Dallas County, Arkansas
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Barnes Cemetery 335141N 0922702W  
Benton Cemetery 335329N 0923716W  
Bethel Cemetery 340336N 0923153W  
Brazeale Cemetery 335133N 0924630W  
Bryant Cemetery 335214N 0922448W  
Calwell Chapel Cemetery 340718N 0925027W  
Centerpoint Cemetery 335832N 0925304W  
Crowder Cemetery 340754N 0923226W  
DeLamar Cemetery 340137N 0924929W  
Dedman Cemetery 334954N 0923538W  
Dixon Cemetery 335340N 0922739W  
Erby Cemetery 335558N 0924712W  
Hampton Springs Cemetery 340448N 0922926W  
Hardcastle Cemetery 340630N 0922931W  
Harmony Church Cemetery 335604N 0924700W  
Harrison Cemetery 340218N 0922938W  
Henderson Cemetery 335925N 0924011W  
Herring Cemetery 335512N 0923731W  
Holeman Cemetery 335955N 0925037W  
Lee Cemetery 340333N 0922231W  
Liberty Cemetery 335519N 0923128W  
Macedonia Cemetery 340449N 0925320W  
McDonald Cemetery 335140N 0923225W  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 335258N 0924642W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 335216N 0924228W  
Oakland Cemetery 334917N 0922413W  
Old New Hope Cemetery 335527N 0924620W  
Princeton Cemetery 335835N 0923702W  
Sardis Church Cemetery      
Smith Cemetery 335518N 0923130W  
Sparkman Cemetery 335455N 0924923W  
Sparkman Memorial Cemetery 335553N 0925035W  
Stevenson Cemetery 335215N 0923534W  
Tanyard Cemetery 335537N 0923538W  
Taylor Cemetery 335352N 0923920W  
Thomas Cemetery 334938N 0923237W  
Tulip Cemetery 340440N 0923929W  
Turner Cemetery 340147N 0925231W  
Vetter-Kauffman Cemetery 335922N 0923340W  
Wheelers Cemetery 335031N 0923446W  
Williams Cemetery 335613N 0924706W  



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