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Allen Cemetery 361843N 0903902W
Allmandinger Cemetery 362709N 0903614W
Bernard Cemetery      
Bethlehem Cemetery 361714N 0902622W
Black Cemetery 362859N 0903910W
Blooming Grove Cemetery 361853N 0901729W
Bond Cemetery 361947N 0903511W
Brown Cemetery 362814N 0904010W
Cantwell Cemetery 362429N 0903005W
Corning Cemetery 362448N 0903439W
Crockett Cemetery 362507N 0902018W
Cummings Cemetery 362407N 0901736W
Gilchrist Cemetery 361922N 0903519W
Gravel Hill Cemetery 362754N 0901126W
Green Cemetery 362751N 0903759W
Hardin Cemetery 362232N 0902026W
Hill Cemetery 362709N 0901028W
Hitt Cemetery 362751N 0904246W
Hoisey Cemetery 361915N 0903757W
Johnson Cemetery 362019N 0902130W
Johnson Cemetery 362018N 0902126W
Leonard Cemetery 361259N 0901453W
Liberty Hill Cemetery 361941N 0901906W
Little Flock Cemetery 362342N 0901443W
Marys Cemetery 361732N 0901659W
Masterson Cemetery 362824N 0903917W
Mitchell Cemetery      
Moark Cemetery 362826N 0903128W
Mobley Cemetery      
Myer Hill Cemetery 362148N 0901941W
Nelson Cemetery 362128N 0904420W
New Hope Cemetery      
Nimmons Cemetery 361741N 0900629W
Parks Cemetery      
Piggott Cemetery 362225N 0901204W
Purcell Cemetery 361537N 0902328W
Redenbo Cemetery 362428N 0903055W
Richwoods Cemetery 362413N 0903948W
Rock Springs Cemetery 361643N 0902638W
Rogers Cemetery 362338N 0901904W
Saint Bernard Cemetery 361925N 0903724W
Salem Cemetery 361915N 0902255W
Trovillon Cemetery 362018N 0901703W
Underwood Cemetery 362156N 0901550W
Williams Cemetery     Located south of Boydsville
Williams Cemetery 362805N 0903344W
Williams Cemetery 362227N 0901607W
Winston Cemetery 362047N 0901418W
Woodland Heights Cemetery 361621N 0901814W


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