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Source - State - December 17, 1900

Thomas Elmore Lacey - The Talented Arkansan to be Here Next Friday Night

Thomas Elmore Lacey , of Paragould , Ark. the poet - humorist and dramatic orator , who is said to be a second edition of James Whitcomb Riley , the city editor of the Paragould Daily Soliphone , is booked for one of his readings here on Friday evening . The entire proceeds are to be devoted to the fund of the Sons of Veterans for the memorial to the women of the Confederacy. Mr. Lacey was elected poet of the Tri-State Press association (Missouri , Arkansas and Texas ) at the joint convention two years ago. Many of his poems have attracted widespread attention . Below is one of them.

When Hampton Kissed Her

(Miss Kate Lilley Blue , a young South Carolina friend of the writer T. Elmore Lacey , of the Paragould , Ark. Soliphone , while attending an ex-Confederate reunion in Charleston as sponsor was introduced to Gen. Wade Hampton , the " grand old man " of the Carolinas . Upon learning that she was the daughter of his old friend , Col. Blue , imprinted a patriotic kiss upon her cheek and the Vets cheered )

Fellers, thar's no use talkin - the fight jest got 'em wild !

Thar was the grizzled sage o'war and the dead ol' kurnels child

A - standin ' by as sweet an pure as the saintly stars an bars

At tossel her roguish chestnut curls 'ith their flutterin feels o' skyars

An when he kissed the sponsor - gal the mulitude , they - well

They faily shuk the skies 'ith cheers the gran ' ol' rebel-yell

Ye see ol' Wade an Kunnel Blue had both fit side by side

Stickin like faithful young Confeds then , when the kunnel died

The war - scarred veteran had cried over his comrade dead

So , the memory of the holy cause an the righteous blood they shed

An the kunnels little gal he kissed an smoothed her baby hair

Jest got the heros soul a fire an he up an kissed her there

Gosh but the sight "us glorious" Ye could hear the clankin blades

Cuttin their way to kingdon come ith the sained Lee's brigades

An over the powders soothin smell and the cannon's belch an roar

We seen the glimmer o' victory in plain o' Shannadore

An a solemn hushy sort o' charm all over the picture fell

When Hampton kissed the sponsor gal an we give the

" Rebel Yell " !!!

















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