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LISTING OF SCHOOLS (Modern and Historical)

This may not be a complete listing

Source: GNIS


Name Latitude Longitude Map
Alexander City School (historical) -- -- Alexander City
Alexander City Christian Academy 325642N 0855615W Alexander City
Alexander City Middle School 325642N 0855656W Alexander City
Avondale Mill School (historical) 325621N 0855636W Alexander City
Benson School (historical) 324607N 0855627W Our Town
Buttston School (historical) 325650N 0853820W Buttston
Camp Hill High School (historical) 324815N 0853838W Camp Hill
Carrville School (historical) -- -- Carrville
Church Hill School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Dadeville Elementary School 324925N 0854545W Dadeville
Dadeville Grammar School (historical) 325001N 0854548W Dadeville
Dadeville High School 324943N 0854518W Dadeville
Dadeville Masonic Seminary -- -- Dadeville
Daviston School 330302N 0853843W Daviston
Duncan School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Durian School (historical) 325758N 0855850W Alexander City
Eagle Creek School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
East Tallassee Grammar School (historical) 323159N 0855303W Tallassee
Edward Bell High School 324755N 0853903W Camp Hill
Elam School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Elder School (historical) 325643N 0854234W Buttston
Everglade School (historical) 325952N 0853917W Buttston
Flint Hill School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Grafenburg Medical Institution (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Hackneyville High School 330339N 0855559W Hackneyville
Hicks Chapel School (historical) 323405N 0854840W Carrville
Jacksons Gap School (historical) 325305N 0854837W Jacksons Gap
Jim Pearson Junior High School 325552N 0855553W Alexander City
Lyman Ward Military Academy 324810N 0853938W Camp Hill
Mount Carmel School (historical) 325209N 0854351W Camp Hill
Nathaniel Stephens Elementary School 325718N 0855701W Alexander City
New Site High School 330202N 0854648W New Site
Octavia Walton Lee Vert Normal College Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ourtown School (historical) 324943N 0855747W Our Town
Ozias School (historical) 325526N 0853648W Dudleyville
Pleasant Valley School (historical) 324024N 0854632W Ponders
Popular Springs School (historical) 325555N 0854043W Buttston
Reeltown High School 323607N 0854818W Carrville
Russell High School 325615N 0855707W Alexander City
Simmons Cross Roads School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Smith School 323121N 0854838W Carrville
Sunnylevel School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Tallapoosa Academy 324904N 0854309W Camp Hill
Tallapoosa County High School (historical) 325003N 0854535W Dadeville
Union Academy 324145N 0855118W Ponders
Valley Grove School (historical) 330541N 0855041W New Site
Walnut Hill School (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
William L Radney Elementary School 325546N 0855822W Alexander City
Winston Male College (historical) Unknown Unknown Unknown
Zions Hill School (historical) 325959N 0854220W Buttston





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