Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Genealogy Trails

Source: Alabama Records, Compiled by Kathleen Paul Jones 1894 and Pauline Jones Gandrud 1904,

Transcribed by C. Anthony

CABANISS, William - 8 May 1825 - no probate date. W. B. I. p. 19. Wife Dianna; 3 last children; Nepoland B. Cabaness, Dianna D. Cabaness and William Cabaniss; daughter Rebecca Corks (or Cashs?); daughter Frances Epsis Vaughn; slave left with her in Virginia; son Peter R. Cabiness; daughter Rutha Moore. Witnesses: Constant P. Arthur, Joseph Doughty, Sr. and Sugar Mayfield.

CABELL, Alice Winston - 21 May 1857 - 5 Apr. 1858. W. B. 3. p. 43. My father, George R. Cabell; bro. Breckinridge Cabell; Alice Virginia Garland, daughter of Landon C. and Louisa F. Garland; my grandmother's estate; cousins Alice Virginia Garland and her sisters, the daughters of Landon C. and Louisa F. Garland. William M. Cabell, executor. Witnesses: M. A. Inge, L. F. Garland.

CAIN, George 3 Nov. 1850 - prob. 26 Nov. 1850. W. B. I. p. 274. To Ezekiel Mills, son of E. Anders, Jr. two sisters, Elizabeth and Jane and Ezekiel Anders, Jr. Witnesses: Benjamin T. Tierce, Samuel Hamner.

CALDWELL, Elizabeth 26 Feb. 1842 - 31 Jan. 1844. W. B. I. p. 193. Brother Robert's children; Samuel Caldwell of New Orleans; to Presbyterian Church, a sum of money; nephews and nieces; John S. Caldwell, son of Sam (or Jane?), James Samuel and John F. Potts, sons of William and Jane Potts, Samuel W. Caldwell; to Jane Potts, a clock; David Johnston, executor. Witness: Sarah C. Johnston.

CALDWELL, William - 22 Nov. 1826 - 6 Dec. 1826. W. B. I. p. 26. "My children"; to be placed with their aunt, Elizabeth Caldwell; John J. Webster and David Johnston, executors. Witnesses: John R. Drish, Samuel Caldwell, William M. Inge.

CAMAK, David - 4 Feb. 1853 - no probate date. W. B. I. p. 350. To James M. Vanhoose, Esq. All slaves to be free; money to be used to pay debts and if any money left to be used to free slaves. Witnesses: E. W. Peck, John S. Hamner.

CAPERS, William 9 Jan. 1838 - prob. 9 Sept. 1838. W. B. I. p. 120. Mother Elizabeth Capers, a femme covert, free from debts of her husband; all my brothers and sisters; to George W. Crabb, ma undivided moeity. Witnesses; William James Frierson, John W. Crow, Edmund McGuire.

CARDWELL, James - 4 Nov. 1851 - prob. 3 Feb. 1852. W. B. I. p. 293. Wife Elizabeth E.; daughter Margaret J. May; daughter Sarah A. May; daughter Mary J. Adams1 son John F. Cardwell; daughter Julia Ann Cardwell; daughter Martha E. Cardwell; daughter Malissa D. Cardwell; daughter Eloisa Thomas; son James R. Cardwell; son Henry Clay Cardwell; son Isaac M. Cardwell; by a former wife; Rebecca Sneed, daughter by a former wife; wife, executrix and Robert S. Adams, executor. Witnesses; James S. Reynolds, Rosa McRae, Alexander Glascock.

CARLILE, John - 7 Aug. 1829 - no probate date. W. B. I. p. 46. Wife Sarah Ashney Carlile; wife, executrix and William A. M. Daniel, executor. Witnesses: Charles Moorman, William cain, Henry Watkins. (Witness states that said testator died on the 8th of August last in the jail of Tuscaloosa County.)

CHANCELLOR, John 22 June 1852 - May Term 1858. W. B. 3. p. 56. Son-in-law Joseph Shelton and his wife Eliza Jane, my daughter; son-in-law Charles B. Bullard and his wife, Sarah Ann, my daughter; son McIvin (Melville) H. and John S. Chancellor; daughters Margaret W. Chancellor, Mary E. Morris and Georgianna Chancellor; wife Mary C.; son Melvin H. Chancellor and son-in-law Charles B. Bullard, executors. Witnesses: Jefferson Wilson, C. F. Coffin, William K. Kilpatrick.

CHANCELLOR, Melville Henry 8 Apr. 1859 - July Term 1862. W. B. 3 p. 133. Estate of mother, Mary C. Chancellor; to Joseph Shelton and his children, my entire estate; Joseph Shelton, exr. Witnesses: Chelsea M. Cook, James C. Spencer (since deceased.)

CHILDRESS, James 30 Sept. 1833 - Feb. Term 1836. W. B. I. p. 86. Wife Mary; son James Locke Childress; money due me in Virginia from Thomas McCargo; son Thomas B.; daughter Laura McGehee and her husband, Thomas B. S. McGehee; daughter Ann P. Walker; daughter Susan Weaver Childress; daughter Mary Pickens; wife, executrix and son-in-law Thomas McGehee, exr. Witnesses: Willis Banks, C. L. Acee, John C. Sims.

CHILDRESS, Mary 25 Apr. 1859 - probated 3 Mar. 1860. W. P. 3. p. 89. Daughter Susan W. wife of Dr. John B. Read; children of deceased son James L. Childress; son-in-law Dr. John B. Read and Joseph N. Allen and my grandson, Dr. James M. Doby, exrs. Witnesses: Elizabeth ____, T. B. S. McGehee.

CHOTARD, Sarah F. - 19 Jan. 1824 - 9 Jan. 1826. W. B. I. p. 22. Daughters Ann S. McComas, Eliza W. Gould, Sarah W. Dunbar; Maria L. Chotard; Ann's husband, Josiah H. McComas; sister Eliza B. Thompson and her 5 children: Caroline, Henry, Theodore, Thomas and Cornelia; orphan girl named Elizabeth Byatta; daughter Maria, executrix and Robert Dunbar and William P. Gould, my sons-in-law, executors. Witnesses: John B. Hogan, Otis Byer, John H. Vincent.

CHRISTIAN, James 16 Oct. 1852 - 21 Nov. 1852. W. B. I. p. 314. Son William L.; wife, Dorotha; daughter Mary Ann, wife of James Shirley; son John H. J. Christian; James Shirley and William L. Christian, exrs. Witnesses: Abner Winn, M. F. Bell, C. S. Harkins.

CLANTON, Richard 22 Oct. 1858 - prob. 12 Mar. 1860. W. B. 3 p. 90. Mother Susanna Clanton; sister Sarah Clanton. Witnesses: M. Chelsea Cook, Stephen Miller.

CLEMENTS, Hardy 7 Nov. 1866 - 14 Oct. 1867. W. B. 3 p. 207. Wife Maria A.; land near Macon, Miss. My children; Rufus Hargrove Clements, Luther Morgan Clements, Early Coleman Clements, Ann Stewart Prince, Newton Nash Clements, Egbert Rusg Clements, Senic Rice Clements and Collier Foster Clements; sons Newton Egbert and Collier, executors. Witnesses:  Washington Moody, James H. Fitts.

CLEMENTS, Jacob 2 July 1846 - no probate date. W. B. I. p. 224. Wife Fanny; son Wadhampton Clements; to children of Wadhampton and Loucinda Clements; daughter Sarah Sims; my nine children, the others being; Mannen Clements, Amey Swindle, Rebeca Waldrip, James Clements, John C. Clements, Lidia Cook and Thomas Clements; wife, executrix and son Mannen, executor. Witnesses: Richard C. McLester, Pleasant Childers, R. H. Poe.

CLEMENTS, Reuben - 17 Nov. 1825 - prob. 1 Feb. 1826. W. B. I. p. 24. Son Benjamin Clements; daughter Susannah Pumphrey; daughter Hannah Willingham; sons Hardy, Elijah, Israel and Charles Clements; daughters Edith and Bedith Clements; daughter Elizabeth Clement; wife Elizabeth; son Hardy, executor. Witnesses: Aquilla McElroy, Michael Moore, Jolly Jones.

CLINTON, Patrick 3 Feb. 1860 - 24 Mar. 1860, W. B. 3 p. 91. Wife Catherine; Witnesses: E. W. Peck, M. Shea.

COCHRAN, Hiram P. 18 May 1839 - prob. 20 Dec. 1841. W. B. I. p. 157. 80 acres in Noxubee Co., Miss; wife Nancy, children-William A., John H., Benjamin F., Ann Elizabeth and Sarah Jane; William H. Terrell, executor. Witnesses: Benjamin Whitfield, James Hogan, Castleton Lyon.

COCHRAN, WIlliam - 5 Mar. 1852 - no probate date. W. B. I. p. 299. Wife (Sophia Salina Louisa); wife, guardian of our children; witness; Thomas L. Carson, R. Haywood, A. P. Marlow, G. W. H. Perkins.

COCKRELL, James 18 June 1841 - 23 July 1841. W. B. I. p. 207. Wife Delilah; all my children; executors; Alexander Cameron and Ferdinand Sealy. Witnesses: Josiah Franklin, Danile Huffman, James McKeawn.

COKER, Loving 26 July 1851 - prob. 6 Sept. 1851. W. B. I. p. 285. Wife Martha; those of my children, who are already married have received some and the others are to be made equal with them. Witnesses: Thomas Wolstenholme, Peter Lawley, John Findley.

COLLIER, Henry W. 13 Aug. 1851 - 15 Nov. 1855, W. B. 3 p. 1. Reaffirm and declare valid a deed made to William A. Battle in trust for my daughter Salie B. Collier; wife land I purchased of the George W. Crabb - Enoch Elliott, dec'd and the estate of James Childress, dec'd; also land I bought from the government about 1830 in Tuscaloosa Co.; daughters Mary W. and Eveline H. and son James W.; "all my sons"; Witnesses: Edward B. Vaughan, Ann R. Sparke, Maria Vaughan, Ann R. Sparks, since deceased. Whereas Mrs. Elizabeth Elewellen, late of Warren Co., Ga. bequeathed to Mrs. Henry W. Colier slaves and money, which she desires to be settled on their daughter, Sarah B. Collier, a minor. (22 March 1850.)

COLLINS, John 30 July 1852 - prob. 24 Mar. 1853. W. P. I. p. 324. Wife Levicy; son George; to children of my daughter Mary Netherland; son Jesse; to children of son Lewis; son Leven; daughter Martha Luckey; daughter Peney Baugh; son Washington; James C. Spencer, executor. Witnesses: H. K. Hargrove, W. G. Blocker, William Weatherford.

COMPTON, Ann F. 11 Dec. 1854 - 11 Dec. 1856. W. B. 3 p. 20. Daughter Elizabeth W. McCown; daughter Rebecca F. Hill. Witnesses: Charles M. Foster, Frederick Walker, William S. Foster.

COOK, Robert 9 Sept. 1861 - prob. 3 Mary 1862. W. B. 3 p. 128. Wife Sarah; after her death, estate to be divided into 7 parts, vis: 1. to Dennis Cook. 2 to daughter Elizabeth Love; 3. to daughter Melissa Robertson. 2 to son Joseph S. Cook; 5 to son Chelsea M. Cook. 2 to sons Chelsea and Joseph in trust for children of son Thomas C. Cook. 7 to daughter Nancy A. Winn and is she dies without children, her part to be divided among others; sons Chelsea and Joseph, executors. Witnesses: W. L. Christian, H. H. Brown, Citation issued to parties interested, who reside in this state, namely; Sarah Cook, widow of deceased, Nancy A. Winn, Melissa Robertson and Elbert Robinson. Subscribing witnesses not in this state.

COOPER, DeWitt-non cupative will. 3 May 1859. W. B. 3 p. 96. Want Sary Cooper to have everything. Witnesses: Daniel M. Evans, J. A. H. Pierson, James Pierson.

COX, Benjamin - 6 Apr. 1808- no probate date. W. B. I. p. 8. "Son of John Cox, deceased of Cecila County, Maryland"; brother George Cox's portion left me by my father and brother Samuel Cox and brother Elijah Cox's legacy left him by my father; lend in Kent Co. Md, which fell to me by death of my aunt, Rebecca Millun; brother John Cox; friend and partner, John Kennedy of Baltimore; neither brothers John or Thomas Cox or sisters Sophia Miller or Alice Cox to receive anything; brother John Cox, brother George Cox and John Kennedy, executers. Witnesses: A. Philson, John Jones, Anthy Kennedy.

CRADDOCK, Pleasant 23 Feb. 1855 - 25 Juen 1857. W. B. 3 p . 24. Son John N. Craddock; bequest to slave for caring for wife during her long affliction "for upwards of 23 years she could not walk a step, but Eliza had to carry her like an infant until her death"; granddaughter Caroline Norvil Wallace, but nothing to her brothers Edward, James and Robert; Isaac H. Owen and my daugther Martha A. Owen, of Moult_on, Lawrence Co; granddaughter Angeline A. Lanear; I loan to Sarah Miller, wife of Thomas E. Miller, money for support of them and their children. Executors: John N. Craddock and Isea C. N. Owen. Witnesses: Henry A. Snow, Richard J. Hogan, Nicholas P. Lawrence.

It is hereby agreed between John N. Craddock, Isaac N. Owen, Angela Lanier and her husband, Robert E. Lanier, Thomas E. Miller and Sarah his wife, devisees under will of Pleasant Craddock to sell off perishable property. 1 June 1857

CRIBBS, Jacob J. - non cupative will. 10 Feb. 1834 - 7 Apr. 1834. W. B. I. p. 70. Father, Peter Cribbs, Sr.; eldest brother, John; brother, Peter; brother George; bro. Alexander; sister Catharine; sister, Mary Ann; sister Susan; brother Daniel and his 3 children Adaline, Harry and Hoit and Mary Ann Christianna. Witnesses: Peter Cribb, Jr. Lucy Lavery.

CRUMP, Sally 12 July 1847 - 20 Feb. 1856. W. B. 3 p. 10. Son William M. Crump, for trouble in taking care of me and raising Easter's children; daughter Mary Moore; daughter Alph F. Doss, Robert Crump and the orphan children of Simeon V. Crump, deceased, my son; son William M. Crump, executor. Witnesses: Michael Cline, Reuben Dodson.

CUNNINGHAM, Emily M. 30 Jan. 1856 - 1 Jan. 1859 (cod.) 27 Apr. 1864 (2nd cod.) 11 July 1866. W. B. 3 p. 213. To Robert Cunningham or Kentucky, grandson of my late husband; Mrs. Catharine Temply, my granddaughter; Emily, daughter of my son Robert Cunningham; Mr. Wilson Bird of Georgia for money advanced by him to my son Robert Cunningham while he was attending medical lectures; my daughter Mrs. Mary Wilson money in hands of Mr. William Bell, of Montgomery, Ala; grandson James Maltbie; Doct. Reuben Seercy, executor. Witnesses: Charles M. Foster, E. W. Peck. In the first codicil, Mrs. Mary Wilson had died so will was changed somewhat. In the 2nd codicil, Mary Cunningham, daughter of dec'd son, Robert Cunningham, and sister of Emily Cunningham was given $300. A codicil dated 11 March 1861 speaks of Emily M. Cunningham being "late of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama but now of Shelby County, Tennessee."

CUNNINGHAM, R. M. 23 Oct. 1828 - prob. 13 Aug. 1839. W. B. I. p. 123. Wife Emily M.; children of deceased daughter, Catharine, Maltbie (NOTE: Catherine Maltbie is buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama. "Catharine Maltbie, consort of James R. Maltbie died September 1, 1835 aged 26 years"); daughter Mary Cunningham; daughter Louisa Cunningham; son Charles M.; to Benjamin F. Hickman of Lownsbury, Ky. as token of esteem as a man, and as surviving partner of my dear deceased daughter, Arianna Hickman; son Robert M.; son William; to Robert M. Cunningham, son of Josepg Cunningham, dec'd; to be used at discretion of his mother; sister Mary Cunningham of North Carolina; bequest to Presbyterian Church; executors: William Dunlap, R. Pinkney Frierson and B. F. Randolph. Witnesses: Joseph S. Weathered, A. B. Weathered.

CUNNINGHAM, Thomas, Sr. 26 Apr. 1863 - 28 May 1863. W. B. 3 p. 149. To friend Henry McGown a slave and he to be executor. Witnesses: E. W. Roberts.






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