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Pioneer Tales--Naming of Carroll County and Early History

November 1, 1833, Carroll County was formed. The name was given it in honor of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a distinguished Marylander. The first officers were: Sheriff T. H. Clark; clerk-John Bush; treasurer-A. M. Wilson; coroner-Abraham Shelley; surveyor-William Nooner; assessor-R. L. Evans; state senator-C. R. Saunders; representative-L. B. Tully.
The first courthouse of Carroll County was a two story log house at Carrollton, and had a huge fireplace in one end. The second courthouse was built in 1844-45, at a cost of $3,000; also at Carrollton. This building was destroyed by fire in 1859. After the war in 1865 another log building was erected and was one of the first buildings built in Carrollton after the war. It was destroyed by fire in the following year, and what records that had escaped previous fires were then destroyed. They had been preserved during the war in a vault in the Carrollton Cemetery. J. J. Grim was the first sheriff to serve after the war.
After the formation of Boone County in 1869 an agitation for a "more centrally located county seat" was put on foot, which finally resulted in Berryville becoming the county seat in 1875. A temporary building was purchased, and in the year 1880 a substantial brick building was erected, and is still in use.
Carroll County has two county seats--Berryville for Eastern District and Eureka Springs for Western District. Eureka Springs courthouse is built of native stone.
Source: Excerpts from PIONEER TALES OF EUREKA SPRINGS AND CARROLL COUNTY, by Cora Pinkley Call, c. 1930, p. 7

Ashley (1846-1852)

Beaver (1881-Date)

Beaver Ferry (1879-1880)

Berryville (1852-Date)

Blythes (1836-1837)

Busch (1905-1985)

Cabanal (1898-1955)

Caput (1897-1898)

Carrollton (1834-1922)

Cisco (1903-1949)

Coin (1891/1907)

Coin (1911-1944)

Connor (1904-1967)

Crystal Springs Rur. Sta. (1964-1974)

Delmar (1909-1956)

Denver (1884/1973)

Denver Rur. Sta. (1973-1974)

Dry Fork (1874-1895)

Dryfork (1895-1948)

Durant (1889/1899)

Elk Ranch (1909-1955)

Enon (1901/1955)

Eureka Springs (1879-Date)

Glen (1891-1900)

Grandview (1901-Date)

Green Forest (1855-Date)

Harrington (1901-1905)

Hati (1887-1888)

High (1907-1942)

Holiday Island Rur. Sta. (1973-1977)

Hottentot (1890-1899)

Hugh (1899-1906)

Indian Creek (1876-1893)

Jacksonburgh (1875-1883)

Jesse (1936-1948)

Kings River (1833-1867)

Kingsley (1905-1916)

Kirtley (1880-1881)

Leach (1889-1889)

Liberty (1833-1834)

Little Star (1879/1888)

Lucky Gap (1916-1917)

Maple (1889-1925)

Markley (1906-1911)

Metalton (1898/1957)

Mound Prairie (1837-1837)

Mundell (1888-1955)

Nunnally (1879-1881)

Oak Grove (1871-Date)

Oak Hill (1874-1919)

Olivet (1891-1901)

Omega (1889-1912)

Osage (1848/1975)

Piney (1873/1892)

Polk (1860-1866)

Polo (1873/1906)

Ramey (1878-1879)

Raum (1892-1932)

Rudd (1892-1957)

Rule (1874-Date)

Springlawn (1877-1879)

Tar Kiln (1915-1921)

Thompsonville (1868-1874)

Urbanette (1902-1971)

Vanhook (1909-1910)

Viburnum (1906-1916)

Vilas (1888-1888)

Whitcomb (1886-1888)

Winona Springs (1881-1905)

Wolfpen (1907-1919)

Yocum (1882-1907)

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