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Obits from 1900's , old newspaper clippings or donated information . If you have obituaries of your family members or friends that you would like to add to the listing email me.







Miss Martha McCullough John Miles Child Of A. B. Heath Mike Wilkins
Miss Mollie McConnell


Paragould Ark. Dec 7 - News of the awful death of a prominent woman of the county was telephoned to Paragould relatives from Mitchell's Point 8 miles east of here and stated that Miss Martha McCullough was burned to death in a fire that destroyed the home of her brother, John McCullough.

The origin of the fire has not yet been learned in Paragould. The house a two-story frame structure of seven rooms was still burning when the news was telephoned to Paragould.
The woman was about forty-five years old and had been slightly demented many years. When it was discovered that the house was on fire she was taken from the building to a place of safety but just as soon as released she rashed back into the house. She was dragged from the house the second and third times by Bill McDonald and Orville Thompson only to rush back the fourth-time and meet her fate. Wednesday, December 9, 1908  - Jonesboro Weekly Sun

The Paragould Soliphone gives the following account of the accidential killing of John Miles near Walcott Saturday.

    An awful accident ovvured near Walcott this morning when Alex Miles shot and killed his younger brother, John. The boys are aged about 17 and 15 years respectively Alex being the older. They were preparing to go hunting and had the gun a 38 caliber Winchester rifle out for that purpose Alex had the gun in his hands and was preparing to shoot at a target. when his younger brother walked between him and the target. The gun fired the ball strikning John in the cheek and going out at the back of the head almost tearing his head from his shoulders. Death was instantaneous. The accident occured about seven this morning. Wednesday, May 27, 1908 
- Jonesboro Weekly Sun


The Lordado Storm Damage as Estimated by the Paragould Soliphone-Little Child Of A. B. Heath Dead
 Wednesday, December 2, 1908  -Jonesboro Weekly Sun.
  The little child of A.B. Heath that was scalded by a kettle of hot water being blown over on it during the storm died Saturday night as a result of the burn.
A number of those who have sustained losses need assistance and a relief fund is being solicited. A;; who willing to donate are requested to mail their donations to either J.W. Seay at Walcott or S.I. Horton at Lorado.

Mike Wilkins died last night at St. Bernards hospital of dropsy. He had been ill for some time and his death was not unexpected. The deceased was a father of Prof. H.U. Wilkins of this city.
    J.R. Smith took charge of the remains and they will be shipped to Paragould tomorrow for burial. A daughter lives in Paragould and it was the former home of the family which came originally from Indiana.
   Funeral services will be held this evening at 6:30 at the home of Prof. Wilkins of W. Mattews.
Tuesday, April 7, 1908  - Jonesboro Evening Sun

Tragedy in Paragould Late Yesterday Evening
Special to the News. Paragould, Ark. - Dec 14. Miss Mollie McConnell a highly esteemed woman of this city aged 50 years was found dead yesterday afternoon hanging by a rope from a rafter in the barn at her home.
  The discovery was made by Miss McConnell's brother about 4 o'clock and the body was still warm when found but life was extinct.
   Miss McConnell had been brooding lately over family troubles and her brother when he missed her from home yesterday afternoon was suspicious and made a thorough search fearing that she had made away with herself.
  The family has been prominent in business circles for years and the suicide was a woman of considerable wealth. Thursday, December 24, 1908  - Jonesboro Daily News