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Arkansas Deaths and Burials, 1882-1929; unless stated otherwise.

CATO, Harrol Ray


DIXON, Vinie


GRAVES, Richard D. (Dr.)

IRWIN, John Nichol

METZLER, Valentine



NOBB, Elizabeth

NOLL, William Wesley

PAGET, Mrs. J. H.


QUALLS, Lottie

ROBINSON, Samuel Quincy

ROHMER, Infant Boy


SCUDDER, William Warren

SMITH, Robert James

WALKER, Harry H.

WOOD, Bell

Harrol Ray Cato, s/o Henry and Della Cato, d. Apr 2, 1995 in Hot Springs; burial was in Roselawn Cemetery in Little Rock.  (Contributed by Jane Templeton Cato.)

WALNUT LAKE, AR--FELIX CLADFELDER, 51, died Sept. 27, 1903 in Hot Springs.  Burial was in Hillsboro.  

VINIE DIXON, age 52, was born 1850 and died 07 July 1902 in Hot Springs, Garland County.  She was buried in Brownsville.  

J. A. GOOCH, 28, died 19 Oct 1901 in Hot Springs.  He was born in 1873.  Burial was in Hunter.

RICHARD B. GRAVES, Hot Springs, Ark. (license, nongraduate, State Medical Board of Arkansas, 1903); aged 77; for more than half a century a practitioner of Hot Springs; died, March 18, from pneumonia.  
--Source - Journal of American Medical Society 1920; transcribed by Tina Easley.

1867 – JOHN NICHOL IRWIN. b. 25 Dec., 1845, Butler Co., Ohio. Business. 45th Iowa Vols. Gov. Idaho Ter., 1882-84; Gov. Ariz. Ter., 1890-92. d. 22 Dec., 1905, Hot Springs, Ark.
Source: Dartmouth College Necrology, 1905-1906, Hanover, N.H. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

VALENTINE METZLER, age 40, died 16 Mar 1904 in Hot Springs.  He was born in 1864.  Burial was at Shady Grove.  

EDNA L. MILLER, 88, of Hot Springs, Ark., and formerly of Newton, (IL) died Friday, October 26, 2012, at her home.
Graveside services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, November 3 at Mound Cemetery in rural Willow Hill (IL). Blake-Buchanan Funeral Home in Newton is in charge of arrangements.
–Olney (IL) Daily Mail, Oct 31, 2012

ELMER MYRICK, 25, died Mar 5, 1903 in Hot Springs, Garland County, Ark.  He was born in 1878.  Burial was in Bowie.  

ELIZABETH NOBB, 66, died October 18, 1901 in Hot Springs, AR.  She was born in 1835.

WILLIAM WESLEY NOLL, son of Solomon and Elizabeth Noll, was born in Henry , Ill., Sept. 27, 1871, and died at Hot Springs , Ark., Feb. 27, 1915, aged 43 years and 5 months. His parents came to Henry in the 50's and were members of the Methodist church here for many years. The father was a soldier in the War of the Rebellion. He lost his health in consequence and was an invalid for more than 30 years. His death occurred in 1896. The mother passed away in 1906. A brother and sister have also deceased; a brother John F. Noll of Chicago and a sister, Lottie, of Henry, remain.  The funeral services were held at the M. E. church, Tuesday at 3:20 o'clock pm, conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. E. Mercer. Interment was in the Henry cemetery.  
--The Henry Republican, Henry, Ill., March 4, 1915; contrbuted by Nancy Piper.

Wife of Dr. J. H. Paget Dies; Funeral at Hot Springs--MRS. J. H. PAGET, wife of Dr. Paget, died Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 at her home, 1703 East Rio Grande street. Mrs. Paget had been ill for more than two years and while her death was not unexpected, it came as a shock to her friends.
The remains were shipped Wednesday morning to Hot Springs, Ark., Mrs. Paget’s native home. No funeral services were held here but will be conducted in Hot Springs upon the arrival of the body there.
Mrs. Paget is survived by her husband and three children. Logan, aged 13, accompanied the remains to Hot Springs together with Dr. Paget and will make his home there with Mrs. Paget’s father, Col. J. T. Henderson. Josias, aged five, and Getro, aged three also survive.  
--El Paso Herald, El Paso, Texas, December 15, 1915; transcribed as written by D. Donlon.

P. P. QUACKENBUSH, 49, died 17 Jan 1902 in Hot Springs.  He was born in 1853.  Burial was in Howell.

LOTTIE QUALLS was born  in 1879 and died at the age of 24 on 12 Sep 1903 in Hot Springs.  She was buried in Mt. Valley.  

1872 – SAMEUL QUINCY ROBINSON, C.S.D. Born, Jan. 29, 1853, Boston, Mass. Son of George I. and Sarah Louise (Smith) Robinson. Fitted at Phillips Grammar School, Boston. Graduated at Harvard Medical School, 1876. Entered U.S.A., as acting assistant surgeon in 1877; located at Wilkesbarre, Pa., Columbus, Ohio, West Point, Fort Missoula, Vancouver Barrack, Fort Spokane, Fort Klamath, Fort Brown, Fort Hamilton, Alaska, and Fort Reno. His rank began as Second Lieutenant and ended as Major. His service included the railroad riots of 1877, Indian campaigns, topographical survey of Alaska, and the Cuban campaign of 1898. In the last he became chief surgeon of the First Division, Fifth Corps.
Died, Nov. 6, 1899, Army and Navy Hospital, Hot Springs, Ark., from illness contracted in his Cuban service.
Source is: Dartmouth College Necrology, 1899-1900, Hanover, N.H., Dartmouth Press, 1899. Transcribed by Kim Mohler.

INFANT SON OF CARL ROHMER died March 27, 1900 in Hot Springs, Garland County, AR.  Burial was in Shady Grove.  

HOT SPRINGS, AR--NANCY SCUDDER, 32, died June 3, 1900 in Hot Springs, AR.  She was born in 1868.  Burial was in Shady Grove. 

HOT SPRINGS, AR--WILLIAM WARREN SCUDDER, infant, died May 28, 1900 in Hot Springs.  Burial was in Shady Grove.  

ELDERADO, AR--ROBERT JAMES SMITH, 61, of Elderado, died June 18, 1903 in Hot Springs.  He was born in 1842.  Burial was in Augusta, AR.  

HARRY H. WALKER, 24, died on 10 Dec 1902 in Hot Springs.  He was born in 1878.  Burial was in Augusta, AR.  

BELL WOOD, 32, died Sept 21, 1902 in Hot Springs.  Born in 1870.  Burial was in Shady Grove Cemetery.



Transcribed by Alice Helton

Date of Burial:  30 Oct 1924
Hot Springs Township, Garland Co, AR
Undertakers:  Gross Undertaking
Occupation:  Lather
Date of Death:  27 Oct 1924
Date of Birth:  1886
Name of Father:  George Hilton (Helton)
Name of Mother:  (blank)
Birthplace:  Hot Springs Township, Garland County, AR
Place of Death:  Leon Levi Hospital
Cemetery:  Greenwood
Married:  Yes
Color:  White
Wife:  Liza Hilton (Helton)


"Before the Needles," by Rob Gallagher.  Used with permission.  Transcribed by A. Newell.

ANDERSON, Joe -- white male gambler murder-robbery electrocution Mar 10, 1939
AUSTIN, James Jr. 22 black male -- murder-robbery electrocution May 14, 1937
DICKERSON, Fred -- white male butcher murder-robbery electrocution May 19, 1939
HOUSE, Roy 22 white male -- murder-robbery electrocution Jan 23, 1936
JENKINS, Bill -- Nat. Amer. male cattleman murder electrocution May 7, 1954
POE, Harry 17 black male -- rape hanging Sep 2, 1910
SCHUMAN, Clarence -- white male -- murder hanging Jun 2, 1913

of Eliza Crawford

Contributed by Alice M. Smith

Name of Deceased:  Crawford, Eliza
Residence:  524 Montana
Charge to:  A. M. Crawford, Jr.
Order given by A. M. Crawford
Occupation:  Housewife
Date of Death:  11-23-70   11:45 P.M.
Date of Birth:  6-3-86  Age:  84y, 5m, 20d.
Name of Father:  Jim Winchester
Maiden name of Mother:  Lela
Date of Funeral:  Friday, Nov 27, 1970.
Service at:  Carruth Chapel
Clergyman:  Rev. Charles Cozart
Religion of deceased:  Pentecostal
Birthplace:  Hot Springs, Ark.
Place of Death:  Hot Springs, Ark.
Certifying Physician:  Dembinski
Cemetery:  Shady Grove

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