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Website updates:

13 Feb 2018:
Cemeteries: Evergreen Cemetery - Add stone reading for Edith Armenthia; Dorothy Bauchman; Henry A Benson; Elisabeth Fraser Bunty; John Kenneth Campbell; Mary Ellen Campbell; Dorothy Chisolm; W C "Billy" Cook; Bill Cope; Vi (Dapcevich) Cope; Peter Cordes; Elizabeth D Cornell; Sam B Coronell; Macario H "Mac" Corpuz, Sr; Patricia Diane Cottle; Robert Emmet Couchlin; Walter Wooten Counch, M.D.; Mary Jeannette Cowling; Robert William Cowling; Connie Cox; Jordina Cragg; Mary B Crewson; Chris N Crone; Esther Cropley; Ike Cropley; Jake Cropley; Jake Cropley; Marjorie B Cropley; Esther Crorle; Dorothy M Crouse; Robert "Bob" Crouse; Edward Crowe; Eliza Crowe; George Crowe; Fred B Crowell; Mae C Crowell; Mary Crozier; Ruth M Cryan; Karlene Cunningham; Michael Cunningham; Bude Curich; Joseph Curry; James L Dabney; James Lawrence Dabney; Dan Daldi; Andrew Dalgard; P C Dalgard; John Danielsen; Donald Dapcevich; Mileva S Dapcevich; Paul S Dapcevich; Robert S Dapcevich; Savo V Dapcevich; Stana S Dapcevich; William James Darlin
16 Jan 2018:
Historical Information: People - Who's Who - Leonard Pratt Dawes; Claudia Marie Drake; Thomas Henry Dyer
07 Jan 2018:
Military: Juneau City, Alaska, Draft Registrations, 1917-1918 - Ralph H. Beistline; John Bernard Bernhofer; Adam Martinus Bernhoft; Milton Dean Berry; Floyd Bersie; Bert Henry Bertholl; Anfin Bertleson; George Betts; Peter John Francis Boivin; Robert E. Busby; August Buschmann; Edwin Eaton Bussey; Franz H. Feike; Lorin Alfonso Feike; Arthur John Ficken; William Elisha Fielding; Thomas Figera; Cesare Figurelli; Frank E. Sargent; Ettore Savino; Vern A. Saylor; Attilio Scataglini; Ettore Scataglini; Karl Schmidt; Fred H. Schoode; Fred Schuchardt; Thomas E. Serrott; Sanil Shulman; Sevrin Svingeseth

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