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CORRECTIONS REQUESTED!!  As you can see when viewing the images, transcribing these are difficult and very much subject to errors. Please let me know of any corrections needed.  (Please note - I do want to preserve the original spelling if possible, but many of these I couldn't read the original spelling either - so request any help if I have made mistakes)

Transcribed by Veneta McKinney

This Index is linked to images from the website of "Clark's Deep South Genealogy" -
Written on his website front page:  "Below are all of the images I have for the state of Alabama... These images were placed here with the permission of AllCensus and are on CD and available from them. .... Finally, if you would like to transcribe any of these, you are certainly welcome to......."


Alotted to Elijah Hudson 

(LISTING HEAD OF HOUSEHOLDS ONLY - view images to see other household information) 

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PAGE 258 PAGE 259 PAGE 260 PAGE 261
Peter Ingle Daniel McPherson James P. Cooner James Shepherd
George Ingle Young Norris Abner Dill Stephen Shepherd
Richard Quest Reuben Norris Daniel Orail Obediah Battley
Jacob Crosway Joseph Baker Jones C. Hill James L. Winchester
John Manasco David Macon Johnson Bickerstaff John H. Smith
Berry Dode Aaron Sanders Thomas Paine Nathaniel Barton
Abner Crosway Peter Tittle Alexander Coupland Hiram Barton
Spencer Crosway David Langud John Norris Abraham Nations
Patrick Wright Thomas Kinzey William Short Wiley Burrel
Thomas Raisre James McNutt Moses Barton John M. Barton
James Tittle James Lollar Joshua Henson Murrel Barton
James Nilcoeson John Guttery William Atkinson William T. Musgrove
George Pugh William Payne Thomas A. Heard Jacob Myers
William Ingle Jesse Fidler John H. Clark Stephen Thomas
Edward F. Thazill William Tubbs Lebanon Davis Samuel Thomas
Lilas Garrison Daniel Paine John Sullivan Frances Atkinson
James Osf Uriah H. Lane Wade B. Taylor Presley Kemp
Isaac Cardner Jonathan Evans William Robins Jacob Phillips
Matthew Payne Lewis W. Madby John Brason Robert Phillips
Peter Baker Eli Jeffill John Stewart Russell Cannon
Robert Mani Aaron Robins John Stewart Jr. Hancil Cobb
William Baker James Daniel Olly Stewart Benjamin Stroup
Robert Gutery Hendrick A. Snow Abraham Winchester Roland J. Murphree
William C. Abels Joseph Nations Daniel Winchester Moses Coupland
Jacob Lollar Edward Gillasgood Asa Bussel Morgan Guttery
Richmond Townley

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PAGE 262 PAGE 263 PAGE 264 PAGE 265
Darling M. Leathing Lewis Short William Sides Thomas Thompson
Thomas Dickerson James Mobley Charles Elzy Fleming Thompson
Ransom Murphree Samuel Jackson Haykins Bursen Robert Turner
Samuel Murphree Robert Walker Reuben Keaton John B. Raburn
James Croft James Coupland Charles Dodson James Blanton
Lemuel Reed John Bradley Alexander Duvall John Sides
William Ried Elizabeth Sides Randolph Cain Elnathan Davis
Granbury Lynch Stephen Burris (Burns) Nathaniel Jackson James Cain
Andrew Rouse Richard Chetton Elisha Duvall John Boyd
Binly Reid Joshua Barton John Cook Edmund Gilchrist
Mary Drennon Jenny Sides Samuel Brown Johnson Guttery
William Stovall William Barton William Lollar William Bryant
William Butt Joseph Sides James Hulsey Washington Key
John Kennedy Samuel B. Patton John Puk Robert Davis
James Kennedy William Turner John Jones Larkin Hill
William Jones Jacob Gibson William Jones John Duvall
John Parker Matthew Willis Daniel Townley Hial Abbott
Absolem Butt Daniel Nations James Barton George Lankingley
Samuel Stewart Walter Mathis Spencer Whitton Matthias Turner
James Myers John Butt James Pruett Nancy Clark
John Garrison Alexander Underwood John Heard William Rupel
Henry Sides Robert Mathis William Dill Dyer Coupland
Stephen Sides Rachel Mathis Joseph Simpkins Roland Lankingley
Levi Sides David Murphree Reason Caraton David Blanton
Elijah Baker Abraham L. Parker Lott M. Franklin Martin Key

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PAGE 266 PAGE 267 PAGE 268 PAGE 269
Alexander Duvall Elias Wright David Crownover William Calvert
John Purden William Thomas William H. Donaldson William P. Calvert
George Whitton Levi Reid Elias Adams Anthony Loughton
John Clark Joseph Robins John Robins Hansford Kinney
Isaac Lollar Austin Lilly Lydia Shepherd Thomas Calvert
Enoch Swindle Levi Robins James Sanders Byrd McDonald
Robert Ford Hiram Queen John Nations James Blevins
John Key David Cobb John Henson John Wilson
Jonathan Helmen William Helmns Robert Magby Joel Manansco
Jesse Jackson Thomas How William Magby Polly Caper
Nathan Clark Richard Earnest Daniel McCarnes Nathaniel Nations
Nancy Burns John Gurganas John Butt Joseph Nations
Daniel McPherson Isaac Blanton Jonathan York Michael Robins
Alexander Burns John Wood James Cannon James Clark
Joseph Price Loganes Covang James Rice James Ball
Cuthbuc Price Richard Ford Benjamin Pullman Richard Markham
Martin Ward John Turner Elizabeth Manly Elijah Hudson
Joseph Namamore James McKnight Thomas Guttery Lucy King
James Moore Samuel Thompson Jacob Beasley John Dawney
Eli Cornwall David Hood James Elliott John Allen
William Butt Daniel Short John Guttery Hugh Lollar
Phillip Letton Mary Payne John Roach Redden Garrison
Daniel Richards Lindin Jones Jordan Brogden David Garrison
James Puk James Reins Burges White John L. Bickerstaff
Daniel B. Puk James Kemp Elbert White

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PAGE 270 PAGE 271 PAGE 272
Jacob Gibson Jesse Robins James Grant
Brooks Smallroad Elizabeth Wyatt William Brown
Joseph Hobson Samuel Shaker Eldridge Mallard
William Guttery Joshua Parker Christopher Guest
John Guttery Griffin Lamkin Levi Sides Jr.
William Nutt Wyatt Cheatham Samuel Wylie
Polly Upery John Allen John Brown
Morgan Brazile Bartley Markham
Alexander Richey William M. Lamar
Jephthah White Cullen Cap
Joseph Richey John Pruett
Simon Lane Henry McNutt
Jesse Lane Abraham Horton
Lewis Rony Electiny Thompson
Nancy Guin Joseph Mathis
Jackson Pate Jacob Pruett
William Richey Spencer Roden
James Short Richard Holmack
James Williams John Rush
Jeremiah Shepherd John Durkins
Henry Townley David Manasco
Jacob Webb Joel Manasco
John Williams William Nut
Byrd Williams Isaac Clark
William Levington David Barton

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