T-5 Gene Morton Kills Three Japs, Saves Four Yanks

Son of Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Morton Is With First Calvary Div. on Luzon

With the First Calvary Division on Luzon, June 25. Technician Second Grade Gene Morton of Paragould, Ark. was credited with killing three Jap soldiers and saving the lives of four American comrades in a recent engagement on Luzon.
Halfway across a large river near the town of Ghfanta. Morton and seven buddies were met with enemy fire. They had to withdraw 500 yards down the river and make the crossing. Upon reaching the opposite side. Morton and the soldiers encircled the Japs and killed 25. Although loaded down with medical supplies, the Arkansas Veteran shot one of the " Sons of Nippon" with his carbine after continuing down the river, they encountered the same type of opposition and Morton got two more Japs.
In this latter battle, four Americans were badly wounded. Although they were lying in a exposed position, Morton crawled forward to them, immediatley administering first aid and even making an improvisied splint out of a tree limb for one of the wounded's broken arm. After calling for another man to help, the lad from Paragould managed to get the four casualties back to safety at a first aid station.  The trip back was over 1,000 yard.  The four casulties are now back fighting with their units.
Cpl. Morton has served with the 7th Calvary Regiment since coming overseas on June 26, 1943. He entered the Army on October 16,1942 and took basic training at Camp Barkley, Tex. The combat veteran attended Dixie High School  and the Atlas Aircraft Trade School in St. Louis, Mo. He was employed by the St. Louis, Blow-Pipe Company as a sheet-metal Instrument man prior to his induction into the service.
Morton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Morton, live at Paragould, route one. A brother, Pfc. Burney Morton, is in the Marines on Guam.

Submitted by: Otto Morton nephew of Eugene (Gene) Morton brother of Barney, Bernice, Burney, Louellen, Georgia, Lawrence Morton. Son of Shelburn Hendrix and Edith (Lambert) Morton.