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1880 Mortality Schedule
Yavapai County, Arizona Territory

Transcribed by K. Torp

Persons Who died During the Year Ending May 31, 1880
Census Year beginns June 1, 1879 and ends May 31, 1880











Oscar Bean (or Bear?) Prescott   28 US US US Farmer Killed Nov 1879
Emma Carpenter Prescott M 22 CA IRE PA Housewife Peritonetis May 1880
W. Davis Prescott M 62 Unk. Unk. Unk. Farmer Gangrene July 1879
Kelly Edward Tyer & Tip Top S 32 MA IRE IRE Miner Pneumonia Feb 1879
David Felloes Tyer & Tip Top S 32 MA IRE IRE Miner Blast in Mine Feb 1879
John Fey Dist. 21 S 50 Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Farmer Spinal Oct 1879
John C. Foutz Tanners Ranch   4/12 Utah Miz (?) Ohio   Whooping Cough Jan 1880
Thomas Francis Prescott   49 US US US   Killed Nov 1879
Jas. Wm. Gough Prescott S 32 Eng Eng Eng Clerk for Quarter Master Epilepsy May 1880
Geo. S. Guild Prescott   5 mos AZ Ma Prus   Convulsions May 1880
M. Hamilton Prescott   6 AZ US US   Diptheria Aug 1879
Mary Hamilton Prescott   6 NEV PA IN   Scarlet Fever Aug 1879
Jas Hannigan Tyer & Tip Top   27 US US US Soldier Suicide, Shooting Dec 1879
S.A. Huchins Prescott S 36 US US US Miner Dropsy Oct 1879
Ira J. Hudson Prescott   8 mos AZ IA MO   Brain Fever May 1880
Henry Kethrow Prescott   31 US US US Farmer Inflamation of Brain Aug 1879
Lewis Z. Lambertson Dist. 21 M &) OH US US Miller Abcess of the Stomach Apr 1880
Antone Lange Verde Valley S 41 Bavaria Unk Unk Soldier Apoplexy May 1880
E. Leaver Prescott S 23 Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Laborer Shot Aug 1879
James McAuloff Tyer & Tip Top S 29 NY IRE Ire Miner Fall in Shaft Sep 1879
John McDonald Tyer & Tip Top S 32 Canada IRE IRE Miner Fall in Shaft Sep 1879
R. McKinnon Prescott S 48 Canada Canada Canada Miner Consumption Jan 1880
Wm Maybet Tyer & Tip Top   36 US US US Farmer Heart Disease Dec 1879
Wm Mozart Tyer & Tip Top S 28 Germany Germany Germany Miner [killed in the same mine blast as D. Felloes] Nov 1879
C. Nichol Prescott S 33 Canada Canada Canada Miner Purpura Dec 1879
Martha Pemberton Prescott M 55 TN TN TN Housewife Congestion Brain May 1880
B. Pennypacker Tyer & Tip Top M 28 PA Eng Germany Prostitute Whiskey Apr 1880
G.A. Pratt Beaver Creek M 49 KY Unk Unk Farmer Pneumonia Jun 1879
Peter Saile Prescott S 19 US US US Laborer Pistol Shot Sep 1879
William Shannon Tyer & Tip Top S 28 TX TX TX Cook Shot in a Fight Dec 1879
Joseph Sheridan Verde Valley S 40 IRE Unk Unk Soldier Exposure to Cold Nov 1879
Ann Smith Dist. 21 M 25 CA CA CA Housekeeper Child bed Mar 1880
Julia F. Smith Prescott M 46 US US US Housewife Dropsy Sep 1879
Edie Strahan Verde Valley M 20 AR Unk Unk Housewife Child-bed Mar 1880
John Sullivan Tyer & Tip Top S 27 NY IRE IRE Miner Fall in Shaft Sep 1879
Mike L Sykes Prescott   42 US US US Engineer Angina Pectoral Jan 1880
William Thomas Tyer & Tip Top S 28 Wales Wales Wales Miner Shot by Stage Robbers Nov 1879
Mary A. Thorne Prescott M 30 New Jersey US US   Puerperal Septicemia Feb 1880
L. Winnert Prescott S 38 Germany Germany Germany Farmer Dropsy Sep 1879

Notes: Mrs. Pemberton went to the "spring" or shallow well - for a bucket of water. While drawing, she lost her "balance" and fell into the water head first, in which posititon she remained sometime, until rescued by her son. From this unnatural bath she took severe cold - culminating in congestive chills, finally causing death as above stated.

No 1. (Lewis Lambertson) - Ulceration of the tonsils. Was shot by the Indians in 1870. The ball penetrated the left lung. It was extracted. He afterward suffered pain and spit blood at intervals since he was shot. Previous he was strong and healthy.

James McAuliff, John Sullivan, John McDonald were miners employed at the Tiger Mine, Bradshaw District, Arizona Territory. The hoisting machinery at the shaft becoming in some manner disarranged, these men were precipitated from the bucket on which they were being hoisted to the surface to the bottom of the shaft, a distance of nearly 200 ft and were killed.

David Felloe and William Mozart, also miners, were killed at the same time by the premature explosion of a blast.


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