Arkansas News

This is different information from Greene County  that made the Arkansas News in the old Newspapers.


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Source - Arkansaw Dispatch - November 24, 1883

The following postmasters have recently been appointed : H.C. Earnest , Milltown , Sebastian County , George W. Allen , Prattsville , Grant County ; M.J. Goodwin , Newport Landing , Ouachita County , J.E. Quinn , Paragould , Greene County.

Source - Arkansas Gazette - March 12, 1884

Arkansas News

An explosion at the sawmill of Meyer & Co. on the Texas and St. Louis road near Paragould , killed James Williams and fatally wounded three others.

Source - Jonesboro Sun - July 13, 1913

Acting under the supervision of the Arkansas Game Protective Association the sheriff of Greene County confiscated thirteen nets on yesterday , found in St. Francis river , and is now out on the river looking for the men who own the nets. This practice is a direct violation of the game law and is punishable by heavy fines, but many people along our streams resort to it and catch great quantities of fish for the market . We are glad to see the officials take action in this matter and hope every county in the state will follow Greene and exterminate this evil which is fast depopulating our best streams of game fish.

Source - Arkansas Gazette- March 6, 1889

Judge Riddick Endorsed

Harrisburg , Ark. March 5 - At a meeting of the Poinsett County Bar today it was decided unanimonsly to recommend Judge J.E. Riddick of Greene County , for one of the Supreme Judges.

Source - Arkansas Gazette- April 16, 1884

In yesterday's issue of the Gazette was published a challenge to the state by the baseball club of Gainesville , Greene County , Arkansas . They have thrown down the gauntlet and it is hoped that their metal will soon be tested . Among them are several well known names , although they are all amateurs. Mr. Saul Bertig , whose name went into print as "Sam" is an importation from Ozark and is a true fielder.

 Source - Paragould Soliphone - April 20, 1910

J.R. Trout was here from Jonesboro Saturday night to join the local order of Brick Layers and Masons International Union. The local order has about twenty members and is the only order of its kind in Northeast , Arkansas . Mr. Trout resides at Jonesboro and returned home Sunday morning.

 Source - Jonesboro Sun - June 23, 1909

The Greene And Clay County Suit Over Blue Cane

Paragould , Ark. - By agreement of counsel the case of Greene County vs. Clay County , involving the question of of jurisdiction over Blue Cane township , will be argued in the Arkansas supreme court on , Monday June 28. This suit is one of the most important that has been instituted in Northeast Arkansas for many years. In 1895 the legislature passed an act taking Blue Cane township from Greene County and adding it to Clay county. At that time Greene was represented in the legislature by a Populist . Hon. J.H. Liddell , and through him the people of Greene county remonstrated against the passage of the act.

But the Democratic members of the general assembly , by way of punishment to the Democracy of Greene county for electing a Populist to the legislature , passed the bill. Blue Cane is one of the richest townships in the county. It has a area of thirty-six square miles , and is composed of fine farming and timber lands. The loss in revenues to Greene County during the past fourteen years by reason of the loss of this township runs into the thousands.

Recently in looking over the old records in the case and the law prescribing the minimum amount of territory each county of the state shall embrace. County Judge Jason L. Light made this discovery that the taking away of Blue Cane township reduced the total area of Greene county to less than 600 square miles , the constitutional minimum for a county. Attorneys were consulted and the matter was more thoroughly sifted with the result that quo warrant proceedings were instituted in the suprem court to force Clay county to give up the disputed territory and to pay to Greene county all the taxes collected for the past fourteen years. The case hinges on the constitutional provision that no county shall have less than 600 square miles of territory.

The loss of Blue Cane township having reduced the area of Greene county to less than 600 square miles the plea is made that the act annexing the township to Clay county is unconstitutional. The filing of the suit was a bomb to both counties . The people of Greene county had long since counted Blue Cane township lost forever to them and the people of Clay county had left secure in their ownership of the territory . Should Greene county suceed in getting it back together with the taxes Clay county has collected during the past fourteen years it is the intention of the county judge to apply a big portion of the newly acquired funds in the construction of good roads and other internal improvements.

 Source - Jonesboro Sun - March 25, 1913

Sneak Thieves Get Busy at Paragould

Some time Saturday night sneak thieves entered the Arkansas Store on North Pruet street and stole several shotguns , at least one suit of clothes , some razor blades and perhaps other articles the total value of which is about one hundred dollars.

Neither the proprietor , J.W. Bell , nor any of the clerks knew that the sore had been entered until this morning when the house was opened .

 Source - Jonesboro Sun - January 29, 1909

Tramps in Paragould

The hoboes continue to flock in and around Paragould and great numbers of them can be seen around the town at any and all times. Yesterday Marshal Peterson rounded up a bunch of twenty - seven in the old P.S.E. house and sent them on their way.

The officers think that the hoboes have especially easy picking in Paragould. Mr. Peters said this morning : "the people here as a whole are entirely too easy on tramps ; if they would turn everyone of them down when they come to the door and ask for a handout , we would be troubled much less with them, and the number of reports of petty thefts less in Paragould . Mr. Peterson said that he was talking with a section man a few days ago who recognized in some of the tramps here men he had worked with last year in parts of Illinois. The section man said that these men would brag of the fine pickings they had down in Arkansas all winter , while they worked in the north during the hot weather months.