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Photo Above is a Hunting Party  along the St. Francis River dated  1900 donated by Danny McDaniel.


Greene County is located in the northeast corner of the state bordering the Missouri bootheel. The county seat is at Paragould. It was organized in 1833 and named for Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Greene. Greene County is home to Crowley's Ridge College.

Greene County Information

Created: November 5 , 1833.
Parent County: Lawrence.
Offspring Counties: Clay 1873, Craighead 1859, Poinsett 1838.
County Boundary Changes: Boundary with Clay changed April 20 ,1895.
County Records: A courthouse fire in 1876 destroyed most records.

Communities within the county include: Beech Grove, Delaplaine, Lafe, Marmaduke, Oak Grove Heights, Paragould, Stonewall and Walcott.

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