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Jarvis  Boone Artist

Bro. Larry  Ring  Bio

A.O.U.W. 1909

W.O.W 1909

Fraternal Orders 1908

Greene County Medical Society 1909

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Holly Grove General Baptist Church 1950 
Marmaduke School Term 1950-51 
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Roy Boone and Walter Harrison

George W. Bayless


Will Clark - Obit 1906
Mike Wilkins - John Miles - Miss Martha McCullough - 1908 Obits
John Warren - 1909 Obits  
 Fred Tullar  - T.P. Cole -Mrs. A. Isaacs - Ila  Crossno - 1910 Obit

Jasper Mueller - 1912 Obits
Miss Jessie White -1913 Obits
Harry Bennett, Mrs. W.J. Pearce, C.E. Waddell, Mrs. Geraldine Greenwell, Everett Johnson, Oscar Ray Clayton , E.B. Ward - 1918 Obits
Arthur  McHaney - 1919 Obits - Clark Leggitt