Genealogy Trails Group Projects

Below is where I will list the different Projects that all the dedicated volunteers that make up Genealogy Trails have completed. Along with working on the numerous individual websites such as the Greene County and Lawrence County Arkansas website and other pages all across Our Beloved USA that make up the Trails, we work behind the scences on projects,  together as a team to commit to keeping Genealogy Free.
Creating  new records from original documents and microfilm into a searchable database for researchers to enjoy for free. 

Projects like these takes hours of transcribing and proofreading from hard to read original documents. That are made available to you when completed for free for your research through the Genealogy Trail Website. I am very proud to belong to such a dedicated group that works together as a team to make large projects like these available for Forever Free Research.

If you would like to help and become a volunteer or transcriber on new projects that we will be working on in the future you can check out these links.

If you are interested in joining our group, view our Volunteer Page for further information and then contact Kim.

If you do not feel you have the webpage skills to adopt a county as its host, consider joining our Transcription Team. No commitments, no special skills needed other than accurate typing :-)

Projects Completed

( A long tedious job that took months to complete. A job well done by volunteers!)

Names of Soldiers who received Military Headstones from the Government