Gainesville Male and Female College

AN ACT to incorporate the Pocahontas and Gainesville Male and Female Colleges.


1. Certain named persons incorporated by the name of the " Pocahontas
Male and Female College," and corporate powers specified.

2. To be located in or near Pocahontas, and further powers specified.

3. The corporation may open subscription for stock, and may sell scholarships to endow said college.

4. May appoint a President and other officers, fill vacancies, and prescribe
course of studies and discipline.

5. May establish departments, confer degrees and award diplomas.

6. No religious test allowed of students.
7. This act to be in force ninety-nine years, subject to renewal.

8. No misnomer to defeat any gift or bequest.

9. The corporation to meet and their powers.

10. The provisions of sec. 74, chap. 154, of the Digest, to apply to said corporation.

11. Certain named persons incorporatedas the trustees of " The Gainesville Male and Female College," to be located in or near Gainesville, and provisions of foregoing sections to apply to them.

12. This act to take effect and be inforce from its passage, and conflicting laws repealed.

Be it further traded, That L. C. Province, T. H. Wyse, W. Wall, H. W. Glasscock, J. B. Williamson, R. C. Mack, G. D. Byers, W. R. Shackleford, L. L. Mack and J. F. Davies, junior, and their successors, are hereby incorporated as the trustees of the Gainesville Male and Female College, to be located and constructed in or near the town of Gainesville, in Greene county, Arkansas, and that the provisions of the foregoing sections shall apply to them as fully and effectually, to all intents and purposes, as if they were incorporated by a definite and special act.

Sec. 12. This act shall be deemed a public act, • and shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage, and all laws or parts of laws in conflict with theVprovisions of this act, be, and the same are hereby repealed.

Approved, December 17th, 1860.