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 1832 - North River Baptist Association Minutes - 1st Session

1845 - North River Baptist Association Minutes - 11th Session

1835 - Buttahatcha Baptist Association Minutes- 10th ession

1895 - Harmony Grove Baptist Associaton Minutes- 4th Session

1896 - Harmony Grove Baptist Association Minutes- 5th Session

1898 - Harmony Grove Baptist Association Minutes- 7th Session

1899 - Harmony Grove Baptist Assocation Minutes - 8th Session

1900 - Harmony Grove Baptist Association Minutes - 9th Session


  This may not be a complete listing of the Churches of Walker County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Agape Christian Center 335056N 0871646W Jasper
Akins Grove Church 334927N 0870641W Sipsey
Antioch Church 335635N 0872149W Manchester
Argo Church 334808N 0870721W Sipsey
Argo Church 334827N 0870800W Cordova
Barton Grove Church 334944N 0870843W Cordova
Bartons Chapel 334625N 0870900W Cordova
Beech Grove Freewill Baptist Church 334806N 0872929W Townley
Bennett Chapel 335743N 0871945W Manchester
Bethel Church 333836N 0872433W Oakman
Bible Church of God 334152N 0870602W Dora
Bible Missionary Church 335638N 0873015W Carbon Hill
Birmingham Avenue Church of God 335035N 0871624W Jasper
Blackwater Macedonia Church of Christ 335615N 0872203W Manchester
Blooming Grove Baptist Church 335843N 0871107W Sunlight
Boldo Methodist Church 335100N 0871107W Cordova
Brass Church 333832N 0870927W Goodsprings
Brookside Church 335829N 0872842W Nauvoo
Bryan Church 334147N 0870243W Dora
Busby Church 335822N 0872707W Nauvoo
Calvary Church 334256N 0870549W Dora
Canaan Church 334342N 0870247W Dora
Carbon Hill Church of Christ 335340N 0873134W Carbon Hill
Carbon Hill Presbyterian Church 335326N 0873145W Carbon Hill
Carter Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church 334930N 0871610W Jasper
Cedar Creek Church of Christ 333538N 0871645W Tutwiler School
Cedar Hill Church 334656N 0871658W Jasper
Cedrum Church 335050N 0872634W Townley
Cedrum Grove Church 335154N 0872642W Townley
Center Hill Church 334900N 0872811W Townley
Central Baptist Church 334251N 0872322W Oakman
Central Baptist Church 335027N 0871626W Jasper
Central Church 333755N 0872041W Parrish
Chickasaw Church 335238N 0872936W Nauvoo
Christian Chapel 334313N 0872123W Parrish
Church of Christ 335640N 0873305W Carbon Hill
Church of Christ 334350N 0871711W Parrish
Church of God of Prophecy 334312N 0872304W Oakman
Clayton Church 333839N 0872415W Oakman
Coal City Baptist Church 334913N 0871810W Jasper
Concord Church (historical) 335242N 0872758W Nauvoo
Copeland Ferry Church 333933N 0870953W Goodsprings
Cordova Church 334623N 0870913W Cordova
Corinth Baptist Church 334707N 0871211W Cordova
Corinth Church 334113N 0871119W Goodsprings
Corona Church 334237N 0872813W Oakman
Crossroads Church of Christ 335247N 0871959W Manchester
Curry Church 335735N 0871250W Sunlight
Curry Church of Christ 335637N 0871259W Sunlight
Deason Hill Church 334447N 0871336W Goodsprings
Dilworth Church 334800N 0870320W Sipsey
Dilworth Memorial Church 334827N 0870315W Sipsey
Dovertown Freewill Baptist Church 334417N 0870925W Goodsprings
Drummond Church 335328N 0870715W Cold Springs
Dutton Hill Missionary Baptist Church 334809N 0871949W Jasper
Dutton Valley Church 334816N 0871920W Jasper
Eastside Baptist Church 335016N 0871523W Jasper
Ebenezer Church 335258N 0872452W Nauvoo
Edgil Church 335404N 0872126W Manchester
Edward Chapel 335319N 0872040W Manchester
Eldridge Church of Christ 335522N 0873727W Eldridge
Empire Church 334742N 0865956W Creel
Enon Church 334043N 0872316W Oakman
Ernest Chapel 334059N 0872120W Parrish
Faith Church 334202N 0870628W Dora
Faith Church 333753N 0871504W Parrish
Farmstead Baptist Church 335331N 0871650W Manchester
Fern Springs Church 335808N 0873750W Glen Allen
First Assembly of God Church 334944N 0871614W Jasper
First Baptist Church 335006N 0871643W Jasper
First Baptist Church 334945N 0872605W Townley
First Baptist Corona Avenue Church 334927N 0871618W Jasper
First Christian Church 335002N 0871644W Jasper
First Church of the Nazarene 335054N 0871731W Jasper
First Free Will Baptist Church 334947N 0871602W Jasper
First Methodist Church 335330N 0873140W Carbon Hill
First Methodist Church 335000N 0871640W Jasper
First Pentecostal Church 334943N 0871718W Jasper
First Presbyterian Church 335010N 0871643W Jasper
Freewell Church 333622N 0872049W Tutwiler School
Freewill Church 335153N 0870622W Sipsey
Friendship Church 335922N 0872121W Manchester
Friendship Church 335704N 0870851W Sunlight
Glory Hill Church 335829N 0872050W Manchester
Goodsprings Church 333945N 0871341W Goodsprings
Grace Chapel Church of the Nazarene 334859N 0872120W Jasper
Grant Christian Methodist Episcopal Chapel 335335N 0873131W Carbon Hill
Harmony Church 335559N 0871919W Manchester
Hatt Church of Christ 334201N 0871529W Parrish
Heard Shoal Church 333206N 0871454W Gilmore
Herman Church 335810N 0871404W Sunlight
High Hill Church 333702N 0871533W Tutwiler School
Highway Five Church 335458N 0872312W Nauvoo
Holly Creek Church 335028N 0872509W Townley
Hopewell Church (historical) 335943N 0873518W Carbon Hill
Hunters Chapel 334730N 0871340W Cordova
Jasper Methodist Episcopal Church 334934N 0871609W Jasper
Kansas Baptist Church 335425N 0873312W Carbon Hill
Key Hill Church 334311N 0872518W Oakman
Kings Chapel 334902N 0872236W Townley
Lamon Chapel Baptist Church 335936N 0872035W Manchester
Leonard Chapel 335406N 0872817W Nauvoo
Liberty Church of Christ 335138N 0871231W Cordova
Liberty Grove Baptist Church 335653N 0872417W Nauvoo
Little Vine Church 334858N 0865900W Creel
Long Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) 334524N 0871054W Cordova
Macedonia Baptist Church 335530N 0871453W Sunlight
Macedonia Church of Christ 335043N 0872324W Townley
Mammouth Church 335325N 0872210W Manchester
Manchester Church 335418N 0871759W Manchester
McArthur Heights Church 334627N 0871705W Jasper
McDade Church 335229N 0873053W Howard
Midway Church 335830N 0872919W Nauvoo
Midway Church of Christ 334758N 0872020W Jasper
Mount Harmony Church of Christ 334942N 0871300W Cordova
Mount Herman Church 335734N 0872408W Nauvoo
Mount Hope Church 334617N 0871445W Cordova
Mount Hope Church 335301N 0870243W Cold Springs
Mount Hope Church (historical) 334357N 0870655W Dora
Mount Joy Baptist Church 335709N 0870850W Sunlight
Mount Olive Church 334217N 0872719W Oakman
Mount Olive Church 335453N 0871024W Sunlight
Mount Philadelphia Baptist Church 334334N 0871050W Goodsprings
Mount Pilgrim Church 334821N 0870713W Sipsey
Mount Pisgah Church 334428N 0871238W Goodsprings
Mount Vernon Baptist Church 335727N 0871249W Sunlight
Mount Zion Church 334523N 0872847W Townley
Mount Zion Church 335735N 0871643W Manchester
Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church 335457N 0872316W Nauvoo
New Bethany Church 335657N 0873407W Carbon Hill
New Bethel Church 334909N 0870947W Cordova
New Canaan Baptist Church 335222N 0871445W Cordova
New Canaan Church 335004N 0870010W Sipsey
New Flatwood Church 335649N 0872919W Nauvoo
New Hope Church 334811N 0870659W Sipsey
New Hope Church 335326N 0870722W Cold Springs
New Hope Church 335554N 0871728W Manchester
New Hope Church 335919N 0872232W Nauvoo
New Hope Church 335722N 0871252W Sunlight
New Hope Church of Christ 334449N 0872232W Oakman
New Hope Methodist Church 334923N 0872528W Townley
New Jerusalem Church 335816N 0871714W Manchester
New Oak Grove Church 335850N 0872744W Nauvoo
New Prospect Baptist Church 335144N 0871749W Jasper
New Zion Church 335544N 0872951W Nauvoo
New Zion Church 335419N 0872203W Manchester
North Jasper Church 335205N 0871821W Jasper
North Side Church 335217N 0871830W Jasper
Northside Baptist Church 335100N 0871611W Jasper
Oak Grove Church 333822N 0870901W Goodsprings
Oak Grove Church 334921N 0870714W Sipsey
Oakman Church of Christ 334258N 0872316W Oakman
Oakman Church of God 334244N 0872308W Oakman
Oakman First Baptist Church 334251N 0872314W Oakman
Oakman Methodist Church 334255N 0872317W Oakman
Odom Memorial Church 334213N 0871807W Parrish
Old Flatwood Church 335714N 0872950W Nauvoo
Old Liberty Hill Church 333817N 0872150W Parrish
Old Mount Carmel Baptist Church 334508N 0871103W Cordova
Old Union Primitive Baptist Church 335949N 0873452W Carbon Hill
Owens Chapel Church 334939N 0870127W Sipsey
Patton Baptist Church 334319N 0872632W Oakman
Philadelphia Church 335454N 0870935W Sunlight
Phillips Church 335050N 0870032W Sipsey
Pine Grove Church 335039N 0871219W Cordova
Piney Woods Church 335235N 0870653W Cold Springs
Piney Woods Community Church 335232N 0870602W Cold Springs
Pisgah Church 335046N 0870514W Sipsey
Pleasant Field Baptist Church 334001N 0871800W Parrish
Pleasant Field Church 335418N 0870732W Sunlight
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church 334759N 0872221W Jasper
Pleasant Hill Methodist Church 334813N 0872527W Townley
Pleasant Ridge Church 335735N 0872554W Nauvoo
Pocahontas Church 335223N 0872855W Townley
Prospect Church 335556N 0872706W Nauvoo
Providence Baptist Church 334320N 0872004W Parrish
Pumpkin Center Church 333823N 0870900W Goodsprings
Rices Chapel 335150N 0870321W Sipsey
Ripley Church 335325N 0872641W Nauvoo
Riverside Church 334756N 0870847W Cordova
Saint Cecilia Church 335115N 0872018W Jasper
Saint James Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 334937N 0871614W Jasper
Saint James Methodist Episcopal Church 334514N 0871054W Cordova
Saint Marys Episcopal Church 335000N 0871619W Jasper
Samaria Baptist Church 334853N 0871353W Cordova
Sardis Church of the Nazarene 334629N 0871833W Jasper
Second Baptist Church 334930N 0871614W Jasper
Shady Grove Church (historical) 335506N 0872321W Nauvoo
Shady Ridge Church 335433N 0870903W Sunlight
Shanghi Baptist Church 334005N 0870454W Dora
Shiloh Baptist Church 334940N 0871650W Jasper
Shiloh Church 334746N 0871946W Jasper
Sipsey Church 334858N 0870458W Sipsey
Sixth Avenue Church of Christ 335012N 0871651W Jasper
Smith Chapel 335348N 0872934W Nauvoo
Smith Lake Church 335913N 0871324W Sunlight
Snoddy Chapel 335216N 0871830W Jasper
Spring Hill Church 335841N 0873351W Carbon Hill
Starview Church 333728N 0871625W Tutwiler School
Sulphur Spring Church 334910N 0871907W Jasper
Sulphur Springs Church 334351N 0871753W Parrish
Sumiton Church of God 334447N 0870257W Dora
Sunlight Baptist Church 335539N 0871228W Sunlight
Swindle Hill Church 334517N 0872506W Townley
Thatch Chapel 335908N 0871929W Manchester
Townley Church 334927N 0872716W Townley
Trinity Church 335431N 0872643W Nauvoo
Trinity Church 335423N 0871807W Manchester
Tubbs Church of Christ 334601N 0872039W Jasper
Twilly Town Church 333944N 0870512W Dora
Union Chapel Church 334858N 0871053W Cordova
Union Grove Baptist Church 335322N 0870449W Cold Springs
Union Grove Church 334319N 0870932W Goodsprings
Union Grove Church 335258N 0872023W Manchester
Union Hill Church 334927N 0872739W Townley
Union Hill Church 335820N 0872050W Manchester
Valley Hill Church 335634N 0871003W Sunlight
Valley View Church 334543N 0871421W Cordova
Walston Church 335234N 0871400W Sunlight
Wegra Church 333755N 0870625W Dora
Wesley Church 335023N 0871410W Cordova
Wesleyan Church 335526N 0872432W Nauvoo
West Walker Church of Christ 335209N 0872555W Townley
Westside Baptist Church 334943N 0871714W Jasper
Williams Chapel 335436N 0870646W Cold Springs
Willis Chapel 334541N 0873147W Howard
Wilson Chapel 335718N 0872331W Nauvoo
Wyatt Station Baptist Church 334209N 0870449W Dora
Zion Church 334423N 0871530W Parrish
Zion United Methodist Church 334958N 0871726W Jasper





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