Farming played a very important role in Greene Counties history.

Farmers Help Strikers - 1922

R.L. Dudley of Paragould

R.H. Choate

Bard section

Mrs. J.L. Lam

Richard Gains

Night Riders

St. Francis Valley Lands

Northeast Arkansas Turnip Association

Arkansas Radish Crop

Gooseberries and Red Raspberries

The Packer Receives Some Fine Arkansas Cantaloupes
Kansas City, Mo. Aug 20 - Late last week , The Packer received several crates of cantaloupes from R.L. Dudley of Paragould, Ark. They were of very fine flavor and well meated and to say they were appreciated is hardly putting it strong enough. They were of the Hearts of Gold variety and while quite ripe arrived in good condition. The entire Packer staff is grateful to Mr. Dudley for this treat. Source - Chicago Packer - Aug 21, 1926


R.H. Choate, peach shipper of Paragould, Ark. was a visitor at the offices of the Baldwin-Pope Marketing company this week. Mr. Choate reports that prospects are fine for a good peach crop this year. Chicago Packer - Feb 12, 1938


Big Cantaloupe Acreage
Paragould, Ark, April 15 - The cantaloupe growers of the Bard section held a very enthusiastic meeting Tuesday of last week. More than 110 acres have been prepared in this section for planting to melons this year. About 40 farmers were assembled to discuss the planting methods to be used this season.
It was also decided to grow a crop of beans this year, following the harvesting of the spinach crop.
There will be approximately 300 acres of cantaloupes grown in Greene County this season, it is estimated. Chicago Packer -  Apr 16, 1927

Mrs. J.L. Lam, Paragould:
Four children, 60 acre farm, house 3 years old, yard terraced and sodded, flower garden, bath room in but not equipped, septic tank, has some time each day for recreation, made over $800.00 last year with poultry and butter, keeps home accounts, family reads at cast one book a month together.  Farmers Wife -  Nov 1, 1929
Detroit police announced they would release the man who gave himself up with the statement that he was Willford D. Trembel, wanted for the killing of Frank Gregg in Paragould, Ark. It is said an investigation proved the prisoner's name is Richard Gains and that he surrendered in belief he would be given free transportation to his home in Paragould. Chicago Livestock World; - Oct 22, 1912

Farmers Fear Night Riders
Paragould, Ark Sept 23 - A resolution urging cotton buyers and sellers to cease business at once as a precaution against the possibility of night riders in this section of the state was adopted at a meeting yesterday of the members of the local farmers unioun at Marmaduke. Chicago Livestock World - Sep 23, 1908

Ad - St. Francis Valley Lands of Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas
Alluvial or made soil restiong on a porous clay subsoil, extremely fertile and productive just enouh sand to make it work up fine. Will grow anything corn 50 to 80 bushels, wheat 20 to 35 bushels, oats 40 to 60 bushels, claver and timothy 2 to 3 tons, alfalfa 4 to 6 cuttings of a ton each , a bale of cotton, fruits and vegetables of finest quality and great abundance. Improved can be bought for $25 to $35, unimproved $18 to $20. Will sell in 10 years for $100. Write for St. Francis Valley booklet and cheap rates for homeseekers. Farm, Field and Fireside -  Sep 30, 1905

Ad - Robt. Dudley - Paragould, Ark , Preston Hatcher - Jonesboro, Ark.
Northeast Arkansas Turnip Association
Will ship 100 cars Turnips packed in bushel baskets or bulk with tops off or on or in vegetable crates with tops. Movement starts Oct. 10th to 15th. Wire, write or send your buyer. Chicago Packer - Sep 27, 1930-

Knobel, Arkansas Radish Crop Ready For Market
St. Louis April 10 - The Baldwin-Pope Marketing Company , which has the marketing of  the crop of radishes grown by the Cherokee Bay Radish Company of Knobel, Ark announce that the first cars are expected to loaded this week.The firm expects to ship around 200 cars. Chicago Packer -  Apr 11, 1931

The first gooseberries and red raspberries arrived on the market this week from Northeast Arkansas. Chicago Packer - Jun 4, 1932
Gen. Benjamin H. Crowley , author of the history of Greene County , was born on the 28th day of October 1836, and was a son of Samuel Crowley and a grandson of Benjamin Crowley , who made the first settlement in Greene County. He was educated at the Wallace Institute , Van Buren , Ark. and engaged in farming in Scott county until the outbreak of the Civil War. The original Crowley settled on section 4, township 16 north range 4 east and his son Wiley Crowley settled on section 33 and 34, township 17 north , range 4 east. These farms are now owned by B.H. Crowley , another son of B.H. Crowley and are two of the best farms in the county.