Jarvis Boone

Jarvis Boone a native of Paragould, Arkansas now resides in the Sugar Loaf Artist Community in the town of Chester, NY. Were Boone's small home-town life of growing up in Paragould provide the pictorial memories to create a series entitled " Boyhood Remembrances of Paragould, Arkansas. The series capture the details of his family lives in the 1930's, along with written reflections from the artist. The first dozen paintings have been on display in Goshen in the Hall of Fame of Trotter.  Boone has other additions to add to the collections such as; Hooper's Cleaners, Wood's Department Store and Corner Cafe a hangout for the Railroad Men and where all the local farmer's would come to town and squat in front of it.

 One of the paintings entitled "Jack Boone's Grocery Store and Filling Station" represented the family business that helped the family survive during the years of the depression of the 1930's. The whole family pitched in and worked at the family business, pumping gas, sold groceries and washed cars to make ends meet while sharing living quarters behind the family store. Boone pioneered in bringing the craft community to life in Orange County.

 Clay Boone son of Jarvis,  followed in his father's footsteps, is also a well known artist of New York. Working along side his father at a very early age earning a nice price for his work. Now continues the family business of Boone Woodcarvings that his father established in 1967.


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