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This may not be a complete listing of the Schools of Walker County.

Source: GNIS

Name Latitude Longitude Map
Argo School (historical) 334807N 0870658W Sipsey
Baltimore School (historical) 334709N 0870931W Cordova
Bankhead Farmstead School 335311N 0871649W Manchester
Bankhead Middle School 334519N 0871036W Cordova
Banks School (historical) 335011N 0870832W Cordova
Barney School (historical) 334325N 0870932W Goodsprings
Bennett School (historical) 335747N 0871945W Manchester
Big Ridge School (historical) 334420N 0871402W Goodsprings
Black Creek School (historical) 334211N 0870541W Dora
Boldo Junior High School (historical) 335107N 0871102W Cordova
Carbon Hill Elementary School 335350N 0873128W Carbon Hill
Carbon Hill Grammar School (historical) 335331N 0873137W Carbon Hill
Carbon Hill High School (historical) 335340N 0873200W Carbon Hill
Carbon Hill Junior High School 335350N 0873125W Carbon Hill
Cheatham School (historical) 335331N 0872626W Nauvoo
Cordova Elementary School 334543N 0871110W Cordova
Cordova High School 334558N 0871108W Cordova
Corinth School (historical) 334118N 0871118W Goodsprings
Curry Elementary School 335730N 0871258W Sunlight
Curry High School 335724N 0871258W Sunlight
Dawson School (historical) 334202N 0870534W Dora
Dodd Spring School (historical) 334726N 0870320W Sipsey
Dora High School 334459N 0870344W Dora
Drummond School (historical) 335325N 0870714W Cold Springs
Eldridge Junior High School (historical) 335528N 0873716W Carbon Hill
Empire Junior High School (historical) 334826N 0870121W Sipsey
Flat Branch School (historical) 334853N 0871350W Cordova
Gorgas School (historical) 333918N 0871312W Goodsprings
Grant School (historical) 333607N 0871732W Tutwiler School
Heard Shoal School (historical) 333208N 0871455W Gilmore
Hunters School (historical) 334734N 0871341W Cordova
Iron Mountain School (historical) 335240N 0873453W Carbon Hill
Knights School (historical) 333357N 0871831W Tutwiler School
Lupton School 335537N 0872502W Nauvoo
Macedonia School (historical) 335612N 0872203W Manchester
Martin High School 333929N 0871320W Goodsprings
Memorial Park Elementary School 335036N 0871713W Jasper
Nauvoo Junior High School (historical) 335906N 0872854W Nauvoo
Nix School (historical) 335546N 0872951W Nauvoo
Oak Grove School (historical) 335810N 0872708W Nauvoo
Oakman Elementary School 334313N 0872315W Oakman
Oakman High School 334311N 0872308W Oakman
Odom School (historical) 334106N 0870859W Goodsprings
Owens School (historical) 334636N 0871728W Jasper
Palmer School (historical) 334628N 0872749W Townley
Parrish Elementary School 334400N 0871648W Parrish
Parrish High School 334358N 0871645W Parrish
Phillips School (historical) 335008N 0870015W Sipsey
Pleasant Field School 333957N 0871759W Parrish
Red Mill Junior High School (historical) 335247N 0872020W Manchester
Reynolds School (historical) 333604N 0872105W Tutwiler School
Rose Hill School (historical) 335848N 0872327W Nauvoo
Scottsville School (historical) 334504N 0872216W Jasper
Shrine School 335031N 0871717W Jasper
Sides School 335357N 0873052W Carbon Hill
Sipsey Junior High School 334942N 0870526W Sipsey
Slate Creek School (historical) 334717N 0872226W Jasper
Snow School (historical) 333628N 0871213W Gilmore
Spring Hill School (historical) 335844N 0873330W Carbon Hill
Sumiton Elementary School 334525N 0870308W Sipsey
Thatch Junior High School 335829N 0872046W Manchester
Townley Junior High School 334943N 0872540W Townley
Tutwiler School (historical) 333524N 0871656W Tutwiler School
Union Chapel Junior High School 334855N 0871105W Cordova
Union Grove School (historical) 334728N 0865820W Creel
Walker College 335013N 0871600W Jasper
Walker County High School 335005N 0871555W Jasper
West Jasper Elementary School 334957N 0871733W Jasper
Wheeler School (historical) 335147N 0870316W Sipsey






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