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Website updates:

16 Dec 2016:
Cemeteries: Shrine of St Therese Columbarium - Added Pictures For - Dick Pegues; Bill Potter; Rudolph C. Pusich; Bette Reischl; Dave Reischl; Jacqueline T. Renninger; Martin John Richard; Agnes Frances Ross; Dale Graham Sarles; John O. Satre; Patricia E. Satre; Donald J. Schultz; Mary Katherine Shaw; Anne Shima; Irene P. Shima; Lise Mary Sikes; Melvin Joseph Slocum; Jonah Douglas Smith; Peggy Margaret Ann Spehn-Carpenter; George John Whiteley, Sr.; Margaret Catherine Willman
14 Dec 2016:
Cemeteries: Shrine of St Therese Columbarium - Added Pictures For - Gregory Lee Mallinger; Paul Edward Mangold; Richard Arthur Marriott; Amelia L. Cesar McClure; Robert M. McCormick; Richard H. Meeker; Dorothy Louise Messerschmidt; Gordon Wesley & Lynn Dorothy Meyer; Jeffry Bryan Neal & Jeffry Bryan Neal II
13 Dec 2016:
Cemeteries: Shrine of St Therese Columbarium - Added Pictures For - Winona Coreen Abbott; Grace Taeko Akiyama; Costa J. Alton, Jr; Sandra Lee Armstrong; Stephanie Ann Arnoldt; Muriel M. Arthur; Muriel Hardenbrook Baker; Catherine Rae Barrett; Debra A. Kendler Baxter; Helan A. Bertoni; Ethel Mae Betit; Mary Ellen Bibb; William S. & Hazel E. Brown; Joan Koester & Lawrence P. Carroll; Jim E. Cashen; Mary Elizabeth & Michael Rolland Cesar; Conner Kwok Man Cheng; Tobin E. Coate; David Walter Delong; John Bernard Dilts; Robert Charles Elmore; Leroy Thomas Funk; Michael Gallagher; Dorothy A. Garolis; Joan Edna Gasparek; Michael S. Gerber; Rose Margarey Goenett; Dennis Harold Gwyther; Elizabeth Arvold Hass; Verna Marie Hansen; Charles R. & Vern Vivian Hirsch; Betty P. Hurley; Clarence E. & Jerry Dinneen Jacobsen; Willette Patricia Janes; Mamie Feusi & Marcus F. Jensen; Gary Daniel Lofstrom; William G. Logan; Brian Ronald Lorensen; Cathy Susan Luther; Ladd E. Macaulay
10 Dec 2016:
Directories: 1901-02 Directory
Historical Information: Businesses - Alaska Steam Laundry; Great Western Iron Works; The Occidental
09 Sept. 2016:
Historical Information: Local District Of Juneau, Alaska, 1902; Local District of Juneau, Alaska, 1903

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