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1880 Mortality Schedule

Apache County Arizona

Surname Year Cause Of Death
Age Gender Month of Death State of Birth
Candelario Apodaca 1880 Fever
Child 10M Apr NM
Mary J. Atchison 1880 Whooping Cough
Child 2 May NV
Carmelita Baca 1880 Fever
Child 3 Feb AZ
Fidel Baca 1880 Not Listed
Child 5M Mar AZ
Juan Bautista Baca 1880 Not Listed
Child 4D Nov NM
Mina Barth 1880 Whooping Cough
Child 6M Apr AZ
Victa Bordox 1880 Horse Kicked
Bank Clerk
71 Aug Fr
Mary Bridges 1880 Apoplexy
54 May Ir
Elsie M. Bushman 1880 Bad Cold
Child 2 Mar AZ
Isabel Bustamante 1880 Not Listed Child 1D Jul NM
Mary Bustamante 1880 Not Listed Child 1D Mar AZ
Sarah Bustamante 1880 Not Listed Child 1M Jul AZ
Beatriz Chavez 1880 Fever
Child 6 Aug AZ
Maria Chavez 1880 Whooping Cough
Child 4M May AZ
Ellise Crawford 1880 Accident
Child 9 Mar UT
Gerold F. Creaghe 1880 Indian Killed
Law Man
47 Apr Ir
Gerald Francis Creaghe 1880 Indian Killed
23 May Ir
J. A. Curtis 1880 Drown
Child 5 Jul AZ
A. H. Donaldson 1880 Pneumonia
31 Apr PA
Daniel Dubois 1880 Pneumonia
Child 8M Mar AZ
Edward Edwards 1880 Bright's Disease
82 Dec Wl
Nathaniel Greer 1880 Not Listed
NG Ng Ng
Ellen Hamblin 1880 Child Birth
39 May Us
Effie Ellen Johnson 1880 Lung Fever
Child 1 Jan AZ
Jordan 1880 Fever
Watch Repairman
27 Apr Ng
Demira Kartchner 1880 Brain Fever
Child 9M Dec AZ
Clara Lake 1880 Brain Fever
Child 3M Mar AZ
F. B. Neilson 1880 Teething
Child 1 Aug AZ
Osmiech 1880 Shot
43 Feb OH
P. A. Overson 1880 Brain Disease
1 Jul AZ
Edward Phillips 1880 Murdered
Watch Repairman
27 May VA
Martha Jane Quinn 1880 Child Birth
18 Jan AR
Martha Ann Quinn 1880 Premature
12D Jan AZ
Sarah Jane Quinn 1880 Premature
1D Jan AZ
James Richmond 1880 Indian Killed
Law Man
38 Apr Ng
James Richmond 1880 Indian Killed
34 May OH
Felix Scott 1880 Penumonia
Watch Repirman
51 Nov MO
Juliana Sedillo 1880 Heart Disease

36 Nov NM
Torivia Vejill 1880 Child Birth
25 Apr NM
Francisca Vejill 1880 Not Listed Child 1 Nov Mx
Jesus Mary Vejill 1880 Not Listed Child 7M Dec Mx
Amulok J. West 1880 Whooping Cough
3 Mar UT

Source : U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index

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