Name of Deceased: Conroy, Frank

Submitters Name: Robin L

While exploring the territory of the cliff dwellers territory in Arizona, Frank Conroy, of Brooklyn, fell over a cliff and was attacked and killed by eagles. His companion, J.B. Barkelow, has reached Ogden, Utah.

New Ulm review., November 09, 1892, page 6, New Ulm, MN

Name of Deceased: Felix Scott
The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR) - Saturday, December 6, 1879

Felix Scott, Jr., in Arizona on the 10th of Nov. 1879.

Another one of natures nobleman, has paid the great debt. Oregon has lost one more of its makers. Companions have lost a comrade, and relatives a brother and son.

Mr. Scott's history, has been an eventful one in the history of our young State. His enterprise, judgment, determination, and industry, were virtues that made him beloved. As a pioneer of Oregon, he was the earliest. As a friend of emigration his hand and purse were open. To the destitute, he was a friend and father. Coming as he did, to our then almost unknown Territory, he appreciated the wants of emigrants, and while prosperity showered upon him, he generously contributed to the adversity of others.

Mr. Scott was born in St. Charles county, Mo., July 2d, 1829 From thence he emigrated to California in the Spring of 1845, and wintering there, continued his journey to what is now Yamhill co., Oregon in 1846. In 1849 he removed to this, (Lane) county, and located the claim upon which his brother Rodney now resides. This place he made his home until 1869, although a great portion of the time he was in Southern Oregon extensively engaged in stock business. In the winter of 1846, when the emigration to Oregon were in a state of destitution, he, as always ready to assist the needy, went to their rescue with stock and provision, and generally administered to their wants. H. C. Owen Esq., was one of the party at that time and by their united efforts many lives were saved.

In 1863 Mr. Scott brought from Southern Oregon, a large band of cattle and a large amount of freight, en route to Eastern Oregon. Upon arriving at Eugene, he conceived the idea of crossing the mountains by what is now known as the McKenzie route. Of course, the idea, was scoffed at, but nerve, and perseverance, with a just appreciation of his ability to overcome difficulties tempted him to try it, and he did. With what success, every citizen knows. At his own expense, he employed from forty to fifty hands, and over what is now the fine graded road of McKenzie, he took seven hundred head of cattle, and eight heavy freight wagons. True it was difficult, frequently using as many as twenty six yoke of oxen on one wagon. But his indomitable spirit conquered, and from his resolution we now have our own fine mountain pass. In 1872 he removed to Arizona, and at the time of his death was extensively engaged in the stock and freight business. His two brothers Mario and Harrison were with him at the time of his death. He leaves a brother and sister in this State, and a widowed mother who has attained the ripe old age of seventy-five, living with her son Rodney.

In his death, Oregon has lost one of her best sons, for she claims him, and with pride she may. His family has lost a good brother, and valiant son. Our pioneers have lost a brave comrade, and the poor a generous friend.
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Death of Ex-Governor Safford.
Turpia Springs, Fla., Dec. 15.—
This morning at 3 o'clock Hon. A. P. K. Safford, ex-Governor of Arizona, and a heavy property owner in that territory, died of a complication of diseases, in this city. Governor Safford  was a man long prominent in politics, and had many friends in this State, who will mourn his loss. He was governor of Arizona from 1870 to 1876, and did much good for the territory. He took a personal interest in the
Apache campaign, and did much to exterminate them. He was also the father of the public school system in Arizona, and instituted it under very trying circumstances. He went out of office a poor man, but made a fortune in the Tough Nut mine, near Tombstone, and invested the money in Florida property, since which time he has mostly resided here.
Date: Wednesday, December 23, 1891;  Paper: Weekly Journal Miner
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