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Sitka Alaska
Birth Announcements

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gillenwater of Sitka, Alaska, are being felicitated on the birth of a son, Neil Warren, January 21, at Emanuel hospital here. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. John Boeckli, Portland, and Mrs. Neva Dillenwater of Beaverton. Mrs. Gillenwater and the baby will remain with her parents until she is able to return to Alaska to rejoin her husband.
[Oregonian (29 Jan. 1948); MZ - Sub by FoFG]

BORN. - In Sitka, on the 7th inst., to the wife of F. J. Hoffman, U.S.N., a son. The Alaskan extends its congratulations and is glad to know that Mrs. Hoffman and the little one are progressing favorably.
[Alaskan (20 Aug. 1887); MZ - Sub by FoFG]

Born - In the Wrangell jail, January 10, 1903, to Susie Churchill, native, Sitka, a boy; husband, Harry Kane.
[Daily Alaska Dispatch (19 Jan. 1903) - MZ - Sub by FoFG]

Douglas, Oct. 7. - Tuesday morning a baby girl was born in Douglas to Mr. and Mrs. McNulty. The McNulty home is at Sitka.
Daily Alaska Dispatch (7 Oct. 1915) - MZ - Sub by FoFG]

Rev. N. Mitropolski, at Sitka, had a son born to him recently. The infant was bapized by Bishop Nestor.
[Alaska Appeal (30 Oct. 1879) - MZ - Sub by FoFG]

Henry Murphy
Henry Murphy, now two years old, is the first child born of American parents in Sitka.
Cincinnati Daily Gazette (1 May 1871) - MZ - Sub by FoFG]

Mr. and Mrs. Ross J. Reed of Sitka have a new baby daughter. Mr. Reed is a teacher at the Sheldon-Jackson school.
Daily Alaska Dispatch (8 May 1918) - MZ - Sub by FoFG]

Douglas, Nov. 14 - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wardwell, of Sitka, a ten pound baby boy, yesterday morning. Both the mother and baby are doing nicely.
Daily Alaska Dispatch (14 Nov. 1916) - MZ - Sub by FoFG]

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