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Source:  GNIS

Cemetery Name



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Athens Cemetery 360332N 0920421W  
Baker Cemetery 360735N 0914114W  
Bates Cemetery 361141N 0914310W  
Bathelhem Cemetery 360241N 0914942W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 360241N 0914939W  
Big Spring Cemetery 360104N 0914516W  
Bigham Cemetery 360401N 0915318W  
Blankenship Cemetery 360900N 0915515W  
Blue Church Cemetery     Mt. Pleasant
Campbell Cemetery 355602N 0915443W  
Campbell Cemetery 360352N 0914650W  
Campground Cemetery 361331N 0915718W  
Caney Spring Cemetery 360340N 0914908W  
Chinquapin Cemetery 355854N 0914530W  
Combs Cemetery 360307N 0915605W  
Conyers Cemetery 355640N 0914258W  
Cook Cemetery 360407N 0920029W  
Cresswell Cemetery 361029N 0920430W  
Farber Cemetery 355830N 0920148W  
Forest Cemetery 360925N 0915226W  
Godwin Cemetery 360921N 0914213W  
Goodrich Cemetery 360859N 0915525W  
Gray Cemetery 360240N 0914641W  
Grey Cemetery 360240N 0914642W  
Gulley Cemetery 355902N 0920110W  
Hall Mountain Cemetery 360538N 0920559W  
Hassel Cemetery 355431N 0915011W  
Hills Chapel Cemetery 360956N 0914416W  
Jeffery Cemetery 360109N 0920517W  
Jones Cemetery 360436N 0920421W  
Jones Cemetery 360540N 0915507W  
Lawrence Cemetery 360453N 0915441W  
Lower Twin Creek Cemetery 355753N 0920217W  
Lunenburg Cemetery 360041N 0915426W  
Lyons Creek Cemetery 355727N 0915902W  
Mayfield Cemetery 360435N 0915501W  
McCormick Cemetery 355823N 0915901W  
Moser Cemetery 355633N 0914755W  
Mount Olive Cemetery 360029N 0920500W  
Nail Cemetery 355518N 0914756W  
Nebo Cemetery 361132N 0915024W  
New Liberty Cemetery 360754N 0915159W  
No Bottom Cemetery 355838N 0914938W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 361035N 0915113W  
Old Liberty Cemetery 360921N 0914957W  
Old Philadelphia Cemetery 360638N 0915201W  
Old Reed Cemetery 360727N 0914704W  
Old Whitehouse Cemetery 360347N 0920546W  
Owens Cemetery 360803N 0915625W  
Page Cemetery 360617N 0915626W  
Palestine Cemetery 360613N 0920419W  
Pearogue Cemetery 360420N 0920305W  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 360923N 0915928W  
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 361059N 0915506W  
Polk Mountain Cemetery 355737N 0920406W  
Potts Cemetery 361212N 0920103W  
Pratt Cemetery 355929N 0915416W  
Ramsey Cemetery 360558N 0914708W  
Ray Cemetery 355525N 0914935W  
Reed Cemetery 360718N 0914714W  
Reeves Cemetery 360028N 0915054W  
Roberts Cemetery 361009N 0914459W  
Robinson Cemetery 360221N 0920226W  
Roselawn Cemetery 360724N 0920758W  
Ruddells Cemetery 355548N 0920554W  
Shaw Cemetery 355925N 0914247W  
Shell Cemetery 360310N 0914727W  
Smith Cemetery 360002N 0915329W  
Spring Creek Cemetery 360829N 0920647W  
Spring Hill Cemetery 361158N 0915259W  
Staggs Cemetery 360449N 0920254W  
Staggs Cemetery 360953N 0920859W  
Sweet Home Cemetery 360556N 0914844W  
Sylamore Cemetery 355652N 0920612W  
Talley Cemetery 360812N 0921231W  
Taylor Cemetery 360040N 0914625W  
Upper Twin Creek Cemetery 355906N 0920204W  
Vest Cemetery 360243N 0920312W  
Violet Hill Cemetery      
Watkins Cemetery 360505N 0914859W  
Wayland Arbor Cemetery 361312N 0920820W  
White Cemetery 360428N 0920149W  
Winkle Cemetery 355607N 0914948W  
Wiseman Cemetery 361343N 0914939W  
Wyatt Cemetery 361035N 0915711W  
Yeager Cemetery 360232N 0914126W  
Zion Cemetery 360416N 0914635W  




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