N 0855523W Hackneyville
Ozias Church 325526N 0853651W Dudleyville
Pearson Chapel United Methodist Church 325903N 0855855W Alexander City
Pentecost Methodist Church 323903N 0854445W Thornton
Perryville Baptist Church 330118N 0854804W New Site
Pine Grove Church 324604N 0854336W Camp Hill
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church 324733N 0854726W Dadeville
Pleasant Ridge Church 324704N 0854524W Dadeville
Pleasant Valley Church 324025N 0854636W Ponders
Pleasant Valley Church 325151N 0855214W Dadeville
Poplar Springs Church 325556N 0854046W Buttston
Red Ridge United Methodist Church 324611N 0854705W Dadeville
Reeltown Church 323603N 0854818W Carrville
Ridge Grove Baptist Church 325335N 0855840W Alexander City
River Road Baptist Church 325535N 0855623W Alexander City
River Road Baptist Church 323111N 0855307W Tallassee
Robinson Memorial Presbyterian Church 325650N 0855853W Alexander City
Rock Springs Church 325524N 0854745W Jacksons Gap
Rocky Creek Church 330212N 0854956W New Site
Rocky Mount Baptist Church 325852N 0855158W Jacksons Gap
Rocky Mount Primitive Baptist Church 330059N 0854006W Daviston
Russell Farm Church 324726N 0855625W Our Town
Saint James Episcopal Church 325624N 0855718W Alexander City
Saint John the Apostle Catholic Church 325659N 0855721W Alexander City
Salem Macon Baptist Church 323453N 0854424W Notasulga
Sandy Creek Baptist Church 325040N 0853652W Camp Hill SE
Sandy Creek Church 324758N 0854722W Dadeville
Sardis Methodist Church 324214N 0854531W Ponders
Selena Baptist Church 325741N 0855659W Alexander City
Shady Grove Church 324623N 0854911W Dadeville
Sharon Primitive Baptist Church 323540N 0855100W Carrville
Sixth Street Baptist Church 325624N 0855512W Alexander City
Smith Church 323121N 0854839W Carrville
Sougahatchee Church 323829N 0854748W Ponders
Sunny Level Baptist Church 325838N 0855549W Alexander City
Sunny Level United Methodist Church 325858N 0855601W Alexander City
Town Creek Missionary Church 330028N 0855423W Hackneyville
Trinity Methodist Church 325553N 0855814W Alexander City
Union Church 324148N 0855205W Ponders
Unity Baptist Church 325645N 0855919W Alexander City
Valley Grove Church 330541N 0855041W New Site
Wayside Baptist Church 325506N 0855555W Alexander City
West End Baptist Church 325734N 0855951W Alexander City
Woods Presbyterian Church 325340N 0854612W Jacksons Gap
Zion Hill Church 325959N 0854223W Buttston





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