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Adams Cemetery 352012N 0924131W  
Barnes Cemetery 350639N 0925402W  
Beeson Cemetery 351819N 0925029W  
Bizzell Cemetery 351941N 0924047W  
Boltman Cemetery 352046N 0924710W  
Brents Cemetery 352417N 0924139W  
Bryant Cove Cemetery 350514N 0930100W  
Campground Cemetery 352358N 0924238W  
Cato Cemetery 352746N 0925004W  
Cedar Creek Cemetery 351819N 0923141W  
Cedar Creek Cemetery 352442N 0925024W  
Center Ridge Cemetery      
Cleaver Cemetery 351921N 0924559W aka Ball Hill Cemetery
Cooks Cemetery 351646N 0924759W  
Dunham Cemetery 352113N 0924508W  
Elmwood Cemetery 350916N 0924549W  
Fonville Cemetery 351955N 0924105W  
Friendship Cemetery 351504N 0924033W  
Grandview Cemetery 352123N 0923545W  
Halbrook Cemetery 352615N 0923220W  
Hallett Cemetery 350728N 0924651W aka Hallett-McLemore Cemetery
Happy Bend Cemetery 351456N 0925115W  
Higgins Cemetery 350703N 0925344W  
Holly Springs Cemetery 351812N 0923126W  
Hundley Family Plot Unknown Unknown  
Kilgore Cemetery 351653N 0923645W  
Lanty Cemetery 352013N 0924125W  
Lewisburg Cemetery 350830N 0924411W  
Lowder Cemetery 352359N 0924149W  
Mallet Town Cemetery 351649N 0922917W  
McClaren Cemetery 351940N 0924048W  
McCullough Cemetery 350910N 0923956W  
McKay Cemetery 352702N 0924411W  
Middleton Cemetery 352025N 0923746W  
Mount Abel Cemetery 352128N 0923806W  
Mount Pisgah Cemetery 351542N 0923819W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 351257N 0923738W  
Mount Vernon Cemetery 351951N 0924907W  
Mount Vernon Cemetery 352259N 0924223W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 352512N 0925001W  
Nichols Cemetery 352315N 0923922W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 351034N 0924230W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 352307N 0923546W  
Plumerville Cemetery 350912N 0923949W  
Prospect Cemetery 352442N 0924340W  
Reid Cemetery 352615N 0924320W  
Robertsville Cemetery 352253N 0924749W  
Sacred Heart Cemetery 351053N 0924432W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 352040N 0923254W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 351750N 0924405W  
Salem Cemetery 351321N 0924347W  
Scroggin Cemetery 351401N 0923737W  
Sharron Cemetery 352304N 0923903W  
Stover Cemetery 350658N 0924617W  
Sunnyside Cemetery 352306N 0923826W  
Upchurch Cemetery 352411N 0924242W  
West Cemetery 351018N 0924408W  
Whitehead Cemetery 352317N 0924001W  
Wiedower Cemetery 351655N 0924807W  
Wilson Cemetery 351654N 0924506W  
Wolf Cemetery 350630N 0924648W  
Woolverton Mountain Cemetery 352640N 0923324W  



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