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This may not be a complete listing of the Cemeteries of Tuscaloosa County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
African Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery 331527N 0874158W Lake Lurleen
Alberta Cemetery 331200N 0873053W Tuscaloosa
Andrews Chapel Cemetery 331121N 0872300W Cottondale
Antioch Cemetery 332149N 0871934W Brookwood
Arbor Springs Cemetery 332505N 0873608W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Backbone Cemetery 331457N 0874837W Romulus
Bankston Cemetery 331433N 0872420W Cottondale
Beale Cemetery 330443N 0874144W Fosters
Beautiful Zion Cemetery 331046N 0873745W Coker
Bethabara Cemetery 332233N 0874218W Gin Creek
Bethany Cemetery 331919N 0874316W Lake Lurleen
Bethel Cemetery 331705N 0873135W Lake Tuscaloosa South
Bethel Cemetery 330207N 0874706W Ralph
Beulah Cemetery 331501N 0873255W Lake Tuscaloosa South
Big Creek Cemetery 331501N 0874052W Lake Lurleen
Big Hurricane Cemetery 331344N 0871922W Coaling
Big Sandy Cemetery 330340N 0873233W Englewood
Bone Camp Cemetery 332109N 0873752W Lake Lurleen
Boone Cemetery 333210N 0873911W New Lexington
Bryant Cemetery 333210N 0873833W New Lexington
Bucksville Cemetery 331638N 0870508W McCalla
Caledonia Cemetery 331126N 0874552W Romulus
Camp Ground Cemetery 333053N 0873738W New Lexington
Carrolls Creek Cemetery 331926N 0873424W Lake Tuscaloosa South
Cedar Oak Cemetery 330915N 0873324W Tuscaloosa
Center Cemetery 331700N 0872925W Lake Nicol
Center Cemetery 330314N 0873302W Englewood
Chambers Cemetery 331345N 0872835W Cottondale
Chapel Hill Cemetery 331654N 0873603W Lake Tuscaloosa South
Christian Union Cemetery 331534N 0872022W Brookwood
Coaling Cemetery 330915N 0872043W Coaling
Coker Cemetery 331410N 0874128W Coker
Cooper Cemetery 332335N 0873234W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Corinth Cemetery 331657N 0874836W Elrod
Cornelius Chapel Number 1 Cemetery 331428N 0874436W Coker
Cornelius Chapel Number 2 Cemetery 331423N 0874419W Coker
Cottondale Nature Garden Cemetery 331056N 0872615W Cottondale
Cowden Cemetery 332200N 0873642W Lake Tuscaloosa South
Cripple Creek Cemetery 332828N 0873414W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Darden Cemetery 331036N 0873024W Tuscaloosa
Davis Creek Cemetery 331826N 0871306W Abernant
Dawson Cemetery 333239N 0873807W New Lexington
Dennis Springer Cemetery 331811N 0874628W Elrod
Dodd Cemetery 331251N 0874026W Coker
Dry Creek Cemetery 330651N 0874011W Fosters
Duncanville Cemetery 330345N 0872632W Duncanville
Dunns Creek Cemetery 332135N 0874736W Elrod
Ebenezer Cemetery 332712N 0873631W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Edmondson Cemetery 332814N 0873934W Gin Creek
El Bethel Cemetery 333110N 0874415W New Lexington
Enterprise Cemetery 331017N 0871933W Coaling
Espy Cemetery 332909N 0873912W Gin Creek
Evergreen Cemetery 331220N 0873309W Tuscaloosa
Evergreen Cemetery 331049N 0871733W Coaling
Fairview Cemetery 333436N 0873618W Berry SE
Flatwoods Cemetery 331512N 0873750W Lake Lurleen
Foster Cemetery 330429N 0874145W Fosters
Freeman Cemetery 332206N 0874943W Elrod
Friendship Cemetery 331833N 0871700W Brookwood
Friendship Cemetery 332628N 0873915W Gin Creek
Friendship Cemetery 330357N 0873034W Englewood
Garners Cemetery 331319N 0872613W Cottondale
Geer Cemetery 331230N 0874307W Coker
Gilgal Cemetery 330727N 0873002W Englewood
Gilliam Cemetery 332947N 0874046W Gin Creek
Goodwater Cemetery 333023N 0872634W Wiley
Grants Creek Cemetery 330547N 0874213W Fosters
Greenwood Cemetery 331213N 0873418W Tuscaloosa
Guy Cemetery 331600N 0874319W Lake Lurleen
Harkey Cemetery 332320N 0873724W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Hawthorne Cemetery 330824N 0874403W Coker
Haygood Cemetery 332829N 0873945W Gin Creek
Hendrix Cemetery 332711N 0874049W Gin Creek
Hendrix Cemetery 332146N 0873944W Lake Lurleen
Hephzibah Cemetery 331610N 0870939W Abernant
Hickman Chapel Cemetery 331400N 0870606W Halfmile Shoals
Holly Springs Cemetery 332326N 0873653W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Holly Springs Cemetery 330715N 0874413W Fosters
Holt Cemetery 331430N 0872902W Cottondale
Hopewell Cemetery 331214N 0872913W Cottondale
Hopewell Cemetery 331148N 0871300W Woodstock
Hulls Cemetery 330238N 0873530W Englewood
Jennings Chapel Cemetery 331448N 0873743W Coker
Jerusalem Cemetery 330912N 0873114W Tuscaloosa
Johnson Cemetery 333432N 0873715W Berry SE
Jones-Townsend Cemetery 330320N 0874127W Fosters
Kemp Cemetery 332824N 0874204W Gin Creek
Liberty Cemetery 332027N 0871157W Abernant
Liberty Cemetery 330839N 0873820W Coker
Liberty Cemetery 330217N 0872004W Pearson
Liberty Hill Cemetery 333317N 0873203W Berry SE
Little Hurricane Cemetery 331527N 0872053W Brookwood
Little Sandy Cemetery 330612N 0873316W Englewood
Lower Sulpher Springs Cemetery 333554N 0872644W Wiley
Macedonia Cemetery 333008N 0874355W New Lexington
Macedonia Cemetery 332026N 0873353W Lake Tuscaloosa South
Mayfield Cemetery 332857N 0874745W Brownville
McGee Cemetery 332512N 0874510W Brownville
McGuire Cemetery 332626N 0873650W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Memory Hill Gardens 331010N 0873047W Tuscaloosa
Moores Bridge Cemetery 332659N 0874749W Brownville
Mount Carmel Cemetery 330515N 0874622W Ralph
Mount Gillard Cemetery 330950N 0871347W Woodstock
Mount Hebron Cemetery 332551N 0874500W Brownville
Mount Herman Cemetery 330219N 0874650W Ralph
Mount Nebo Cemetery 331531N 0874708W Elrod
Mount Olive Cemetery 331758N 0873900W Lake Lurleen
Mount Olive Cemetery 330442N 0872809W Duncanville
Mount Sinai Cemetery 330146N 0872840W Duncanville
Mount Zion Cemetery 332448N 0874256W Gin Creek
Mount Zion Cemetery 331030N 0871858W Coaling
Mount Zion Cemetery 330353N 0874040W Fosters
Mount Zion Cemetery 330704N 0872546W Duncanville
Nazareth Cemetery 332541N 0873822W Gin Creek
New Asia Cemetery 330951N 0872017W Coaling
New Hope Cemetery 330828N 0874514W Romulus
Oak Grove Cemetery 330402N 0873214W Englewood
Oak Ridge Cemetery 331945N 0873716W Lake Tuscaloosa South
Old Bethany Cemetery 331954N 0874344W Lake Lurleen
Old Bethel Cemetery 330209N 0874655W Ralph
Old Dunn Creek Cemetery 332136N 0874745W Elrod
Old Liberty Cemetery 331408N 0874220W Coker
Old Prewitte Cemetery 332312N 0873556W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Old Salem Cemetery 331003N 0872512W Cottondale
Oregonia Cemetery 333002N 0873335W Berry SE
Parham Ridge Cemetery 330306N 0874440W Fosters
Parker Cemetery 331307N 0874441W Coker
Pate Cemetery 331206N 0874542W Romulus
Patton Cemetery 332711N 0871938W Burchfield Store
Philadelphia Cemetery 332541N 0873340W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Phillips Chapel Cemetery 332839N 0874400W Gin Creek
Pine Ridge Cemetery 331057N 0873443W Tuscaloosa
Piney Grove Cemetery 331843N 0872712W Lake Nicol
Piney Wood Cemetery 332252N 0872613W Windham Springs
Piney Woods Cemetery 332551N 0873001W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 331745N 0871037W Abernant
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 332752N 0874924W Brownville
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 332035N 0872252W Lake Nicol
Pole Bridge Cemetery 332352N 0873535W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Pool Cemetery 331831N 0874242W Lake Lurleen
Popular Spring Cemetery 331855N 0873700W Lake Tuscaloosa South
Prewitt Cemetery 332256N 0873612W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Prudes Creek Cemetery 332407N 0871538W Burchfield Store
Ray Cemetery - - Woodstock
Rices Hill Cemetery 331352N 0873512W Tuscaloosa
Robertson Cemetery 330910N 0874239W Coker
Robertson Chapel Cemetery 331349N 0873231W Tuscaloosa
Rock Springs Cemetery 333320N 0872601W Wiley
Rogers Cemetery 332949N 0874253W Gin Creek
Romulus Cemetery 330859N 0874536W Romulus
Ruhama Cemetery 331357N 0872519W Cottondale
Salem Cemetery 333340N 0873912W New Lexington
Sand Springs Cemetery 331746N 0873736W Lake Lurleen
Sandtown Cemetery 333453N 0872938W Wiley
Sandy Creek Cemetery 330554N 0872002W Pearson
Sardis Cemetery 332254N 0874808W Brownville
Scales Cemetery 331629N 0872512W Lake Nicol
Sealy Cemetery 330333N 0874602W Ralph
Shake Rag Cemetery 330927N 0873041W Tuscaloosa
Shiloh Cemetery 330045N 0872323W Duncanville
Shirley Cemetery 331538N 0873507W Lake Tuscaloosa South
Shuttlesworth Cemetery 330938N 0871232W Woodstock
Simpson-Cain Cemetery 332416N 0873401W Lake Tuscaloosa North
South Sandy Cemetery 330018N 0872913W Duncanville
Spencer Hill Cemetery 332832N 0872314W Windham Springs
Spring Hill Cemetery 332957N 0874855W Brownville
Spring Hill Cemetery 331208N 0874140W Coker
Springer Cemetery 331711N 0874623W Elrod
Stanley Cemetery 333302N 0873316W Berry SE
Sterling Cemetery 333329N 0873416W Berry SE
Stone Cemetery 331408N 0873501W Tuscaloosa
Sulphur Springs Cemetery 333130N 0873554W Berry SE
Sunset Memorial Garden 331429N 0873311W Tuscaloosa
Sylvan Cemetery 330411N 0874158W Fosters
Tabernacle Cemetery 332145N 0874351W Lake Lurleen
Taylor Cemetery 331611N 0873417W Lake Tuscaloosa South
Taylorville Cemetery 330757N 0873243W Tuscaloosa
The Old Cemetery 331316N 0873203W Tuscaloosa
Thomas Chapel Cemetery 330842N 0871953W Coaling
Traweek Cemetery 332552N 0874223W Gin Creek
Tuscaloosa Memorial Park 331200N 0872747W Cottondale
Union Cemetery Unknown Unknown Vance
Union Cemetery 331322N 0871234W Woodstock
Union Grove Cemetery 331141N 0874343W Coker
Utley Cemetery 333035N 0873301W Berry SE
Walton Cemetery 332911N 0873420W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Ward Cemetery 330731N 0872209W Coaling
Warrior Cemetery 332941N 0871851W Burchfield Store
Watkins Cemetery 331805N 0873903W Lake Lurleen
Wells Cemetery 330330N 0874358W Fosters
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 330459N 0874549W Ralph
West Brookwood Cemetery 331637N 0871823W Brookwood
West Highland Memorial Cemetery 331133N 0873518W Tuscaloosa
Whitson Place Cemetery 333422N 0872445W Wiley
Wilburn Cemetery 331804N 0874855W Elrod
Wiley Cemetery 333153N 0872748W Wiley
Williamson Cemetery 331302N 0873502W Tuscaloosa
Williamson Cemetery 333001N 0874208W New Lexington
Willingham Cemetery 333352N 0873622W Berry SE
Wilson Cemetery 332743N 0874152W Gin Creek
Winn Cemetery 332533N 0874720W Brownville
Winn Cemetery 331036N 0874254W Coker
Winters Cemetery 332628N 0874013W Gin Creek
Winters Cemetery 332536N 0873632W Lake Tuscaloosa North
Wommack Cemetery 332958N 0874329W Gin Creek
Yellow Creek Cemetery 332123N 0872826W Lake Nicol
Zion Hill Cemetery 330646N 0874010W Fosters





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