Family History


The Story of Two Pioneer Families
The Williams and Littles

By John and Mary C. Kekec

Table of Contents

An American Family 7
Preface 7
Meet Birdie, a Country Girl 7
Birdie's Life as a Wife and Mother 21
Another Chapter in Birdie's Life 21
The Parents of Birdie Alice Williams Kieslich 23
The Little and Williams Families In Kansas Territory 26
The Little and Williams Families During and After the Civil War 39
The Postwar Histoiy of Mary B. Little Williams Brumblay 46
The Early History of the Williams Family in Pennsylvania and Iowa 48
The Early Histoiy of the Little Family in North Carolina and Alabama 54
Afterword 65
Appendices 67
I Family Photographs 67
II Historical Maps and Illustrations 71
III Family Tree Sketches and Pedigree Charts 89
IV Miscellaneous Family Records and Correspondence 93

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