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Location and Climate
Kodiak Island is located on the western side of the Gulf of Alaska. It lies 252 air miles south of Anchorage, a 55 minute flight, and is a 3 hour flight from Seattle.It lies at approximately 57.783330 North Latitude and -152.400000 West Longitude . The area encompasses 6,559.8 sq. miles of land and 5,463.8 sq. miles of water. The climate of the Kodiak Islands is dominated by a strong marine influence. There is little or no freezing weather, moderate precipitation, and frequent cloud cover and fog. Severe storms are common from December through February. Annual precipitation is 60 inches on the windward side of the Island, and 40 inches on the leeward side. Temperatures remain within a narrow range, from 32 to 62.

History, Culture and Demographics
Kodiak Island has been inhabited since 8,000 B.C. and was settled by Russian fur trappers in 1792. Sea otter pelts were the primary incentive for Russian exploration at that time. Kodiak was the first capital of Russian Alaska, which moved to Sitka when Alaska was purchased by the U.S. in 1867. Since the Aleutian Campaign of World War II, several branches of the military have maintained a presence in Kodiak. The 1960s brought growth in commercial fisheries and fish processing. The Borough was incorporated in 1963.
The population of the community consists of 17.6% Alaska Native or part Native. The Island culture is grounded in commercial and subsistence fishing activities and is primarily non-Native. A Russian Orthodox Church seminary is based in Kodiak, one of the two existing seminaries of this kind in the U.S. The Coast Guard comprises a significant portion of the Borough.

Communities located within the Borough include:
Akhiok, Chiniak, Karluk, Kodiak, Kodiak USCG Station, Larsen Bay, Old Harbor, Ouzinkie, Port Lions, Uganik, and Womens Bay.

Economy and Transportation
Fishing, fish processing, retail, services and the health care industries are the key employers. The Coast Guard, City, Borough, State and federal agencies also provide employment. 767 borough residents hold commercial fishing permits. Subsistence activities and sport fishing are prevalent. The Kodiak Launch Complex, a $38 million low-Earth orbit launch facility on 27 acres, was recently completed at Cape Narrow near Chiniak. The Kodiak Launch Complex, operated by the Alaska Aerospace Dev. Corp., is the only commercial launch range in the U.S. that is not co-located with a federal facility. The KLC launched its first payload in November 1998. In August 2003, Alaska Aerospace Dev. Corp. was awarded an $8 million contract to handle two or three Missile Defense Agency launches in 2003-2004. The Kodiak-launched missiles will be targets, not interceptors. The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce provides economic development services to the area (www.kodiak.org).

Kodiak is accessible by air and sea. Airports and seaplane facilities serve air traffic island-wide. The Alaska Marine Highway System operates a ferry service from Seward and Homer. Two boat harbors serve commercial and transient vessels. Approximately 140 miles of state roads connect island communities on the east side of the island.

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