Thursday, June 22, 1922   Jonesboro Daily Tribune - Officers find mash in hunt for Shiners. Deputy Sheriffs W.W. Haywood and James Cureton Oliver with Sheriff Stepp of Greene County and his deputies have returned from the border line of Craighead, Greene and Lawrence counties where they have been for two days past making search for the operators of stills and parties manufacturing moonshine whiskey.
  Mr. Haywood was a caller at the Tribune office this morning and stated that while they did not find the parties or the stills they did find where they had been operating. In a bank of the river  a cave had been dug deep into the ground. There was a door with lock and key. Upon breaking the door open they found a hog locked inside. They also found where a quanity of mash had been poured out and the hogs that were eating the mash were drunk. They also found tracks leading to the river and it is cerain the men left in boats due to the fact that they had learned the officers were after them.
Saturday, March 5, 1921   Jonesboro Daily Tribune - Tom and Lawrence Hathcock, two men of Greene County near Brighton were given a preliminary hearing this morning and were held to await the action of the grand jury on a charge of having in their possessin a still and attempting to manufacture "white mule". They admitted having the still but had not made any whiskey. The men were both released on their own recognizance.