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Boone County, Arkansas Genealogy Trails

[Note: far right column refers to date of original allowance]

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Heather Turner

No. of certificate Name of pensioner Post-office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
14, 893 Woody, John Bellefonte Surv 1812 $8.00 Apr., 1872
182, 291 Brown, Uriah M Bellefonte wd r arm & thigh $2.00 Mar., 1875
166, 130 Smith, Manerva Bellefonte widow $12.00 Sept., 1874
24, 906 Davidson, John W Boone wd l thigh $18.00 Dec., 1873
221, 515 Dial, Samuel Boone dis of l leg $2.00 Dec., 1882
66, 664 Miller, Nancy A Burlington widow $8.00 July, 1867
165, 605 Robertson, Chas Burlington inj of l shldr & resulting curvature of spine $4.00 Mar., 1880
6, 876 McLean, Sarah Clear Creek Widow 1812 $8.00 Mar., 1877
107, 784 Spurlock, George Dugger's Mills wd r foot, r hip & r arm $4.00 Nov., 1881
156, 133 Jones, Enoch Elixir wd of head $12.00 Oct., 1878
19, 997 Nichols, Kasiah Harrison Surv 1812 $8.00 Mar., 1879
212, 339 Lobock, Christian A T Harrison ch diar & res dis of abd vis $4.00 June, 1882
219, 381 Maxwell, James C Harrison dis of lungs $8.00 Oct., 1882
196, 830 Mulhallen, Aseneth Harrison mother $8.00 July, 1882
171, 258 Harp, Phebe Harrison widow $8.00 Dec., 1875
160, 784 Capps, Rich'd R Harrison inj face, eyes & l hand $6.00 June, 1879
153, 577 Womack, John Harrison dis of eyes $72.00 June, 1878
84, 415 Plumley, Isaac Harrison wd l ankle $8.00 Aug., 1867
38, 687 Butterfield, John W Harrison wd r knee joint $12.00 Mar., 1865
23, 949 Loback, Elijah Harrison fracture l leg $10.00 Feb., 1864
174, 379 Johnson, Elizabeth Harrison mother $8.00 July, 1876
142, 757 Lloyd, Howard T Harrison dis of lungs $4.00 Dec., 1876
106, 526 Spilker, Frederick Harrison chr diarr $10.00 Nov., 1870
209, 872 Snider, John Harrison chr synovitis r knee joint $6.00 May, 1882
135, 563 Bogenchutz, John Lead Hill wd l arm $4.00 Aug., 1875
221, 537 Hawkins, Alexdr J Lead Hill inj to back & res inj to abd $4.00 Dec., 1882
31, 735 Wright, Ann Omaha Widow 1812 $8.00 May, 1881
20, 257 Craine, Sarah Valley Springs Widow 1812 $8.00 Mar., 1879
137, 519 Phillips, Nancy Valley Springs widow $8.00 Dec., 1869
4, 495 Vanlandingham, John Valley Springs Surv 1812 $8.00 Sept., 1871
6, 621 Stapp, William Valley Springs wd l thigh $4.00 Apr., 1881
127, 206 Robertson, James Valley Springs injury to abdomen $6.00 Mar., 1874


Robert Lee Lafferty was born in Sept 1895 in LaCrosse, Izard County to Frank and Julia Ward Laffety.  The family moved to Boone County in 1901.  Robert Lee died in France on 08  Oct 1918.  The following is from a newspaper clipping provided by Bob Austin and contributed by Mary Lafferty Wilson:
His Comrade tells the facts as he saw them under fierce fire.
Mrs. Julia W. Lafferty of Lead Hill is in receipt of a letter from the headquarters of the American Red Cross in Washington, D. C., giving the facts as nearly as possible as to how her son, Pvt. Robert L. Lafferty met is death while going over the top on Oct. 8, 1918.  The letter is as follows:  
My Dear Mrs. Lafferty:
    It is with deep sympathy in your bereavement we send you this record which we have received from Paris concerning the death of Pvt. Lafferty.  Our informant is Pvt. Herman Lee, whose home is Timberville, Va.  Under date of Jan. 13, he made the following statement to one of our Red Cross Searchers:  "We went over the top for the first time on October 8th and were advancing over No Man's Land in line of skirmishers and had gone about two hundred yards when a large shell struck along-side Pvt. Lafferty, on his left and killed him instantly.  I did not stop as the attack had just begun and I do not know where his body was buried, as we did not come back in that direction for several days."  
    For the exact location of the grave we suggest you write direct to Chief Graves Registration Bureau, Headquarters, Service of Supply, American E. F., A. P. O. 717, France.  Wherever possible, photographs of the graves are taken and sent to the families, to our Bureau, and if one is sent of Pvt. Lafferty's burial place, we shall of course, forward it to you promptly.  Reverently we think of the sacrifice you have made to our country through this soldier and assure you we feel it a privilege to help you in any way we can.
Yours sincerely,
W. R. Castle, Jr.

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