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 Rotary club elects officers
Dewitt Rotary Club elected its new president at its regular meeting last Wednesday, Dr. R. H. Whitehead. Other officers are: vice president, J.R. Dixon; secretary -treasurer Geo. Leibrock
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, Dewitt, Arkansas Thursday, April 16 1942, Transcribed by Angie Grant)

Army Mothers To Organize here Monday
Mrs. E.A. Morris of this city was elected County Commander of the army of Mothers Chapter for Arkansas, which was organized at a meeting at the Methodist here Monday night.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, Dewitt, Arkansas Thursday, April 16 1942, Transcribed by Angie Grant)

Mrs. Whitehead Leads Cancer Control Drive
Mrs. R.H. Whitehead
of this city has been named chairman of the Cancer Control Drive for Arkansas County, and the month of April is proclaimed by the President of the United States as Cancer Control Month.
DeWitt's participation will be in form of talks and motion pictures at various club meetings. These pictures and talks will point out what has been learned by science about cancer, its control and what its control is doing as a unit in the defense efforts.
Mrs. C.W. Rasco, Jr., has been named by Mrs. Whitehead as DeWitt chairman, and other chaimen for the county are: Mrs. G. B. Deane, St. Charles and Crocketss Bluff; Mrs. George Rodgers, Bayou Mete; Marcus T. Smith, Tichnor; John Miller, Gillet, and others to be appointed later.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 1)

Bridge Party
Mrs. Ben Lowe entertained her bridge club Friday afternoon in her home. Coca-Cola and candies were served and defense stamps were given for high score which was won by Mrs. Fritz Eichler who also received the traveling prize. The club voted to give defense stamps as prizes.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 3)

Bridge Party
Mrs. Albert Roberts entertained with dessert bridge in her home Wednesday evening using the St. Patrick's color scheme in favors, tallies, napikins and menu. After the delicious salad course bridge was played and Miss Tilly Natho received high score and traveling prizes. Those present were: Mrs. A.M. Lowe, Mrs. Julia Monahan, Mrs. Boyd Smith, Miss Mardale Truax, Miss Louise Rollison, Mrs. Walter Natho, Miss Tilly Natho and Mrs. Roberts.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 3)

Dorcas Circle - Lutheran Circle
The Dorcas Circle of the Lutheran church met Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs. George Poll. Twenty five members and three visitors, Mrs. C.F. Rose, Mrs. Herbert Holzhauer, and Mrs. George Lehman, who became members, were present.
Mrs. Chas. Shultz, president, had charge of the business meeting during which plans were made to re-write the constitution. After business was discussed and settled, a delightful social hour followed with tempting refreshments served by the hostess. The April meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. Henry Poll, Jr.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 3)

Cirle No. 1 W.S.C.S.
Cirle I of the Woman's Society of Christian Services met Thursday afternoon, March 5th, in the home of Mrs. Dolph Cazort with Mrs. Vance Branhour assisting and Mrs. Alfred Hightower leader. Seventeen members and three visitors, Mrs. A. Parker, Mrs. Ed Elwell, and Mrs. Ophelia Viazier, were present.
Happy Birthday was sung for six members who have birthdays this month.
An article on Meditation was read by Mrs. Russ Thomas, Mrs. Shannon Cook, Mrs. C. Hoops, Mrs. C. Massey, Mrs. Virgil Keeley, Mrs. Mm. Malcomb, Mrs. J. Corbitt, Mrs. John McDonald, Mrs. Wm. Stillwell and Mrs. Fred Morgan.
"It Is Good To Be Here," by Mrs. Alfred Hightower. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. John McDonald with Mrs. George Keuber assisting and Mrs. John Corbitt as program leader. The hour of meeting has been changed to 3 o'clock.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 3)

Circle II, W.S.C.S.
Circle Two of the W.S.C.S. meets Tuesday afternoon, March 24, at 3 o'clock with Mrs. George Leibrock. Mrs. B.A. Lewis will be assistant hostess and Miss Annie Brown, leader.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 4)

Circle III, W.S.C.S.
Members of the Circle Three of the W.S.C.S. will meet in the home of Mrs. Flyd Spratlin Tuesday afternoon, March 24, at 3 o'clock. Mrs. G.A. Sullards will be leader.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 4)

Sub Debs Elect Officers
At the last regular meeting of the Sub Deb Club, new officers were elected, and they are: President, Miss Jodyne Gordon; Vice-president, Miss Edwyelle McKay; Secretary, Miss Mildred Ruffin; Treasureer, Miss Frances Wilson; Reporter, Miss Mary Elizabeth Currie; Program chairman, Miss Hazel Bell and Recreation chairman, Miss Patricia Young.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 4)

Sub Debs To Have Banquet
At the regular business meeting of the Sub Deb Club, at the home of Miss Margaret Putsch, last Wednesday evening, plans were made for the annual banquet, which will be Friday evening, April 3rd.
After the business was completed, delicious refreshements were served by the hostess.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 2, 1942, Vol. 60, Page 4)

Mrs. Blythe is Mothers Club Hostess
Wednesday afternoon, March 11, Mrs. J.W. Blythe entertained the Mothers Club and several guests, including Mrs. E.B. Roy, Mrs. J.O. McGuire, Mrs. R.I. Maddox, Mrs. C.E. Park, Mrs, Dan McKenzie and Mrs. M.F. Montgomery, and Mrs. J.G. Rector and little daughter of Little Rock.
Mrs. George Hall, president presided and after the club collect was read, roll call was answered by clever sayings. The business metting included reports of various committee chairmen.
"Participation of Women in National Defense" was the subject of the program, which Mrs. Clarence Shearer presented. Mrs. George Sorrells talked on "Women in Industry." Mrs. Shelby Burnett on "American Women in Defense," and Mrs. C.N. Ruffin on "Foreign Women in Defense." Special numbers were given by two girls and two boy in the third grade at school, and they were accompanied at the plane by Miss Betty Lu Hudson.
Pretty spring flowers were used for decorations and the hostess served a lovely plate.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 4)

Philathea Class Has Meeting
The Philathea class meeting opened Monday evening at 7:30 with several hymns, followed by a prayer, as the devotional, and then Miss Marion Lenehan, president, took charge of the business period.
After routine reports for the previous month's work by officers and group captains, Mrs. Eddie Horton, presented a program, "Getting Ready for a Revival," and those taking parts were Miss Mary Ward, Mrs. Eddie Blackmon and Mrs. Charles Wright. The hymn "Revive Us Again," opened the program.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 4)

Woman's Christian Temperance Union will meet next Thursday afternoon, March 26, in the home of Mrs. A.H. Valentine, Mrs. E.A. Morris will be leader.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 4)

Brotherhood Met Monday Night
Dr. R.B. Glover talked on Co-operation at the meeting of the Baptist Brotherhood Monday night, and forty men present heard his message.
After the usual fish supper and get-together, the meeting was called to order by the president, Judge J.W. Burnett, who outlined a number of plans to be carried out before and during the coming revival meeting and appointed committees. There was a number of guests and each was introduced.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 4)

Ethel H.D. C
Ethel H.D.C met February 25 in the home of Mrs. Annie McSwain with eleven members present.
Minutes of the last meeting, report of the cemetery committee, and a talk by Miss Wood on "Gardening and Fertilizer" were heard.
The next meeting will be with Mrs. Lucy Horton.
The club expresses its thanks to those contributing to the fund for cleaning the cemetery grounds.
(Source: DeWitt Era-Enterprise, March 19, 1942, Vol. 59, Page 4)

Delta Delta Iota Has Progressive Dinner
Delta Delta Iota entertained Friday evening, March 27, with a prograssive dinner, which began at the home of Miss Sarah Lamar with cocktails.
From there the party continued to the home of Miss Gloria Rawlings for a salad course.
The main course was served at the home of Miss Mildred Ruffin, where a program was presented, Miss Lamar and Miss Wanda Stephenson taking part.
For dessert the party went to the home of Miss Bonnie Burnett, and afterwards all attended the movies.
The Delta Delta Iota members, their sponsor and guests atteneded. The following couples were present: Miss Sarah and Lamar and Billy Sebree; Miss Bonnie Burnett and Clayton Bowers; Miss Wanda Stephenson and Robert Neukam; Miss Mildred Ruffin and Billy Hoover; Miss Alice Leslie and W.B. Fulton; Miss Donna Faye Rawls and James Lamar; Miss Betty Meins and Charles Ed Stephenson; Miss Doris Hobbs and Bobby Blythe; Miss Gloria Rawlings and Calvin Danner; Miss Imogene Simpson and C.P. Kirkpatrick, Bluford Thornton and the sponsor, Miss Alice Vaught.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 2, 1942, Vol. 60, Page 4)

New Officers Elected at P.T.A.
Election of officers was the main item of business before the meeting of the DeWitt Parent-Teacher Association Wednesday afternoon, March 25, at the high school auditorium. The report of the nominating committee for 1942-43 officers, accepted by the organization, was: President, Mrs. George Leibrock; First Vice-President, Mrs. Earl Spratlin; Second Vice-president, Mrs. M.G. Lamar; Secretary, Mrs. Malcomb Scougale; Treasurer, Mrs. W.H. Davis, and Parliamentarian, Mrs. Katherine Williamson.
Mrs. George Lamar, retiring president, presided, and Dr. R.B. Glover led in prayer.
Reports were heard on the recent tuberculin and eye examinations made in the school here. Each member was asked to pay ten cents for the purpose of placing the playground equipment on the school yard. Mrs. George Leibrock and Mrs. George Lamar were elected delegates, to attend the State P.T.A. meeting in Hot Springs. The constitution and by-laws were ready by Miss Betty Lu Hudson.
Mrs. T.B. Hudson, program chairman, introduced the speaker of the afternoon, Dr. R.B. Glover, who had as his subjec, "Youth Prepares For a Job."
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 2, 1942, Vol. 60, Page 4)

W.C.T.U Met with Mrs. Valentine
The Woman's Christian Temperance Union met Thursday afternoon March 26, in the home of Mrs. A.H. Valentine for the monthly meeting, with Mrs. Jason Essex as co-hostess.
Devotional and program were conducted by Mrs. E.A. Morris. Mrs. C.N. Ruffin gave an interesting article on the life of Edgar A. Poe under the caption "The Motive in Alcoholism" proving that he was a genius not because of, but in spite of his drinking. Mrs. W. F. Schallhorn and Mrs. Dipert gave articles showing the dangers from liquor in this time of war. Mrs. A Polstra read a poem on consecration to our task. A song, "I'll Eat Dry" to an old tune, was enjoyed by all.
The business session, presided over by the president, Mrs. Verne Bowers, included the appointment of Miss Anna Robinson as director of Speech Contests, and the announcement that the first of these contests would be held the second week in April at Prairie Union Church.
Meeting closed with eht Araonic benediction. Delicious refreshments were served by the two hostesses. Twenty were present.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 2, 1942, Vol. 60, Page 4)

Rotary Spokes
Rotary met at regular luncheon Wednesday noon. It had for its guests, young Jimmie Bowers, who is recovering from infantile paralysis, Dale Hampton, who has been serving as a page to the Congress in Washington, Dr. Glover, Rev. Rowe and Rev. Cox, who are holding the meeting at the Baptist church.
Bill Davis had the program and gave an interesting story of Walter Winchell.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 2, 1942, Vol. 60, Page 4)

Circle Three Met With Mrs. McGuire
Mrs. J. O. McGuire entertained members of the Circle Three of the Womans Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church at her home Tuesday afternoon and Mrs. Otto Leibrock acted as chairman. Sixteen members and two visitors, Mrs. H. B Vaught and her aunt, Mrs. Sam Harper of Fort Smith, were present.
Mrs. F. E. Stephenson was elected new treasurer to take the place of Mrs. E. B. Roy.
The devotional was conducted by Mrs. G. A. Sullards, assisted by Mrs. H. W. Quertermous, and Mrs. Otto Leibrock led the program, "Work of Women in the City Church." Those taking part of the program were Mrs. R.L. Kraft, Mrs. C. P. Chaney. Mrs. Floyd Spratlin, Mrs. F. E. Stephenson, Mrs. G. L. Sanders and Mrs. J. E. Pike.
The hostess served lovely refreshments
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 3, 1942. Transcribed by Lori Wood)

Baptist W.M S. has Mission Lesson
Baptist Women's Missionary Society met at the church Tuesday afternoon for monthly business session and the Royal Service mission program.
The president, Mrs. C.N. Ruffin, stated that the WMS was A-1 for the year 1941. After circle reports, it was announced that part of the orphan's supplies had been shipped and the remainder of the box was ready. Mrs. J. W. Burnett was elected second vice-president to take the place of Mrs. Charles McCoy, who has moved away. Mrs. J.A. McKay was named leader for the Week of Prayer program. It was announced the Walton McGhie was new Intermediate R.A leader. The new study, "The Bible a Misisionary Book," will be taught by Rev. Glover. Mrs. Harlan reported on the Associational metting in Pine Bluff, and Mrs. Ruffin told the state W.M.S. meeting held in Little Rock recently.
Mrs. Hargrove, leader chose as devotional subject "Whatsoever Things Are Pure Think on These Things," and memeber of the Circle Four assisted on the program, Mrs. Maddox, Mrs. Dean Tucker, Mrs. L.E. Ross, Mrs. C.E. Noble, Mrs. J.W. Lorick and Mrs. May Pearman.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 3, 1942. Transcribed by Lori Wood)

Mendelssohn Club Meets Next Week
The Mendelssohn Club will meet Thursday night, May 7, at 8 o'clock in the home of Mrs. H. W. Quertermous.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 3, 1942. Transcribed by Lori Wood)

Methodist Circle One Met Tuesday
Circle One of the Mehodist W.S.C.S. met with Mrs. L.F. Burnett Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Sally Childers was co-hostess.
Mrs. John Gunnell, chairman opened the meeting, and Mrs. C E. Park led in prayer. The Bible lesson conducted by Mrs. E. A. Morris, was on "The Law of Love." "Bible Teachings Are Personal" was by Mrs. C.E. Park, and "Bible Teachings are Based on a Covenant to the People by God" was Mrs. M. F. Montgomery's subject. Mrs. C. Sherer had charge of the program, which was on " The Work of the Women in the City Churches" and parts on the program were discussed by Mrs. A. H. Valentine. Mrs. Martha Adams, Mrs. C.W. Rasco and Mrs. M.F. Montgomery.
Questions and answers on the Bible followed the program and this was conducted by Mrs. Shearer. Mrs. Gunnell led the closing prayer.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 3, 1942. Transcribed by Lori Wood)

The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union met last Thursday afternoon at the home of Mr.s E.A. Morris with seventeen present.
The devotional with the topic “Spiritual Defense” was led by Mrs. Morris, spiritual educational leader. The business session followed, with the president, Mrs. Verne Bowers presiding. Three noteworthy accomplishments were reported.
Petitions were circulated in the three churches last Sunday asking congress to pass S.860 prohibiting the sale of all alcoholic beverages and vice in the army and navy. Also the Prairie Union Church last Monday.
Speech contest was held at Prairie Union Church last Monday evening in which Duane Holloway was winner, and also that a Loyal Temperance Legion is planned in that school for next fall.
Mrs. B. M. Thornton was appointed secretary to take charge of the youths Temperance Council, which the Epworth League has voted to organize.
Mrs. H.B. Vaught, program leader for the afternoon then took charge and gave a very interesting and instructive program on the two subjects: The Youth Movement , and The Place the of Bible in the life of a piano and led the songs for the Christian. She was assisted by Mrs. Olive Dippert. Mrs. C.E. Park played afternoon.
After the program, delicious refreshments were served.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 3, 1942. Transcribed by Lori Wood)

Legion Auxlliary to Meet
American Legion Auxiliary will meet Thursday afternoon, May 7, at the hut with Mrs. Frinch Steele, Mrs. W.R. Smith, Mrs. John Sanders, Mrs. Been Norsworthy and Mrs. Herbert Dupslaff as hostess.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 3, 1942. Transcribed by Lori Wood)

Child Study Club Meets Wednesday
Child Study Club will meet Wednesday afternoon, May 6, with Mrs. Barton Sollars.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 3, 1942. Transcribed by Lori Wood)

4-H Clubs Doing Their Part
This year 4-H Club members of Arkansas County will make a special contribution to the Hetter Homes Movement through the production and conservation of food according to Miss. Ruth Hutcheson and W. F. Wright, Extension Agents. The follow food production demonstrations are now being carried by 377 boys and girls of South Arkansas County: Gardening and canning-125, Livestock-149, Poultry-62 crops-33, foods and cookery-11.
They are producing food and raising livestock to help win the war, for every bit of food 4-H Clubs boys and girls for home use will release that much commerically grown food for use on our far-flun battle fronts.
“More food in the home.” W.J. Jernigan, State 4-H Club Agent points out, “will mean better health and better health will surely contribute to Better Homes.”
Mr. Jerigian often reminds 4-H members that the ultimate aim of all 4-H teaching is the home=well regulated and managed, with each member of the family contributing his or her share to its comfort and happiness. Home is often spoken of as the fifth “H” of club work.
Since the 4-H Club membership of South Arkansas County has mobilized for food production it is deemed fitting that each boy and girl wear a 4-H Club “Victory” pin. Such pins are being presented to each boy and girl who is carrying a food production demonstration, Miss Hutcheson and Mr. Wright announced.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 3, 1942. Transcribed by Lori Wood)

Quarter-Centry Debate
William E. Gladstone carried on his parliamentary debate with is political rival Benjamin Disraeli, for 24 years.
(Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 3, 1942. Transcribed by Lori Wood)

Dorcas Circle Meets With Mrs. Herbert Holzhauer
The Dorcas Circle met at the home of Mrs. Herbert Holzhauer, Mrs. Henry Poll, Jr., being hostess. There were twenty-eight members and three visitors present. The circle received one new member, Mrs. Rhynold Hageman. After the business meeting there was an educational program directed by Mrs. C. F. Rittmann, during which time the problems of “Children’s Welfare” and the Christian Home” were discussed. Interesting talks were given by several of the members.
At the close of the meeting delicious refreshments were served by the hostess.
The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Alta Richter.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 6. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Gillett 4-H Club News
The monthly meeting of the Gillett 4-H Girls was held in the high school auditorius Friday, April 10. As a special for the day Tony Hughes gave a short talk about Betsy Ross. Miss Hutcheson followed this by giving many different rules to observe in respect to the flag. The president suggested buying a United States flag and a 4-H flag, so several 4-H uniform patterns so all the members may be able to own a uniform.
Miss Hutcheson demonstrated Poultry feeders and waterers.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 6. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Gillett Garden Club
The Gillett Garden Club held its regular April meeting in the home of Mrs. Wm. J. Stillwell, Mrs. Earl Hudspeth and Mrs. Alfred Hightower were co-hostesses.
Twenty-seven members responded to roll call with what I have done in my garden this spring. The business meeting was presided over by Mrs. Walter Richter. Mrs. Julia Monohan, Red Cross Chairman, made her report and told members that a shipment of yarn had been received and a knitting class would be started Wednesday at the Methodist Sunday School rooms.
Mrs. Fred W. Martin, President of the cemetery association made her report and stated that a bingo stand would be sponsored by the association Saturday night on Main Street for the purpose of raising money to pay for new fence, which has been built recently. Other business and chairman reports were discussed, then the program chairman, Mrs. Fred Collier, took charge and made an interesting talk on the importance of everyone raising enough vegetables for their own needs.
“America the Beautiful” was sung and followed by articles read on “Big Dinners From Your Flower Garden.” Mrs. Charles Bergschneider, Mrs. Neil Ayers, Mrs. W. C. Natho, Alta Richter, Mrs. J. G. Place, Mrs. V. D. Keeley, Mrs. Frank Moll, Mrs. Bob Lowe, Mrs. Wm. J. Stillwell, Mrs. Boyd Smith, Mrs. W. L. Trites, Mrs. R. C. Wolfe took parts of the program. The flowers were judged and Mrs. Julia Monohan received the traveling vase for her beautiful display of dark red tulips. Mrs. Wm. J. Stillwell’s Lenten rose display was second.
After tasty refreshments, the club adjourned to meet in May in the home of Mrs. Fred Collier, with Mrs. Fred Martin and Mrs. D. W. Collier, co-hostesses.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 6. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Bridge Party
Mrs. Boyd Smith was a hostess to members of her bridge club Wednesday evening in her home. Light refreshment were served and Mrs. Fritz Eichler received high score and Mrs. Ben Lowe received traveling prize.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 6. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Dessert Bridge
Mrs. Julia Monohan entertained her bridge club Thursday evening in her home. A delicious dessert was served preceding the game and at the close of the game high score prize was given Mrs. Boyd Smith and Miss Tilly Natho received the traveling prize.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 6. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

The Prairie Union Home Demonstration Club met April 6th at the home of Mrs. Roy Douglass. The meeting was opened by singing “Seeing Nellie Home,” after which the American Creed was read. Mrs. Russell Pittman acted as secretary and treasurer in the absence of Mrs. Roy Pittman who is in St. Vincent’s Infirmary, Little Rock.
The roll call was answered by twelve members by telling what they were doing for Better Homes Week. The meeting was then turned over to Miss Hutcheson who passed out leaflets on adjusting farm family income. Her demonstration was on self-help garments for small children. She had several small boys and girls suits with her which were inspected by the club members.
Mrs. Grace Byers, Mrs. Roy Douglass and Mrs. Bertie Derrick were appointed to call a meeting of presidents of the different clubs in town to discuss the care of the cemetery for the coming year. Mrs. Russell Pittman and Mrs. Mollie Pittman are to meet with the Wide Awake Club to discuss a Better Homes Tour. Mrs. Derrick is to meet with Mrs. Ruffin for the same purpose. Mrs. Purdy was asked to attend the Town Meeting the following day. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Herman Trichell.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 6. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Hobby Show Great Success
The Brownies Scouts under the direction of Mrs. K. E. Myers and Dana Jesswein sponsored the first hobby show to be held in this community. The thirty entrants consisted of woodwork, fancy work, model airplanes and boats and collections of various things. Much interest was shown by having a good number to enter their hobbies and the many visitors. The Scouts plan to make this an annual affair, so let’s all start assembling our hobbies for the show next year.
The following prized were awarded:
First Prize Grades: Joyce Scholtz, fancy work; High School: Dorothy Place, fancy work; Larry Daar Fuhrman, Metal Tapping and wood etching: Adults: Wilmer Rose, woodwork.
Blue Ribbons: Dana Jesswein, what-nots; Ann Meyers, stuffed dolls and animals; Ms. C. J. Bergschneider, crocheting; Anna Margaret and Mary Virginia Howell, scrapbook; Gus Baurenfind, Jr., model airplanes; Carolyn Natho, souvenir wooden shoes; Mildred Place, Betty Jane Richter and Rita Beth Bergschneider, lapel ornaments; The Brownie Scouts, puppets.
Red Ribbons – Mrs. S. Fuhrman, crocheted baskets; Mrs. Alfred Hightower, stamps; Jimmie Miller, buttons; Ada Prater, post cards; Mrs. Charley Scholtz, yarn; Carl Natho, model ships.
White Ribbons - Mrs. J. A. Vizzier, handy work; Elizabeth Ann Nutter, paper dolls; Frank Carroll Wolfe, tokens.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 6. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Gillett H. D. C.
The Gillett Home Demonstration Club will meet in the Sunday School room of the Methodist church Tuesday, April 21, at 2:30. The demonstration will be clothing.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 6. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

W. S. C. S.
Circle Two
Circle Nunber Two of the Womans Society of Christian Service met at the home of Mrs. T. E. Collier, Thursday afternoon, April 9. Mrs. Will Collier was co-hostess. There were nineteen members ant three visitors present.
Mrs. Thomas Champion was an out of town guest. The meeting was opened with the singing of “The Kingdom Coming,” the reading of St. Matthew 29:19-20. A short article on “Prayer With Works” and a “Prayer for Vision.”
During the business meeting, the committee for serving at the meeting of the Woman’s Society of Christian Service are: Mrs. Frank Moll, Mrs. J. H. Miller, Mrs. H. S. Jones, Mrs. W. L. Trites, Mrs. Wm. Bigler, and Mrs. R. W. Place.
The circle sent their thanks to Mrs. J. S. Walsh for the gift to the circle for her mother, the late Mrs. E. W. Nichols.
The program was in charge of Mrs. Frank Trites, program leader. The program follows:
Song, “Let the Lowers Lights Be Burning”; “Into All The World” by Mrs. Clarence Carter; “Missionaries” by Mrs. W. T. Champion; Poem, “It Isn’t Church – It’s You” by Miss Mollie France; “The World Prayer for Peace” in unison.
Delicious refreshments were served by the hostesses.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 6. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Miss Loeb Entertains For Her Guest
     Miss Rosine Loeb entertained at her home on Jackson Street Tuesday evening with a dinner-bridge, honoring her houseguest, Miss Sally Lipinsky of Asheville, North Caroline.
     The guest list included, besides Miss Lipinsky, Mrs. E.H. Davis, Jr., Mrs. George Pike, Mrs. Wilmer Loveless, Mrs. Marvin McGuire, Mrs. Willie Rousseau, Miss Alpha Whitmore, Miss Martha Rothenhofer, Mrs. Katherine Williamson, Mrs. Harvel C. Adams, Mrs. Edgar Roy, Mrs. J. W. Blythe, Mrs. Bill Schallhorn, Miss Elizabeth Dudley, Miss Ellen Menard, Mrs. James B. Rasco, Mrs. C. W. Rasco Jr., Mrs. Joe F. Chambers, Mrs. Sidney Rousseau, Mrs. Lawrence Dearing, Miss Martha Chaney, and Mrs. George Leibrock.
     Five tables were arranged for players, and tulips, spirea and iris were used for decorations.  Mrs. Wilmer Loveless won high score, Mrs. Marvin McGuire, second high, and Mrs. George Pike received bingo prize.
[DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 4.  Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Mrs. Lumsden Hostess to Mother’s Club
     DeWitt Mothers’ Club met Wednesday afternoon, April 8, in the home of Mrs. C. A. Lumsden.
     Mrs. George Hall, president, presided during the business session.  The club collect was read in unison, and standing committees gave their reports.  Mrs. C. Shearer, a delegate to the A. F. W. C. meeting for the Pine Bluff, gave an account of the meeting held at Fordyce recently.
     Mrs. H. A. Hoover, program chairman, had as her subject “Civilization’s First Line of Defense,” and presented Mrs. Otto Leibrock, who talked on “You Can Help Win The War”;  Mrs. L. E. Cox, whose subject was “Young America Does its Part”; Mrs. George Sullards who gave an article on “Health,” and Mrs. B. A. Lewis, who told interesting phases of General MacArthur’s Life.  Special piano music was played by Mrs. H. W. Quertermous.
     At the close of the program a lovely plate was served by the hostess.
[DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 4.  Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

B. A. U. Has Business Meeting
     The Baptist Adult Union met Monday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Coker to elect officers to fill vacancies of members who have moved away, and to transact other business.  Chris Carpenter, president, presided.  Mrs. Mayo Barr was elected new vice-president; Mrs. J. H. Trichell, secretary; Mrs. Dale Coker, social chairman and Mrs. Alvin Wilson and Mrs. Dan Tucker, Group Captains.
     After the meeting delicious sandwiches, cake and coffee were served.
[DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 4.  Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Past Matrons and Patrons Meet
     The Past Matrons and Patrons Club of the Eastern Star met in the home of Mrs. T. M. Loeb Monday evening at eight o’clock, and during the business period the president, Mrs. Frank Kindle, presided.
     Mrs. C. N. Ruffin presented a program on Interesting Things and Events Pertaining to Eastern Star, and this was followed by a quiz.
     After the regular meeting guests, husbands and wives of members of the club and friends, arrived and an hour of bingo was enjoyed.  Refreshments were served by the hostess and assistant hostess, Mrs. J. M. Henderson.
[DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 4.  Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Mrs. Kennedy Entertains Friday Bridge Club
     Mrs. Kennedy entertained her bridge club, The Friday Club, at her home Friday afternoon, April 10.
     Mrs. John Schallhorn, Mrs. Jake Parker, Mrs. G. L. Sanders and Mrs. George Leibrock were guests.
     High score prize went to Mrs. Jake Parker, and after the game the hostess served a salad plate.
[DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 4.  Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

W. C. T. U.
     The W. C. T. U. will meet next Thursday afternoon, April 23, at 2:30 o’clock in the home of Mrs. E. A. Morris, with Mrs. H. G. Vaught as leader.
[DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 4.  Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Young’s Pay Employees Extra Compensation
     M. G. Young, General Manager of Young’s Department Stores, located in Carlisle, Lonoke, Hazen, Des Arc, Cotton Plant, Clarendon, England and DeWitt, announces the distribution and payment to the employees of the company a substantial part of the profits for the fiscal year ending January 31, 1942.  This bonus payment to the employees of the organization is in recognition of their industry, cooperation and loyalty.
     The General Management of Young’s Department Stores is genuinely interested in the prosperity and well being of its many employees.  It feels that they are justly entitled to share, in a substantial and proportionate way, in the profits earned by this fast growing, aggressive organization.  The employees have two bonus plans.  One, a monthly Sales Quota Bonus, paid at the end of each month for quota performance, and the Year End Profits Bonus, paid upon receipt of the auditors report for the year.  That the employees of the company do appreciate the extra compensation is evidenced by their industry and attention to the customers of the stores.
     The employees live within the community in which the store is located, taking an active part in the many civic and church activities of the community.
     The towns in which Young’s Departments Stores are located are benefited in many ways by having such a store located in their community.  The distribution of the yearly pay roll exceeds some $80,000.00, and naturally adds much to the wealth of the community.  Young’s Department Stores are heavy tax payers, paying many thousand of dollars in local, state and federal taxes.
     A most important feature of this modern merchandising firm is their complete inventories.  The buyers are constantly searching all available markets for goods, traveling many thousands of miles yearly to find the right merchandise for its customers and their inventories are full of the
___ organization can attributable to the three cardinal principles of best merchandise afforded by the markets.
     The remarkable growth of this profits business policy – honesty, integrity and fair dealing toward its customers and employees.
     Bonuses received by the employees of the DeWitt Branch of Young’s Department Stores totaled approximately $3,700.
[DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 4.  Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

     The Olena 4-H Club met for its regular meeting Monday afternoon, April 13, with Mr. Wright and Miss Hutcheson, southern district agents, and Mrs. Wright, local eager.  Two new members were added to the roll.
     A program of readings and songs followed the business meeting, which was conducted by Juanita George, secretary.  Miss George had charge in the absence of the president and vice-president.  The agents gave a demonstrations in de-linting cotton seed and in equipment for caring for young chickens.
[DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 4.  Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

Plans Made For Nutrition Course
A meeting of the Training Course Committee of the Civilian Defense Office was held Wednesday Afternoon at the Office of Miss Ruth Hutcheson, Chairman of the Committee.  The other members of this committee are: Mrs. Leon Garot, Mrs. Cleon Shackelford, Mrs. F. A. Trice, and Dr. R. H. Whitehead. 
     Plans were discussed for holding a First Aid Training Course and for a Nutrition Course.  Although other courses will be added as needed or as the Defense Program progresses, no plans for holding them were made at this meeting.  Sufficient notice will be before the courses are started to enable everyone interested to volunteer for these classes and other defense work.
[DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 4.  Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

          Rev. H. B. Ament, Chairman has called a meeting of the Work Survey-Registration-Placement Committee for Thursday night at which time possibly a time will be set for the Work Survey will be discussed and registration of volunteers for all classes of defense work needed for this community.
[DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942, pg 4.  Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

DeLuce H.D.C.
     The DeLuce Home Demonstration Club met at the home of Mrs. J. W. Padget April 10, with 6 members and four visitors present.
     The president presided.  The meeting was opened with the Pledge to the flag.  The Home Demonstration Club Womans Creed was read in unison.  Mrs. B. K. McGahhey read the song for the month and Mr. Glen Branstetter gave its history.
     The secretary called the roll and all the members are participating in Better Homes Week.
     The clothing leader, Mrs. L. L. Leslie led the discussion on cleaning and storing winter clothing.  Mrs. Leslie also demonstrated self-help clothing for boys and girls.  After the business discussion, Mrs. M. M. Derrick stated facts about cancer and how to control it.  Mrs. Willie Shackelford won the prize on the game that was played.
     After refreshments were served, the club was dismissed by repeating the Lords Prayer.   The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Frank Childers May 1st.  Everyone is urged to attend.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]

New Providenc-Turley H.D.C.
      Mrs. John Hillman was hostess to the New Providence-Turley Home Demonstration Club April 1 with Mrs. Gene Cockrum as co-hostess.
       The meeting opened with the devotional by Mrs. C. M. Hillman; “Seeing Nellie Home” was sung and Mrs. B. E. Jessup gave the song history.  It is an old Pioneer Tune and was sung in the Carolinas, Kentucky and Tennessee at parties and square dances.
      Roll Call was answered by “What I Plan to Do For Better Homes Week” showing that everyone was busy house cleaning, painting, papering, or improving their yards.  New curtains and slip covers were also mentioned.
     Our opening time of 2:00 p.m. was changed to 2:30 p.m.
      It was voted that the hostess furnish the house and the co-hostess furnish the refreshments instead of each furnishing half as before.  This will keep the refreshments simple as we have been urged to do by the Demonstration Agents.
      Plans for Better Homes Tour was discussed. We would like to consolidate with Bayou Meto and Stillwell as we did last year.  If agreeable with these clubs the tour will be on Thursday, April 30.
     Mrs. Hollond Kennedy, Mrs. Bob Philips and Mrs. Carl Turner were appointed as the committee to settle on the date and arrange the Homes to be visited on the tour with the committees of Bayou Meto and Stillwell.
      Miss Hutcheson exhibited pamphlets on garden and insect control methods.
      Mrs. Bob Phillips led a round table discussion on storing winter clothing.  Several good suggestions were given.
      Miss Hutcheson exhibited several dresses and playsuits suitable for small children.  All were good examples of simplicity and self help.  Suitable materials were discussed for little girls and boys suits.
     Three visitors were present at the meeting.  After the serving of refreshments, the meeting adjourned to meet next time with Mrs. W. V. Miners as hostess.
[Source: DeWitt Era Enterprise, April 16, 1942. Transcribed by Doris Weaver]


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